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Zell Hunter vs. Mystical Illusions


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Jan 1, 2000
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Apr-29-03 AT 02:54 PM (EST)]Fade from black as you see Mystical Illusions running in the back from attacking Mr. Black. Mystical Illusions is jumping up and down saying that he stole the whole show with the attack on Alex Williams and David Black. Meanwhile a stage hand runs over to see what the comotion is.

Stage hand: He what is the matter? Are you alright?

MI: Of course I am alright did you see that stunt I pulled tonight. I mean they both had it comming. Did you see it huh huh?

SH: Of course I saw it and I had to clean it up! By the way where did you get those paintball guns?

MI: I got them from a freind who is a professional paint ball player. They are really expensive so be carefull.

SH: Man those are nice guns. Well I have work to do see you later and congrats I heard you have a title shot against Zell Hunter!

MI: I do! Right on, finally someone notices me. And all it took is 200 paint balls and some balls of my own to attack that mammoth man Mr. Black.

SH: Yeah that man scares me alot especailly after tonight.

MI: Yeah I know what you mean! But what had to be done needed to be done by someone and I was that man.

SH: Before I leave may I have a autograph for my kids? They are huge fans of yours!

MI: Sure who do you want me to make it out to?

SH: Damien, please.

MI: Here you go. By the way what is your name?

SH: Damien.

The stage hand laughs slightly and walks off. MI starts talking while the camera is still behind him.

MI: It would have been cooler if you just said it was for him. Anyway, wow, a cruiser weight bout for the titles. I am so stoked I just hope I am ready. I mean on one hand Zell is the current champion he worked hard to become so. On the other hand I think that I will...

MI chuckles to himself for a second and then looks at the camera.

MI: You know I need a new target! But who, So many to choose from! How about the Dark Carnaval, they are facing my friends in a tourny for the Tag Titles. Or how about...

MI chuckles again thinking to himself as he turns away. He starts walking down the hallway as the camera follows him.

MI: I have a lot of planning to do right away. But first I need to see Goth and Ac. Goth needs me and Ac now more that ever.

As MI walks down the hall jumping and singing to himself that he is the new cruiser weight champion. He comes accross a door that is locked from the outside and two security guards posted from on the outside.

MI: What is going on!

He hears screaming and hollaring coming from behind the door. He then relizes who and what is going on behind that door. That the voice can be recognized as David Black.

MI: Never mind I know what is going on behind that closed door!

Laughing hystarically he regains his composure

SG1: Thank you kindly idiot! Because of you I am missing this Pay Per View. I was really looking to the Sugawara and Miso fight. Those are very hot ladies, I really like those Asian ladies.

SG2: Anyway we could let him out right now and let him get a hold of you. Would you like that?

MI: Hell no you think that I am stupid. That man out weighs me at least by a hundred pounds. Besides I am out of paint balls now so maybe next time.

MI leaves and continues down the hall until he makes it to Goth and Ac's dressing room and he knocks on the door.

Goth: If it is another camera send it the F23k away!

Ac: Who is it?

MI: Its me and a camera I am doing a promo but I wanted to see Goth right away. You see my problem?

Ac: Come in. You wait outside for a second

Ac points to the camera man.

Ac: Come on in.

You see Goth, Ac, MI, and Alexia sitting on a couch and Alexia is holding Goth in her lap. Goth is still crying and angry at the same time. There is also a TV and VCR with the whole incedent on tape a little gift from a unknown source.

Goth: It is time to see the tape now that everyone is here.

Ac: Are you sure man I mean it just happened like an hour ago and now you want to see what happened.

Gt: Damn straight! I want to see what the sadistic son of a B!t(h did to my wolf.

Ac: Okay but don't do anything stupid okay.

Ac Pops in the tape and starts to view it.

(Mojo Massey: Here I am with David Black, who's not scheduled to be here tonight, but I am sure he will be here to cheer on his friend and tag team partner Jevon White.

