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WWR Rankings- Sept 7-13


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Aug 23, 2009
by A. Kuluha Bacardi of the World e-Wrestling Rag

Another eventful week in the e-wrestling world as the #1 ranked tag team in the world, Blitzkrieg Funk, found themselves headed back to Germany and the #1 ranked men’s wrestler Level One went down to defeat. How much of a shake up are we going to see? Let’s find out…

24. Valora/Mr. Videogame- WMW 11 pts.
24. S&M(Patrick McCarthy/Scarlett Willis)- Simcoe County 11 pts.
S&M back in the top 25. Valora and Mr. Videogame slip down from #22 last week as WMW was off last week.
23. The New Horsemen(Will Gallo/Sal Fanucci)- XWW 12 pts.
-new XWW Tag Team champs debut this week
22. The Sex Symbols- WfWA 13 pts.
-continuing their slide downward, the Sex Symbols land at #22 this week
19. Scott DiBiase/Jason Lee- VWF 14 pts.
19. Doug E. Fresh/Wolf- SCW 14 pts.
19. Angels of Death(Angel Scott/Angel Casey)- MVW 14 pts.
-Sin City Wrestling’s tag team champs also lose a place along with the Missouri Valley Wrestling tag team queens
17. Dream Warriors- nbW 16 pts.
17. USFX(Shaun XF/Lady America)- DWF 16 pts.
-Dream Warriors hold steady. USFX debuts this week at #17- an impressive feat for a tag team that was a parody act to begin with.
16. The Industry(Chris Bond/Dave Milenko)- Hostility 17 pts.
-The Industry loses one spot this week down to #16
15. Desade/Lance Marshall- SCCW 18 pts.
-also loses a spot from last week.
14. Eaton Gore/Crazyman- TFWF 19 pts.
-Gore and Crazyman off last week in preparation for huge PWR vs. TFWF pay per view
13. Wolves of Slaughter(Elise Ares/Kazys Jankauskas)- PRIME 20 pts.
-gets a win at the latest PRIME show and pushes up 3 spots to #13
12. Team Danger(Stephen Greer/Tyrone Walker)- WfWA 21 pts.
-hanging steady at #12 this week.
10. The Truth(Spike Saunders/Callie Urban)- FWO 22 pts.
10. Mike Polowy/Jak Nemesis- DWF 22 pts.
-Callie wrestled solo this week and won FWO’s Cruiserweight title. Polowy and Nemesis down five places after losing the DWF Tag Team belts to USXF
9. War Machine(Chris Champion/The Machine)- Simcoe County 25 pts.
-Simcoe County’s best falls back one to #9
8. Legion of Dairy(cHEESE/egg NOG)- FWO 26 pts.
-LoD loses huge 12 man tag match this past week but picked up a win on FWO’s special to make the 2 point move up
7. Vox Nihili(Alias/Karina Wolfenden)- FWO 27 pts.
-Alias and K-Wolf on the winning side of huge 12 man tag match. Holding steady at #7.
6. ‘No Frill’s Chris Escondido/Starz N. Stripes- PCW 28 pts.
-Escondido and Starz pick up big win on PCW on P-SPAN show and move up 2
5. The Anthology(Jared Wells/Larry Tact)- EPW 30 pts.
-moves up one spot this week to join the top 5
3. Hollywood Wrecking Crew- NFW 33 pts.
3. Hawk Henshaw/Latrisha- PWR 33 pts.

-both teams headed towards big shows that could move them up or down in the standings.
2. The Superfans(Mark/Marc)- WCF 35 pts.
-The WCF Tag Team champions edge closer to #1
1. Blitzkrieg Funk(Bastian Von Bismarck/Hans Wilhelm)- LoC/FWO 39 pts.
-still hanging in at #1 for at least this week.

