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You (BLEEP)ing bickering idiots...


Jan 1, 1970
(FADEIN: RANDALLS sitting at the bar...glass of whiskey half-full.)

RANDALLS: "Reality check, boys. I don't do my dirty work behind anyone's back. Hornet, if I wanted to take you out...I would have done it right in your face. Eli - same to you. Why? 'Cause I feel no need to do it any other way. Especially with the both of you. Hornet, if your idea of winning this war is preventing a felony from happening - maybe you're the one that needs to find himself. There are no rules, so stop trying to make them as you go along. What the (BLEEP) were you thinking when you decided to walk the same side of the fence as me? You thought for one moment that I'd change? My god, you're a (BLEEP)ing idiot. You wanna play by the rules you played AGAINST me? Then that's all you are...against me. As for you Flair, if the fact that Ivy's gone has brought your head out of your (BLEEP) it's about (BLEEP)ing time. I'm not waiting to make my next move, if that means I'm leaving you behind as well - I don't (BLEEP)ing care. You two can fight all you want over who held Mikey back - problem is, only Mikey held himself back. Not anymore. It's time Troy and Eddy found out what I'm ALL about. Do yourselves a favor, stop acting like little schoolgirls...you're making a disgrace of yourselves. Grow some (BLEEP)ing sacs...and leave the BULL(BLEEP) at the door."


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