Mr. Black: Yeah I'm pissed off that I wasn't put on the card. They could of put me anywhere. Hell they should of put me in the battle royal for the X-Treme title tonight, but no Dupree and Zieba couldn't do that. They left me off this card. Tonight was supposed to be my night. This was supposed to be my Genesis, and now I am left with no other alternative than to be forced to make something happen.

Massey: And just how are you gonna do that tonight Mr. Black?

Black: Well you see Mojo...

Black pauses as he looks off in another direction as something catches his eye. He smiles real big as he sees Goth, AC, Alexia, and Mystical Illusions walks out of a locker room. Black smiles sadistically as he casually looks back at the camera.

Black: Yeah, you'll see, you'll all see.

Black walks off toward the locker room with Massey and the cameraman following behind. Black walks into the locker room and approaches the big black bag that Goth carried into the building earlier. Black opens it up and pulls out the Bathleth and the knife that Goth bought during their time in Europe. Black holds the bathleth.

Black: Oh you know that you could poke somebody's eye out this something like this. This is very bad for you. Mock Klingon voice Tis a good day to die. (Chuckles to himself at his joke) You have know idea, but you will.

Soon something catches Black's eye, as he looks on, coming out of the bathroom is one of Goth's Siberian white wolves looking back at him. It's growling at him ferociously.

Black: Oh I know you, you're one of Goth's little b****es. Isn't that cute. Are you really something. Here want a doggy bone. Too bad I don't have anything. Oh well sucks to be you I guess.

Without Black's warning, the wolf charges Black. Black tries to defend himself by blocking with his arm, but the wolf latches on biting his arm drawing blood. Out of reacting, Black punches the wolf off of him to let go.

Black: (Looking at the bite on his arm, visibly upset at the wolf.) Damn b**** bit me. Mutha f*cka!

As soon as the wolf comes to, it charges again at Black and actually jumps and pounces on him knocking Black to the floor. The two brawl on the ground. Black tries to keep himself from getting mauled. While in the struggle, Black reaches for Goth's knife and grabs it then pulls it in and stabs the wolf. The wolf lets out a loud yelp as he falls off of him. Black kicks the half dead body off of him and stands up looking at the blood soaked knife and then at the wolf laying on the bleeding on the floor. Suddenly Black begins laughing as he glances over the the camera. Massey is totally speechless with fear.

Black: You wanna see something cool? Good because you don't wanna miss this.

Black grabs a mic from a stand and walks out to the ring.)

Gt: Son of a B!t(h! I am going to kill Black for that. He was the one who found me first. He was the one I favored over all of them. But now he is gone forever and David will pay for every messing with my family.

Goth goes to another camera and points at it.

Gt: You see Mr. Black you want to think that the insane personna will win you matches and give you respect and fear from the other wrestlers. Just wait until I get my hands on you in the ring again. You will know what fear and rage and pain are all about. What you caused me to feel today will only be a taste of what you are about to feel. My hatred for you burns only deeper than the lowest parts of hell. Sleep well My Freind!

Goth walks away for the other camera. Then he stops and speaks.

Gt: Oh yeah I hope those paint balls didn't hurt.

He then kinda chukkles to himself

Gt: Wait, I hope they hurt alot!

The camera then pans back to MI who is nodding in acceptance to the speach that his friend just gave. Looking over to one of the wolves MI notices that one of them is not looking right.

MI: Hey Goth does that one lay like that all the time.

Goth turns and looks that the wolf

Gt: No that is the first time I have ever seen that!

He walks over to the wolf and pets it.

Gt: What wrong, are you alright?

The wolf whimpers and shakes. Goth get up fast and franticly

Gt: She needs a vet right now. Mystical get the car, Ac a sheet, Alexia phone a vet and tell him we are coming with an emergency! Hurry, Hurry get going.

MI runs out of the room the camera following close behind. MI runs to the garage and jumps into the limo.

MI: promos over it is time to save another one from falling!

