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WWR Rankings: Oct 5-11


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Aug 23, 2009
by A. Kuluha Bacardi of the World eWrestling Rag:

We have a new #1 in the tag team division again. Kirsta Lewis’s loss at High Octane Wrestling’s Rumble at the Rock brings her back within striking distance. The world breathlessly awaits NFW’s Crash 50 and WWR #1 (men’s) Joe the Plumber’s huge title match against four other contenders.

25. Stanton Enterprise (Gary Reece/Ricky Stanton)- UWF 14 pts.
-lose a position this week to #25
23. Valora/Mr. Videogame- WMW 15 pts.
23. John Cross/Lance Diamond- PWR 15 pts.
-Cross and Diamond defeated Exile and William last week to rejoin the top 25. Valora and Videogame knocked off Adam Allocco/Father Nathan to remain unbeated in the MTL.
22. Angels of Death (Angel Scott/Angel Casey)- MVW 16 pts.
-winners with Corrina Romanov in 6 person tag action Sunday night
21. Scott DiBiase/Jason Lee- VWF 17 pts.
-DiBiase/Lee wrestle Crimson Lightening and Blue Thunder tonight
19. Legion of Dairy (egg NOG/cHEESE)- FWO 18 pts.
19. Daddy Daughter Day (August and April Monday)- SCCW 18 pts.

-holding down the #19 position for a second straight week
17. Sin’s Elite (Doug E. Fresh/The Wolf)- SCW 19 pts.
17. Dream Warriors- nbW 19 pts.

-Sin’s Elite gets big win over SCW Champion Ryan Ruckus and J.T. Cash to move up from #21. Dream Warriors at #17 for a fifth week.
16. The Industry (Dave Milenko/Chris Bond)- Hostility 20 pts.
-also week five at #16 for The Industry
15. The New Era (Amy Mason/Shaun Phillips)- DWF 21 pts.
-Mason and Phillips defend DWF tag team belts tonight
11. The New Horsemen (Will Gallo/Sal Fanucci)- XWW 22 pts.
11.Desade/Lance Marshall- SCCW 22 pts.
11. Wolves of Slaughter (Elise Ares/Kazys Jankauskas)- PRIME 22 pts.
11. Heirs of Wrestling (Ryan Gallway/Frank Pierce)- ACW 22 pts.
-The Horsemen, Desade and Marshall, and Wolves of Slaughter move up one due to the dissolution of Dream Wrestling Federation’s Mike Polowy and Jak Nemesis tag team. Heirs of Wrestling jump up 7 spots from #18 after defeating The SOB’s on ACW Courage.
10. Team Danger (Tyrone Walker/Stephen Greer)- WWA 23 pts.
-once again, hanging out at #10.
9. The Truth (Spike Saunders/Callie Urban)- FWO 25 pts.
-both Urban and Saunders in single’s action this week and fall back one spot.
8. War Machine (Chris Champion/The Machine)- Simcoe County 26 pts.
-War Machine off last week. Hangs steady at #8 for a second week.
7. ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido/Starz N. Stripes- PCW 27 pts.
-meets the Midnite Rockin’ Xpress this weekend at PCW-MVW Lock and Load PPV.
6. The Anthology (Jared Wells/Larry Tact)- EPW 30 pts.
-no movement this week.
5. Hawk Henshaw/Latrisha- PWR 31 pts.
-another tag team having problems getting along. Both off last week.
4. Hollywood Wrecking Crew- NFW 33 pts.
-second week at #4
3. Blitzkrieg Funk- LoC 35 pts.
-deported German duo released by FWO this week. Still no word on their return.
2. Vox Nihili- FWO 39 pts.
-Vox off this week after regaining FWO tag team belts at Legends IV
1. The Superfans (Mark/Marc)- WCF 41 pts.
-impressive title defense over Johnny Reb and Doc Henry puts the Superfans back in the #1 spot this week.


25. ‘The Manchester Masterpiece’ Brooke Evans- MVW 16 pts.
-Evans warms up to Television Title defense at MVW-PCW Lock and Load this weekend with win over American Pi and joins the top 25.
23. Abbey Spears- Siberian Wrestling 17 pts.
23. Hannah Rickman- PWR/TFWF 17 pts.

-Spears successfully defended her Warehouse title last week on Lockdown and moves up to #23. Rickman did not wrestle last week and falls back from #20.
21. Georgie Nickels- TFWF/Experts 18 pts.
21. Bellatrix Drake- cWo 18 pts.

-Nickels steady this week. Drake slips to #21.
19. Mad Maddie- cWo 19 pts.
19. Bobbinette Carey- HOW 19 pts.

-Maddie defeated local talent to rebound back to #19 this week from #22. Carey defeated Kirsta Lewis at HOW’s Rumble at the Rock to shoot right back into the Top 25 in her final match as a wrestler.
18. Cecile Lecrux- Siberian Wrestling 20 pts.
-Lecrux on the winning side of a 6 person tag team match
17. Lora KirK- DWF 21 pts.
-RxQueen pulls off upset win over KirK in non-title match and the DWF Women’s Champ falls to #17.
16. Aimz (Amy Campbell)- SCCW 22 pts.
-SCCW off this week. Campbell falls back two to #16
15. Ashleigh McDaniel- SCW 23 pts.
-McDaniel picks up tag team win last wek. Up one to #15.”
14. Serena- UWF 24 pts.
-picked up nice win over Gary ‘The Hitman’ Reece last week. Moves back up 3 positions from #17.
13. Sydney Laroux- Simcoe County 25 pts.
-Ms. Laroux defeated Sally Screw in a dark match and bumps up one spot.
12. Shade- VWF 26 pts.
-Shade did not wrestle again this week. Holds steady at #12.
10. Latrisha- PWR 27 pts.
10. Michelle Masters- FWO 27 pts.

