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WWR 50-August 31-Sept 6


League Member
Aug 23, 2009
45 federations make up this week’s rankings.

1. Blitzkrieg Funk (Bastian Von Bismarck/Hans Wilhelm)- LoC, FWO 40 pts.
2. The Superfans (Mark/Marc)- WCF 35 pts.
3. Hawk Henshaw/Latrisha- PWR 34 pts.
4. The Hollywood Wrecking Crew- NFW 33 pts.
5. Mike Polowy/Jak Nemesis- DWF 32 pts.

No change in the standings. Blitzkrieg Funk’s loss to The Truth over the weekend brings them closer to second place The Superfans

6. The Anthology(Jared Wells/Larry Tact)- NFW 29 pts.
7. Vox Nihili(Alias/Karina Wolfenden)- FWO 26 pts.
8. ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido/Starz N. Stripes- PCW 25 pts.
8. War Machine(Chris Champion/The Machine)- Simcoe Co. 25 pts.
10. Legion of Dairy(cHEESE/eggNOG)- FWO 24 pts.
11. The Truth(Spike Saunders/Callie Urban)- FWO 22 pts.
12. Eaton Gore/Crazyman- TFWF 21 pts.
12. Team Danger(Stephen Greer/Tyrone Walker)- WfWA 21 pts.
14. Desade/Lance Marshall- SCCW 20 pts.
15. The Industry(Chris Bond/Dave Milenko)- Hostility 19 pts.

War Machine slips past the Legion of Dairy to tie Escondido/Starz for 8th. Spike Saunders and Callie Urban aka The Truth move up from 17th to 11th this week. Team Danger debuts at 12th. Desade and Lance Marshall also rise 6 spots from 20th to 14th.

16. Wolves of Slaughter(Elise Ares/Kazys Jankauskas)- PRIME 18 pts.
17. Dream Warriors- nbW 16 pts.
18. Angels of Death(Angel Casey/Angel Scott)- MVW 14 pts.
18. Doug E. Fresh/Wolf- SCW 14 pts.
18. Scott DiBiase/Jason Lee- VWF 14 pts.
21. The Sex Symbols- WfWA 13 pts.
22. Valora/Mr. Videogame- WMW 12 pts.
23. The Coven(Ellisa Torreto/Angel Andrews)- UWF 11 pts.
23. Homeless Insanity(Brian Zane/Mystic)- GDW 11 pts.
25. John Cross/Lance Diamond- PWR 10 pts.
25. King of Popsicles(Baron Von Blackberry/King Blueberry)- SCCW 10 pts.
25. Daddy Daughter Day(August Monday/April Monday)- SCCW 10 pts.

Five debuts highlight the bottom of the top 25 including top 10 women’s wrestler Valora and Mr. Videogame, The King of Popsicles, Homeless Insanity, and John Cross and Lance Diamond.

1. Kirsta Lewis- HOW, Simcoe Co., TFWF 54 pts.
2. ‘The Goddess’ Alexia- VWF 39 pts.
3. Katherine Stryfe- HIW 33 pts.
4. Latrisha- PWR 32 pts.
5. Miss USA- MVW 31 pts.

Latrisha pulls off huge three way dance win over partner Hawk Henshaw and Scott Rage to propel herself back into the top 5. Kirsta Lewis holds commanding lead over VWF’s Alexia. Valora didn’t wrestle this week and slips out of top 5.

6. Valora Salinas- WMW 30 pts.
7. Michelle Masters- FWO 29 pts.
8. Aimz-Amy Campbell- SCCW 28 pts.
9. Karina Wolfenden- FWO 27 pts.
10. Cecile Lecrux- Siberian Wrestling 26 pts.
11. Scarlett Willis- Simcoe Co. 24 pts.
12. Shade- VWF 23 pts.
13. Mad Maddie- cWo 22 pts.
14. Serena- UWF 21 pts.
15. Georgie Nickels- TFWF, Experts 20 pts.

Serena jumps into the top 15, leapfrogging Georgie Nickels into the #14 spot. Willis and Shade exchange spots.

16. Glory Braddock- GDW 19 pts.
17. Bobbinette Carey- HOW 17 pts.
17. Sydney Laroux- Simcoe Co. 17 pts.
19. Lora KirK- DWF 16 pts.
20. Zoey Swan- UWF 15 pts.
21. Black Rose- UWF 14 pts.
22. Ashleigh McDaniel- SCCW 13 pts.
23. Stevie Swing- TFWF 12 pts.
24. Druscilla- WMW 11 pts.
24. Callie Urban- FWO 11 pts.

DWF’s Lora KirK debuts at #19 after winning the women’s title. Black Rose replaces Larks Marks.

1. Level-One- APW, DWF 64 pts.
2. Joe the Plumber- NFW 63 pts.
3. Shawn Jessica Hart- LoC, EPW, WFW:NE 54 pts.
4. Alias-ACW, FWO 43 pts.
5. High Flyer- FWO, NFW 42 pts.

Level-One back on top after defeating Nunez at APW’s Shockwave PPV. Alias and High Flyer switch places this week.

6. Mr. Fantastic- VWF 39 pts.
7. Johnny Styles- HIW 38 pts.
8. Jason Snow- PRIME 36 pts.
9. ‘Triple X’ Sean Stevens- EPW, FWO 35 pts.
10. Max Danger- ACW, FWO, Memphis Pro 34 pts.
11. Myke Adams- Simcoe Co. 33 pts.
12. Aceldama- HOW 32 pts.
13. Sandy Makel- TFWF 31 pts.
14. Johnny Serious- cWo 30 pts.
14. Keith Scott Zimmerman- FWO 30 pts.
14. Ali Amore- nbW 30 pts.
14. William- PWR 30 pts.

KSZ jumps up 7 places , PWR’s William up five this week to crack the top 15. MDK and Shane Reynolds’s loss drops both out. Max Danger back in the top 10. Simcoe Champion Myke Adams up four to #11.

18. Trevor Wilson- ACW 29 pts.
18. David Black- HOW 29 pts.
20. Shane Reynolds- HOW 28 pts.
21. Nick Stevenson- PWR 27 pts.
21. MDK- SCW 27 pts.
23. Sean Tyler- Genesis Pro 26 pts.
23. Ryan Ruckus- SCW 26 pts.
23. Jack Amethyst- WfWA 26 pts.
26. Havoc- WCF 25 pts.
27. Xander Daniels- Hostility 24 pts.
28. Zeleos- XWW 23 pts.
29. ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs- FWO, LoC 22 pts.
30. Sebastian Cross- TFWF 21 pts.

Newcomers this week: Ryan Ruckus, Jack Amethyst, Havoc, and Zeleos. XWW’s Nightmare falls out after peaking at #6 a few weeks back. HOW’s David Black moves up 3 this week.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Anthology is actually in EPW.

BUT - I love reading this stuff. All the work you do on it is evident. Keep it up. :)

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