Fade to black as the pinto limo drives off.}>


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Jan 1, 2000
Alive..and still kicking like a Freak not on a Leash!!

(Fade In: We are shown Zell Hunter in his locker room after his pay per view match against Jevon White of True Living Colors at Genesis. His GXW Cruiserweight title is sitting on the bench next to him. He runs a hand through his sweat slicked hair while looking hard at the camera)

Zell: Well, I finally got one hell of a match tonight against none other than Jevon White and I honestly thought that I was going to loose the belt also. But instead the biggest surpised happen when I pinned him following my Big Trouble set up move from the top of that ladder. Heh, Jevon if it means anything to you man that after I've faced these next two guys, I would like to face you in the ring again and this time we'll make our match a little bit more interesting. But now onto Mystical Illusions.

(Zell stops talking as he removes the glove from his left hand before he removes the one on his right hand. He smiles at the camera and we can tell that his game face is on)

Zell: Myst, I decided that I wanted to face you in the ring so that I went up to the GXW Booking department and I told them that I wanted to face you if I was the champion or not after tonight and low and behold, here we are and my crusierweight title as well. But another reason that I want to step into the ring against you is to show the fans of GXW what it means to put two of it's top freaks against each other. You see, everybody thinks that just because I have a forgien name like "Zell" means that I'm trying to copy some video game character, but you went a few steps further and tried to become an elf by getting your ears done and everything like that. So, when our match at Onslaught happens, yoiu know that when you step into the ring with GXW's own "Digital Freak" against the "D&D Kid". And also since you're about two hundred and twenty pounds, that puts you into my weight class and it also puts you into the Crusierweight class as well. So, do what you can to get ready for our match, Myst, and get ready to be shown why stepping into the ring against me has it's...side effects...

(the camera fade outs)


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Jan 1, 2000
RE: Alive..and still kicking like a Freak not on a Leash!!

Fade from black: You see Mystical Illusions sitting on a chair just like Zell Hunter and his Cruiserweight title. But only on the chair is his paint ball guns where the title would be.

MI: Hey Zell, All things aside I think that you and I are not that diffent. Riddiculed by our names and actions, our charismatic points of view. However I feel deeply blessed that you chose me as your Number 1 pick to face you on Onsluaght. I feel that our match will be the most exciting that the GXW has seen in a while. By the way...

Mystical Illusions turns on a VCR with Zell Hunters and Jevon Whites match on.

MI...Congradulations on your title defence. Jevon is no small man to fight. He is a big man in his own right, unlike his brother who is a raving lunatic!

Mystical Illusions laughs hystarically for a minute until he regains his composure.

MI: Man I wish you could have see his face after he saw it was me that attacked him with the paint ball guns. Later I walked by his, lets call it a cell, after the attack and heard him yelling and screaming. I was proud of my work, he had it coming. That lunitic will destroy everything unless my freinds stop him. I was just there for the assist.

Mystical Illusions stops for a second, cocks his head sideways as in a sudden insparational insight came over him. He looks at the camera again and smiles.

MI: I thought of the coolest thing just now. What will your eyes look like when I strip you of the title. Will they be anger, No your better than that. Will they be suprise, maybe I think that you think that you will win. Will it be, Hey man nice job you deserve it, I hope that is the case. After all is said and done I would love to remain freinds. I mean I am good friends with HellFighter, sort of just through Goth and Ac. But I mean look no matter what happens just let me say this...

Mystical Illusions looks away and bows his head. He then suddenly turns to the camera...

MI: Dont fear the Illusionist he is just having fun!

Mysticall Illusions starts jumping around and singing his theme music again.

MI: I just can not get enough of that song. He Zell have you seen it? I mean these people animate themselves to be these huge gorrillas and sing. It is the greatest thing I have ever seen. But enough about that. Lets get onto more pressing matters! You think that just because I am a freak that I am a push over. Just to remind you I have only lost one match in my total carrer. One match before I got a title shot at the great Zell Hunter. You know that I have been dreaming of this day for some time. I use to watch you wrestle in your early days. The persision and grace in which you dismantled your foes...