-Both Masters and Latrisha off last week.
9. Karina Wolfenden- FWO 28 pts.
-K Wolf off this week after stirring tag team win with Alias at Legends IV.
8. Scarlett Willis- Simcoe County 29 pts.
-Willis picks up win over Damion Darkside and jumps up 3 more spots this week.
7. Glory Braddock- GDW 30 pts.
-The GDW Champion holds at #7 for a second week.
6. Callie Urban- FWO 31 pts.
-Callie off last week and stays at #6.
5. Miss USA- MVW 32 pts.
-Missouri Valley Wrestling Champion has big title defense this Sunday at MVW-PCW Lock and Load
4. Valora Salinas- WMW 37 pts.
-WMW’s Queen of Extreme is now going after bigger and better things. She picks up tag team win with Mr. Videogame plus wrestles the main event against Druscilla and gets the pin.
3. ‘The Goddess’ Alexia- VWF 42 pts.
-The Goddess is going for the big prize in VWF this week- Mr. Fantastic’s Heavyweight crown.
2. Katherine Stryfe- HIW 44 pts.
-Stryfe defends Barely Legal title coming up against Emma McIntyre.
1. ‘The Hellcat’ Kirsta Lewis- HOW/TFWF/Simcoe Co./VWF 54 pts.
-tough loss to Bobbinette Carey at HOW’s PPV. Rejoined VWF and guns for the Brittanica title this week.

29. Shane Reynolds- HOW 25 pts.
29. Patrick McCarthy- Simcoe County 25 pts.
-Reynolds takes another loss to ‘Perfect’ Paul Paras at HOW Rumble at the Rock and tumbles 8 slots down. McCarthy gets 6 man tag team win but yet slips back a spot to #29.
27. Jim Rooster- Genesis Pro 26 pts.
27. ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean- Hostility 26 pts.

-Rooster debuts this week at #27 after knocking off the Genesis Champion Sean Tyler in a non-title match. Dean and Hostility were off last week and hold steady.
26. Darren Revel- UWF 27 pts.
-Revel prevailed in a UWF Champions match over the Hardcore and Intercontinental titleholders and moves back into the Top 30.
25. Jake Wade- XWW 28 pts.
-Wade also debuts in the top 30 after defeating Gavin White and Nahuel Everstar in a handicap match.
23. Thatcher Rex- Evolution 29 pts.
23. Jack Amethyst- WWR 29 pts.
-due to losses up the line, both move up one spot this week
22. Nick Stevenson- PWR 30 pts.
-Stevenson also jumps a spot week
20. Zeleos- XWW 31 pts.
20. Scott Rage- PWR 31 pts.

-Zeleos’s match last week goes to a no contest. Rage loses non-title match.
19. Jason Snow- PRIME 32 pts.
-PRIME is warming up for their PPV show this weekend. Snow falls back one place.
18. Ryan Ruckus- SCW 33 pts.
-Ruckus part of tag team that took tough loss to SCW’s tag team champions. Slips one position from last week.
17. Ali Amore- nbW 34 pts.
-waiting for nbW’s next show
16. Johnny Styles- HIW 35 pts.
-Styles defeated Brian Larsen on this week’s Vital Signs show.
15. William- PWR 36 pts.
-falls out of top 10 this week after tag team loss.
13. Chester Addison- HIW/TFWF 37 pts.
13. ‘The Natural’ Sean Tyler- Genesis Pro 37 pts.

-Addison on a roll, defeating Morgan Jones this week on HIW Vital Signs. Tyler took a costly loss to Jim Rooster in a non-title match.
12. High Flyer- FWO/NFW 38 pts.
-off this week. Picks up a spot thanks to movement ahead of him.
11. ‘Triple X’ Sean Stevens- EPW 39 pts.
-Stevens picks the spot up he lost last week.
10. David Black- HOW 40 pts.
-LSD Champion Black picks up PPV win over Joseph Gregory and jumps five places to #10, giving High Octane Wrestling their second wrestler in the top 10.
8. Myke Adams- Simcoe County 41 pts.
8. Max Danger- ACW/FWO/Memphis Pro 41 pts.

-Adams part of a winning 6 man tag match last week. Danger still warming up for NFW Crash 50 battle against SJH.
7. Alias- ACW/FWO 42 pts.
-it appears Alias’s ACW career is up in the air after fellow Minuteman Brian Spaes left the company.
6. Mr. Fantastic- VWF 43 pts.
-Mr. Fantastic was last week, has three-way dance title defense coming up this week.
5. Aceldama- HOW 44 pts.
-Aceldama defeats big Trent at Rumble at the Rock and skies up four spots into the Top 5.
4. Keith Scott Zimmerman- FWO 45 pts.
-No change from last week.
3. Shawn Jessica Hart- LoC/EPW/WFW:NE 52 pts.
-Hart stays pat for another week.
2. Level-One- APW 53 pts.
-has left DWF and will be a part of the upcoming Experts show.
1. Joe the Plumber- NFW 60 pts.
-the world awaits NFW Crash 50

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