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Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: August De La Rossi and Z.! in front of a hastilly made TWW banner. August is wearing a LEHMAN BROS. RIP homemade t-shirt. Next to him is Z.!, wearing his Sgt. Pepper style blue jacket with gold fringe trim.)

AUGUST: Y'see, my boss and mentor Troy Windham makes headlines everywhere he goes. This is because he's THE BIGGEST STAR in this industry's history. He's the best wrestler on this planet. But... but... because of a VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY... he's prevented from being the champion in the very league he owns!inally. FINALLY The Entourage gets 'a chance to SHOW THE WORLD what we are

Alas, The Epitome WILL procure the title that has his face embalzoned in gold and diamonds on it. But before that glorious day... a day when white doves shall fly and I will smoke a cigar with my political advisor HUGO CHAVEZ... The Entourage shall become champions!

At the TWW card in bustling Barre, VT... a town filled with the types of shallow thinkers responsible for the downfall of American capitalism, aka the greatest moment of my life... August De La Rossi AND Z.! will take on those diabolical masked men, The Masked Rapists... and we will SHOW THE WORLD that Troy Windham, Z.! and August De La Rossi are indeed what we say we are. That is the greatest Entourage in professional wrestling today. The TWW Most Bodacious Tag Team Titles will look real good underneath my VAMPIRE WEEKEND T-shirt.

(August cackles. FTB.)

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