Mysticall turns from the camera and looks down.

MI: ...lets just say that I have tried to strive for that excellence since I started my own career. However I do not have the impressive belt history like you do. That is why I accepted this match, I want to start my own title list. I am the only one in my small group that has not had a title... Alexia dosnt cout she is not a wrestler... but after our match things will be different. I will be able to say that yes I beat my long time hero Zell Hunter and that I was able to do what few have been able to do. And Dayton, Ohio you are the birth place of my father! And to you I owe everything, and for you I will win this match. Everything that I am, everything that I have at my disposal will be used in this match. I will hold nothing back Zell and I do not expect that you will either. But while you are nursing your wounds back to health I will be there to see your next match and waiting until the next time we will meet in the squared circle.

Fade to black as Annihalation scrolls accross the screen. }>


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Jan 1, 2000
Straight out of line and back into the Hellmouth

(Fade in: We see once again Zell walking through the arena where Onslaught is going to be held this week, the GXW Cruiserweight title slung over his right shoulder. He seems a bit distrubed by something)

Zell: You know something Myst, I find your words kind of interesting. You want to know how my eyes will look if you beat me and take my belt? How about this, I'll tell you-it'll be utter surpise. I asked for this match since some of the others that I've been put up against all they can say is "Oh, I'm so great that I'm going to make you leave this federation because I'm a rating boost" or "I'm a cruiserweight legend around these here parts." But instead, they all have been beaten down by the master of "Toadcore Wrestling".

(Zell turns a corner and the stage hands high five the regining champion as he goes on his way towards the ring)

Zell: You see, Myst. I've got more respect for you then I do for some joker in David Black or Dallas Winston. You're guts and "Never say die or quit" attitude is something that I admire for the sake of we're alot of like...but we are more different than anyone person can believe. You were playing Dungeons and Dragons while I was leaving high school in order to be taught how to wrestle. While you were getting your ears done like Legolas from Lord of the Rings, I was stuck overseas in Japan getting my neck stretched by some of the worst across the sea. No offense man, but you're still young in this sport and that's something alot of these jackasses will take advantage of and it's something that I should, but I'm more interested in showing you the ropes rather than trying to steal any possiblity of having an *gasp!!!* actual match here in GXW.

(Zell reaches the entrance to the ringside area and climbs up those familiar stairs and enters the walkway as we hear strands of "Click,Click,Boom" by Saliva kick in. He stops and unslings his title from his shoulder and holds it up for the camera to see)

Zell: For Onslaught, I don't want you to hold anything back. I want you to come at me and prove to me that you're worthy of holding this belt over your head and seeing the surpise in my eyes. I want you to show to those fucks in the back who say that Freaks have no place in wrestling that we not only have a place as wrestlers-but we also have a place as the champions and if they can't deal with that, then to hell with them. On Onslaught, it's going to be go time between the third half of Gothic Alcamey and the Former Maverick. So, when we get into that ring-let's show all of those kids how it's ##### done, alright Myst?

(We fade to black as Zell turns around and heads back into the arena)


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Jan 1, 2000
Toadcore Wrestling

Fade from black as you see Mysticall Illusions sitting with a dozen little men dresses like Mysticall Illusions. They are all holding some sort of minature weapons.

MI: You know, I believe you statement about the whole Rating boost thing. I sickens me to see people sit there and call them selfs that when you and I know that the High Flying, luchadors of the GXW are the best around.....

Mystical Illusions turns around and and looks around. Laughing hystarically

MI: ...Toadcore, I love that!

All the little men start chanting

LM: He's Toadcore, he's toadcore, he's toadcore

Mysticall Illusions laughs even harder at the comment.

