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WWR Rankings-Sept 28-Oct 4


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Aug 23, 2009
by A. Kuluha Bacardi of the World eWrestling Rag:
Lots of movement this week. We have a new #1 on the Tag Team Division.

Tag Team Top 25
25. The Sex Symbols- WWA 12 pts.
-slip two more spots down to #25
24. Stanton Enterprise (Gary Reece/Ricky Stanton)- UWF 13 pts.
-new UWF Tag Team Champions debut at #24 this week
23. Angels of Death (Angel Scott/Angel Casey)- MVW 14 pts.
-AoD fall back another spot this week. Gearing up for Lock and Load PPV.
21. Sin’s Elite (Doug E. Fresh/The Wolf)- SCW 15 pts.
21. Scott DiBiase/Jason Lee- VWF 15 pts.
-both teams drop down 2 notches from last week.
19. Daddy Daughter Day (August Monday/April Monday)- SCCW 16 pts.
19. Legion of Dairy (cHEESE/egg NOG)- FWO- 16 pts.
-Daddy Daughter Day rejoins the top 25 this week. LoD lost the FWO Tag Team belts at FWO’s Legends IV and drop out of the top ten.
18. Heirs of Wrestling (Ryan Gallway/Frank Pierce)- ACW 17 pts.
-holding steady this week at #18
17. Dream Warriors- nbW 18 pts.
-four weeks in a row at #17
16. The Industry (Chris Bond/Dave Milenko)- Hostility 19 pts.
-also on week #4 at #16
15. USXF (Shaun XF/Lady America)- DWF 20 pts.
-win against the Brothers of Prophecy moves them up 3 spots.
12. The New Horsemen (Will Gallo/Sal Fanucci)- XWW 21 pts.
12. Desade/Lance Marshall- SCCW 21 pts.
12. Wolves of Slaughter (Elise Ares/Kazys Jankauskas)- PRIME 21 pts.
-The Horsemen/Desade and Marshall move up two places from last week. Wolves of Slaughter steady at #12.
11. Mike Polowy/Jak Nemesis- DWF 22 pts.
-the former DWF Tag Team Champions move up two places. Team may be on verge of break up.
10. Team Danger (Stephen Greer/Tyrone Walker)- WWA 23 pts.
-hanging on to the #10 spot.
9. The Truth (Spike Saunders/Callie Urban)- FWO 24 pts.
-Spike and Callie stay at #9 for a second week.
8. War Machine (Chris Champion/The Machine)- Simcoe County 25 pts.
-War Machine moves up one to #8 this week.
7. ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido/Starz N. Stripes- PCW 27 pts.
–they will face the winner of Extreme Weather Network vs. Midnite Rockin’ Xpress at PCW PPV
6. The Anthology (Larry Tact/Jared Wells)- EPW 30 pts.
-drop back 1 spot from #5
5. Hawk Henshaw/Latrisha- PWR 31 pts.
-Hawk and Latrisha fall one from #4 last week.
4. Hollywood Wrecking Crew- NFW 33 pts.
-they also lose a place from #3 to #4
3. Blitzkrieg Funk (Bastian Von Bismarck/Hans Wilhelm)- LoC/FWO 35 pts.
-the exiled Germans slip one more spot to #3
2. The Superfans (Mark/Marc)- WCF 38 pts.
-their two week run at #1 comes to an end.
1. Vox Nihili (Alias/Karina Wolfenden)- FWO 39 pts.
-Big Bad and the Wolf return to the #1 spot after regaining the FWO Tag Team Title at Legends IV