24. Ashleigh McDaniel- SCCW 12 pts.
24. ‘The Manchester Masterpiece’ Brooke Evans- MVW 12 pts.
-McDaniel just barely stays in the top 25. Evans, the Missouri Valley Wrestling TV Champion, picked up a big win over MVW Champion Miss USA this past weekend.
23. ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin- DWF/MVW 13 pts.
-Martin capped a busy week by defeating Mike Polowy, who failed to show up for his match, at DWF’s Bashed in the USA show. Debuts at #23
22. Black Rose- SCW 14 pts.
-slips down 1 spot as SCW is headed towards their PPV.
21. Zoey Swan- UWF 15 pts.
-also slides down one spot from last week
20. Bobbinette Carey- HOW 16 pts.
-tough loss this week on HOW Turmoil drops Carey to #20
18. Glory Braddock- GDW 17 pts.
18. Callie Urban- FWO 17 pts.
-Callie picked up the FWO Cruiserweight title over the weekend and moves up 7 places. GDW headed towards Game Over PPV
17. Georgie Nickels- TFWF, Experts 18 pts.
-Georgie will be a big part of upcoming TFWF-PWR show
16. Sydney Laroux- Simcoe County 19 pts.
-Sydney rebounds back up one spot this week.
15. Lora KirK- DWF 20 pts.
-Despite a loss to Tessa Martin early in the week, KirK dispatched of Lady America at DWF’s Bashed in the USA and moves up four.
14. Serena- UWF 21 pts.
-big title unification match coming up at next UWF pay per view
13. Mad Maddie- cWo 22 pts.
-also has big PPV match on the horizon
12. Shade- VWF 23 pts.
-holds steady at #12 this week
11. Scarlett Willis- Simcoe County 24 pts.
-Scarlett also staying put this week at #11
10. Karina Wolfenden- FWO 25 pts.
-K-Wolf drops one.
9. Aimz aka Amy Campbell- SCCW 26 pts.
-Aimz also slips back one
8. Michelle Masters- FWO 27 pts.
-Michelle also falls back one after tough loss to Max Danger this week
7. Valora Salinas- WMW 28 pts.
-WMW’s Queen of Extreme slips one place after off week
6. Cecile Lecrux- Siberian Wrestling 29 pts.
-the reason you’re seeing 7-10 back up one. Lecrux goes from #10 to #6 after big win in Lockdown 23 show.
5. Latrisha- PWR 30 pts.
-gearing up for PWR vs. TFWF battle
4. Miss USA- MVW 31 pts.
-The standard bearer for the Missouri Valley Wrestling Association holding firm at #4 this week
3. Katherine Stryfe- HIW 32 pts.
-can’t afford to let up now with Miss USA etal right on her tail.
2. ‘The Goddess’ Alexia- VWF 38 pts.
-Alexia has pulled away from the pack just slightly as well.
1. ‘The Hellcat’ Kirsta Lewis- HOW/Simcoe Co./TFWF 59 pts.
-no doubt about it. Miss Lewis is the undisputed Queen of E-Wrestling.

30. Jak Nemesis- DWF, WfWA 21 pts.
30. Xin Xin Xiong- FWO 21 pts.
30. Chester Addison- HIW, TFWF 21 pts.
30. Max Kael- HOW 21 pts.
-Addison has a big match coming up with HIW Champion Johnny Styles. Nemesis coming off disappointing DWF Bashed in the USA. Kael is insane. Xiong might be.
29. Darren Revel- UWF 22 pts.
-won a Champions vs. Champions match this past week to slide into the top 30
28. Zeleos- XWW 23 pts
took a tough loss along with Viper in a tag match involving Zeleo’s upcoming opponent at XWW’s PPV- Steve Studnuts.
27. Havoc- WCF 24 pts.
-slips one back from last week
25. Xander Daniels- Hostility 25 pts.
25. Ryan Ruckus- SCW 25 pts.
-Ruckus and Daniels meet at #25 this week
23. MDK- SCW 26 pts.
23. Nick Stevenson- PWR 26 pts.
-2 former champions find themselves deadlocked at #23
22. Jack Amethyst- WfWA 27 pts.
-Amethyst pops up one spot from last week
21. Trevor Wilson- ACW 28 pts.
-The Spirit of ACW slides 3 back as ACW heads towards the Wake PPV.
19. Shane Reynolds- HOW 29 pts.
19. Sandy Makel- TFWF 29 pts.
-both Reynolds and Makel are trying to get back on track after suffering huge losses of late.
18. William- PWR 30 pts.
-week off before huge PPV cost the PWR champion a spot this week.
17. Jason Snow- PRIME 31 pts.
- falls from top 10 after losing title to Tony Gamble
15. Johnny Serious- cWo 32 pts.
15. Ali Amore- nbW 32 pts.
-both off last week. Serious has cWo’s Summertime Bruise PPV coming up and a huge match for his cWo title against Mike Logan
14. Aceldama- HOW 33 pts.
-HOW’s World Champion technically on losing side of HOW tag team match even though he was the deciding factor when he turned on Mark ‘Explosive’ O’Neal
13. David Black- HOW 34 pts.
-HOW’s LSD champion makes the big move up into the top 15 this week with another impressive victory
10. Sean Tyler- Genesis Pro 35 pts.
10. Myke Adams- Simcoe County 35 pts.
10. Max Danger- ACW/FWO/Memphis Pro 35 pts.

-Tyler successfully defended his Genesis Pro title against Seth Iser at Ye Olde Faire PPV and makes huge jump into the top 10. Adams moves up one from #11. Danger steady at #10.
9. Keith Scott Zimmerman- FWO 36 pts.
-FWO Champion defeated ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs in the FWO reAction main event and cracks the top 10
8. ‘Triple X’ Sean Stevens- FWO/EPW 37 pts.
-the EPW champ stays in top 10 for another week
7. Mr. Fantastic- VWF 38 pts.
-VWF’s best also remains in the top 10
6. High Flyer- FWO/NFW 40 pts.
-off this week
5. Johnny Styles- HIW 41 pts.
-HIW Elite Champion moves into top 5 with win over SBK
4. Alias- FWO/ACW 42 pts.
-got the pin in huge 12 man tag team match against the full LoD
3. Shawn Jessica Hart- LoC/EPW/WFW:NE 52 pts.
-LoC and WFW:NE Champion holds steady at #3 this week
2. Level One- DWF/APW 53 pts.
-lost World Title to Travis Williams at DWF’s Bashed in the USA, drops to #2
1. Joe the Plumber- NFW 61 pts.
-will probably be #1 going into big NFW’s Crash 50 title match

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