MI: You know Zell, between you and me, I think that if together we would be an unstopable tag team. But first we must make it through this title shot. I am excited to wrestle you, a legend in my eyes. You have overcome the adversarys dared mock you and trash talk you. And here you are now the Cruiserweight champion. I have taken a few pages out of your book and incorperated them with mine. I really was not expecting a title shot this early in my carrer with the GXW, but I am greatfull none the less. You really are the man to beat, and I will prove it to everyone in this promo.

He walks over to a tv and vcr. He motions the little men to leave the room.

MI: One on one time guys! Lets go to your victory over Inferno on January 15 2003 on Revolution. Lets watch!

(The two competitors begin to circle. After a moment, they lock up. Inferno immediately executes a go-behind, which Zell counters with an elbow, executing a go-behind of his own; however, the cruiserweight champion grabs Zell by the head and executes a snapmare. In response, Zell swings his legs up under Inferno's arms, then pushes them down to throw Inferno forward onto his face.

JG: Unorthodox counter by Zell Hunter there.)

MI: I am sure you remember what the line was after that. I respect the more you pulled there. That shows intuitive thinking on your part and improvasation skills in the middle of a fight. Lets continue.

(Inferno immediately rolls to his feet and thunders towards Zell, decking him with a jumping clothesline. Zell pops to a standing position, ducking Inferno's next clothesline. As Inferno turns, Zell hits a few weak strikes to his ribs, then whips him towa! rds the ropes, but Inferno reverses and sends Zell into the ropes instead. Unfortunately for Zell, though, Davis and Matthews pull down the top rope, sending the challenger cascading to the floor. Inferno turns and begins cussing at the referee, who argues back at him: the distraction allows Matthews and Davis to stomp viciously away at Hunter.

JG: Dammit, Eric Davis and Dean Matthews are punishing Hunter behind the ref's back! This is like a damn handicap match!

GM: I know. Ain't it great?)

MI: You know that is bull. During our match my friends will not interfere as per the stip. We do not do anything that is against the rules. I like how you kept your cool. Shall we?

(Zell drops a leg on Inferno, then hops up onto the top turnbuckle again. Eric Davis quickly climbs onto the apron and attempts to enter the ring; as the referee holds him back, Dean Matthews sneaks up on the ring steps behind Zell and shakes the top rope. Zell loses his footing and stumbles, landing crotch-first on the turnbuckle! The challenger's eyes bug out and he emits a pained squeal.

JG: What cheating! Zell Hunter just got a rude awakening!

GM: Woohoo, it's the Nutcracker Suite!)

MI: I have noticed something during our little one on one time today Zell. Just like me you have been screwed and screwed some more. But obviously you over came it. Good for you, I wonder, If you had not won the title would you still have though me as a worthy opponent. We will find out in the ring if I truly am a worthy opponent. Contineing.

(GM: Hunter won't last much longer.

JG: Not with Davis and Matthews at ringside, he won't!

GM: They're just watching the match, Jason. Don't complain.

JG: Watching the match my ass.)

MI: This just reassures what my last comment.

(Inferno makes it to his feet... and Hunter promptly soars off the turnbuckle, collapsing Inferno with a flying neckbreaker! He immediately makes the cover. One... TWO...


Abruptly, the count comes to a halt; Eric Davis has pulled the referee out of the ring. As the official attempts to signal the disqualification, Davis decks him with an incredibly stiff kick to the jaw, knocking him out like a light.)

MI: Just when you thought you where going to win. Dean and Eric cheat again! Man those two never quit. On we go!

(As Hunter reels on the mat, Davis ascends a turnbuc! kle; Matthews does likewise. Davis suddenly takes to the air, hitting a picture-perfect frog splash on Hunter from halfway across the ring! As Davis rolls aside, Matthews jumps off of his own turnbuckle and drills Hunter with a Savage elbow.



MI: As you well remember no one did stop it. At that point the Ratings Boost where unstopable! But you survived.

Pushing the button to play.

(Matthews and Davis hoist Hunter to his feet, and Inferno promptly kicks his opponent in the gut; he then takes Zell's arms from his comrades and underhooks them, dri! lling him with a vicious tiger bomb.