25. Abbey Spears- Siberian Wrestling 14 pts.
25. Valerie Lamb- SCW 14 pts.
-Abbey and Valerie slip two places to #25
24. Meagan Collins- GDW 15 pts.
-Collins drops 4 spots after losing GDW TV Title
23. Stevie Swing- TFWF 16 pts.
-Stevie steps back into the top 25 this week after tag team win with Aaron Roberts.
22. Mad Maddie- cWo 17 pts.
-Mad Maddie stays put at #22 for a second week.
21. Georgie Nickels- TFWF/Experts Champion 18 pts.
-Georgie on the losing side of a six person tag match last week
20. Hannah Rickman- PWR/TFWF 19 pts.
-Rickman with Swing pick up a tag team win in TFWF.
19. Bellatrix Drake- cWo 20 pts.
-Drake slides up 2 places from last week.
18. Cecile Lecrux- Siberian Wrestling 21 pts.
-Lecrux loses 3 places from #15. She did not participate in the #1 contender battle royale. In 6 person tag action this week.
17. Serena- UWF 22 pts.
-lost UWF Intercontinental title to Tyrone Kidd last week. Drops 8 spots from #9.
16. Ashleigh McDaniel-SCW 23 pts.
-McDaniel faces James Anderson for SCW’s Vegas Cup after pinning Droskarr last week. Up three places this week
14. Sydney Laroux- Simcoe County 24 pts.
14. Aimz (Amy Campbell)- SCCW 24 pts
.-Laroux up three this week to #14. Aimz drops eight spots from #6 after losing SCCW title to Wyatt Connors.
13. Lora KirK- DWF 25 pts.
-DWF Women’s champion picked up nice win over Tessa Martin last Tuesday. She moves up 3 this week.
12. Shade- VWF 26 pts.
-VWF’s Women’s Champion falls back one spot. Did not wrestle last week.
11. Scarlett Willis- Simcoe County 27 pts.
-Willis moves up 3 this week.
10. Michelle Masters- FWO 27 pts.
-Masters falls back 3 from #7.
8. Karina Wolfenden- FWO 28 pts.
8. Latrisha- PWR 28 pts.
-K-Wolf picks up the FWO Tag Team Title again with Alias this past weekend. Latrisha did not wrestle and steps back one.
7. Glory Braddock- GDW 29 pts.
-Braddock defeats Angelica Jones to retain the GDW Heavyweight title last week- moves up 4 places.
6. Callie Urban- FWO 30 pts.
-nice win over Mary Lynn Mayweather to retain the Cruiserweight title.
5. Miss USA- MVW 31 pts.
-Missouri Valley Wrestling champion stays put at #5 for a second week.
4. Valora Salinas- WMW 34 pts.
-retires Hardcore title. Now eyeing WMW’s Ace Superior crown.
3. ‘The Goddess’ Alexia- VWF 42 pts.
-teams with Juston Frost to pick up tag team win in three-way match
2. Katherine Stryfe- HIW 43 pts.
-off this week. Stays at #2
1. Kirsta Lewis- HOW/TFWF/Simcoe Co./VWF 60 pts.
-returned to VWF to cost Becky Hellion a match last week.

30. Superstar Vince Jacobs- FWO 23 pts.
-Jacobs out with major concussion. Drops two spots from last week.
28. Sandy Makel- TFWF 24 pts.
28. Patrick McCarthy- Simcoe Co. 24 pts.
-Makel bounces back one spot after tag team win with Hannah Rickman last week. McCarthy debuts at #28 this week after big singles win over All-Barrie Champion Greg Venom.
27. ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean- Hostility 25 pts.
-Hostility’s ‘Beautiful’ Champion makes the top 30 for the first time after PPV win.
26. Torture- WCF 26 pts.
-slips back one slot to #26 this week.
24. Jack Amethyst- WWA 27 pts.
24. Thatcher Rex- Evolution 27 pts.
-Amethyst falls back one spot. WWA East show is to be released shortly. Evolution Champion Thatcher Rex debuts on the Top 30 this week after three way dance win last week.
23. Nick Stevenson- PWR 28 pts.
-Stevenson didn’t wrestle this week and slips back two places.
22. Zeleos- XWW 29 pts.
-despite non-title win over Will Gallo last week, Zeleos stays put at #22 for a second week.
21. Shane Reynolds- HOW 30 pts.
-Reynolds had a date Monday night with Triple P inside an Alcatraz Dungeon.
20. Scott Rage- PWR 31 pts.
-moves up three after win against John Cross last week
19. Johnny Styles- HIW 32 pts.

-Former HIW Champion Styles loses two more places this week.
18. Jason Snow- PRIME 33 pts.
-steady at #18 for a second week
17. Ryan Ruckus- SCW 34 pts.
-big win over The Wolf last week nets Ruckus a three point move up the ladder.
16. David Black- HOW 35 pts.
-still in holding pattern until HOW PPV
14. Ali Amore- nbW 36 pts.
14. Chester Addison- HIW/TFWF 36 pts.
-Amore v. Saunders goes to time limit draw. Addison hangs tight at #14 for a second week.
13. High Flyer- FWO/NFW 37 pts.
-High Flyer takes a 7 point tumble backwards after title match loss to Keith Scott Zimmerman.
Triple X’ Sean Stevens- EPW 38 pts.
-Stevens stands pat this week and loses a spot.
9. Myke Adams- Simcoe Co. 39 pts.
9. Aceldama- HOW 39 pts.
9. Sean Tyler- Genesis Pro 39 pts.
-all three move up one to #10 this week.
8. William- PWR 40 pts.
-retained Revolution X crown with win over Stephen Stone last week.
7. Max Danger- ACW/FWO/Memphis Pro 41 pts.
-The Danger man failed to regain the FWO Internet Title from Brawn at Legends IV.6. Mr. Fantastic- VWF 42 pts.
-He defeated Matt Arcara and Ricky Andrews last week to move up one place.
5. Alias- ACW/FWO 45 pts.
-Big Bad loses a spot from last week.
4. Keith Scott Zimmerman- FWO 46 pts.
-FWO Champion’s Main Event triumph over High Flyer at Legends IV propels him into the top 5.
3. Shawn Jessica Hart- LoC/EPW/WFW:NE 52 pts.
-warming up to Hart v. Danger at NFW’s Crash 50. Check out the RP’s at NFW’s website.
2. Level One- DWF/APW 54 pts.
-suffered knee injury Monday night on DWF’s Slaughter show.
1. Joe the Plumber- NFW 61 pts.
-again, in holding pattern until Crash 50

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