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WWA: Official List Of IDR Entrants


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May 13, 2010
WWA Land


History was made when the World Wrestling Alliance gave the entire wrestling community the chance to win the Heavyweight Title. How? By entering the annual spectacular known as the Independence Day Rumble, and winning it to earn a guaranteed title shot. The response has been immense, with superstars from across the globe reaching out for a coveted spot.

But now, WWA owner Bruce Pepin has added one more incentive into the mix! Not only will the winner receive a Heavyweight title shot, but the superstar that carries out the most eliminations on the night will get an automatic shot at the WWA Canadian Championship, currently held by Richie Stone.

Now, for the first time, the WWA have released the names of the superstars who will step into the ring for this amazing match. So without further ado:

"The Italian Maniac" Antonino Romano (Free Agent)
Armaan (WWA)
Arthur V. Lexington (WWA)
Brett Butler (WWA)
"Canadian Panty Soaker" Bruce Pepin (WWA)
Canadian Dragon (WWA)
"Cool" Cancer Jiles (Defiance)
Cody Williams (Free Agent)
Cyan Figaro (WWA)
“Divine” Devin Matthews (WWA)
"The Phoenix" Doc Holiday (Free Agent)
Dragon Jones (Defiance)
Eddie Van Dorn (WWA)
Eugene King (Free Agent)
Greg Segier (WWA)
Intrepid (WWA)
Jackson (WWA)
Jade Wallace (Free Agent)
"The Behemoth" Jim Blair (WWA)
Jork (WWA)
La Parka (Free Agent)
Nathan Cole (WWA)
Neville Hartpence (WWA)
Nicholas Adams (WWA)
Outkast (NEWera Wrestling)
Pete Sorzmo (WWA)
Rex Teitus (WWA)
Richie Stone (WWA)
Seth Copeland (WWA)
Shaman (WWA)
Sheldon Hossteder (GSWA)
Spooky Doom (USWL)
Tobias Devereux (WWA)
Tom Sawyer (Defiance)
Wolf Hunter (WWA)
Xavier Serikaz (WWA)
Zero (GSWA)

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