GM: Good!

Before any further damage can be done, a third referee enters the ring; this time, he is accompanied by about a dozen yellow-shirted security officers. The guards rush forward and restrain Matthews and Davis, while the referee signals towards the ramp. His yell towards the duo is audible even without a mic.


The crowd erupts in a thunderous cheer as the security guards drag the struggling Matthews and Davis up the ramp.)

MI: Finnaly, someone broke it up leaving you nearly dead. But as we will see.

(JG: YES!!! Zell Hunter just gave Inferno a taste of his own medicine! Wait... SIDE EFFECT!!! SIDE EFFECT!!! IT'S OVER!!! ONE - TWO - THREE!!!


"Click, Click, Boom" cues up as the referee hands the weary Zell Hunter the Cruiserweight title. The new champion clutches it tightly to his chest before collapsing to his knees, breathing heavily.)

MI: You know, that with all of that pain and discoragment, you still defeated Inferno and the Ratings Boost. I am pleased that it turned out that way. For some to say you are a regect, like me, is not true. To say that we are not really a part of the Fed, is not true. And to say that you can not wrestle, is defently not true. Do you want to know what my eyes will say if you beat me? They will say nothing but congradulations, you have earned it. I will simply get up and hand you the belt my self. I am glad that you chose me as an opponent. I really get to evaluate my self as a wrestler and then I can improve on that. That is what this little get together is been all about. Trying to improve myself and preparing me for the match with you. Only when I watch you previous matches can I get a fell for the real Zell Hunter and bring him down.

MI finnaly turns off the TV and looks into the camera.

MI: Until then have a good day!

Fade to black as Mysticall Illusions walks out of the room.



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Jan 1, 2000
A man of talents emerges

Fade from black as you see Mysticall Illusions pacing back and forth on in the middle of the ring where we will face his long time hero Zell for the Cruiserweight title. After a few times back and forth he sits on the tope turnbuckle. The camera slips into the ring and comes over to talk to him.

MI: Well, well if it isnt the GXW camera crew. I have been expecting you. I have seen you everywhere since I was told of my title shot. I have to give it to you for your coolness when that morron Black was mutilating Zvik. I think lesser men would of run. But I love that in people, not afraid to show there emotion. Like when I was told that I had a match with Zell, I was emotionaly on a rollercoaster. First I was excited, I mean who wouldn't. Facing the icon or of your wrestling carrer and now to find out that you and he are not that dissimular.....

He looks around like he can already see the match happining.

MI: ....Then I was scared out of my mind. Who wouldn't be scared, you are about to face the Cruiserweight Champion, with millions watching every move you make. And I want it to be a show that the Illusionists will remember for a good long while.....

He jumps off the top rope and walks over to the other side. He then sits down again on the top rope and continues.

MI: ....Then I was nervous, the felling that a Title shot and the Title itself is with in my reach.....

Looking down to his waist he strokes gently the area where a belt would be hung around his waist.

MI: ...The nervousness finnaly passed into a whole new emotions. Readyness! I am ready to face Zell, one on one in the ring at Onslaught. Zell you will not be disappointed in the game that I bring to you. This will be a match that you will recall forever as the toughest match on the century. And win or loose Zell, I will always be indebted to you for the opprotunity to face off with you and go for what I most dreamed in this world, the Gold. I hope you are ready as I am. See you right here!

Fade to black as you see Ahniallation scroll across the screen.


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Jan 1, 2000
You're learning Legolas-san

(Fade in: We can see Zell once more in the arena, only this time he has a visual aide in the form of a painter's ladder-the same one from Genesis.)

Zell: Myst, I understand where you're coming from-but the time for pleasentries is at an end due to the fact of how close we are to our match at Onslaught. You keep saying that I'm one of the best in the federation because I don't take ##### off anyone, true as that might be-the end result is going to be the same. In a couple of days we're going to see who is better of GXW's two freaks and it's going to be nothing short of a true "##### storm" because when you see two freaks that are both in the cruiserweight division go at it-that's what you get.

(Zell sets up the painters ladder and steps onto the first two rungs)

Zell: As for why I brought this ladder all the way from Europe to here, it's pure and simple. This is the ladder that me and Jevon White used for our match at Genesis and I used my "Big Trouble" set up move from the top of this ladder to the ring to retain my belt. But now at Onslaught, it's not going to be used-but we're going to doing even more fucked up stuff. Pardon my french, but it's the truth-our match at Onslaught will be hell on both of our bodies because of the simple fact that I know what I can do and I know what you can do, Myst-but that doesn't mean that in three days will find out who is the bigger freak around here. See you in three days, kid and good luck.

(Fade to black)


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Jan 1, 2000
A day in the life of a freak

[updated:LAST EDITED ON May-02-03 AT 02:33 PM (EST)]Fade from black as you see Mystical Illusions sitting in a big puffy leather chair with a Ps2 controller in one hand and a ice cold coke in the other. The camera rotates to see that he is playing Final Fantacy 8.

The game is dipicting a scene where there are 5 people sitting around a cabin of a boat. The character called Sifher just called Zell a chicken wuss, and Zell is fuming with anger at the name he was just called.

MI: You know, after the fun we have had together in the last few days. I have come to a conclusion, you do kinda look like Zell in the game. But that is niether here nor there, I would call you a Chicken Wuss but that would be dirty and just right mean. Though it would be funny to see you get upset and try to kill me.

He put the controller down and and looks at the camera

MI: I believe you when you said that when you put two freaks in the ring together. I will be the highest, fastestest paced, and technical fight ever to be seen in the GXW. And even my freind HellFighter said that. Oh yeah he said hello! Just relaying that message real quick. Externally I will be cheering for Goth and Ac during the Lords of the Ring tournament. But it will be you and HellFighter that I will cheer for intrenally. You are right, It is time to put plesantries asside. I realize that you won agains the one half of the TLC. But it will take a lot more that your Big Trouble move to stop me. I have a feeling that anniahlation will be virtually useless on you but you know what I will try none the less.

Returning to the game. He takes a nice long sip of his coke and put in another game. GXW Wrestling game is loaded and he starts a wrestling match with himself a created wrestler and some wierd looking luchadore wrestler who is also created. He continues to play as he addresses the camera.

MI: You know it is amazing how far technology has come in the last 20 years. The introduction to the CD, the DVD, more consumer freindly and cost friendly computers and even in the world of wrestling things have changed. Some for the better and some for the worst. I can remember how I felt when I first saw the events unfold before my eyes on the TV. How the commradery of the wrestlers where the top of there priorities. But now instead of there friendship most of them want more money. Not me! I could almost care less about the title, but I am greatfull for the chance to have it, I am here to put on a show and just plain and simple to have fun. But there are those out there that feel that my humor is passe and not very funny. But none the less, fun is the priority on my agenda.

There is a knock at the door. Mystical Illusions goes to find out who it is. Goth and Ac enter with one of the wolves.

MI: What are you guys doing here?

Goth: You always come see us, I thought it time for us to come see what you are up to.

MI: Just cutting a promo. You?

Ac: Just cut a promo as well. How is yours comming?

MI: Fine, fine you?

Ac: Not so good. There is not much to say. I guess the Dark Carnival are a team of few words.

MI: That sucks! Zell has a lot to say and I love it. This will be a match to remember.

Gt: Why do you say that?

MI: Here look!

Mystical Illusions hands him a sheet of paper containing hand written notes that MI took during Zells last promo.

Gt: I see! Well good luck we are on our way to grab a bite to eat want to come.

MI: Sure let me finish up real quick!

MI: Zell have alot to worry about, I am comming into this match calm and focused, ready to have fun. So for the sake of the fans, lets give them a show they will not soon forget. And let them know that the Freaks of GXW will deliver every time. Lets not dissapoint them.

Fade to black}>

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