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  1. J The Ripper

    Competitor sign up.

    Sign up here! Please remember by signing up you understand it's your job to check the forums to see when everything will begin and to roleplay. Thanks in advance! Please provide the following: - Character Name - Character Height - Character Weight - Character Call Name - Entrance music. -...
  2. J The Ripper

    Two judges needed!

    If anyone is interested in being a judge we need 2 more. Please contact me and let me know your interest. Thank you.
  3. J The Ripper

    Welcome to the BodyCount Warrior Grand Prix II!

    WELCOME! In this thread you'll find the general "lay of the land" for the tournament. There's one VERY big difference this time; Death is real. Now you may wonder "Why would I join if my character can die?" well the answer is simple! All you have to do is roleplay and you won't be killed. Easy...
  4. J The Ripper

    Poser Discussion

    Re: Poser Descriptions He will commish the shit outcha! Had to put it up here. Hats off to Dan as he had to make this in a rush. t
  5. J The Ripper


    Join El Gringo Loco and me as we kick off what hopes to be the weekly Friday show. We'll be talking on various subjects and take your calls. It's rated PG-13 so that means only one F-Bomb...kidding! That's my favorite word! So join in as EGL brings you serious on point discussion and...
  6. J The Ripper

    Something interesting for those on Twitter.

    So if you've been reading you know there's a group of masked individuals that's been attacking and making demands since All or Nothing. I just saw the twitter account and thought it was interesting. It seems its part of the angle. You can find it @iNciteTheFire I plan on following it when I get...
  7. J The Ripper

    DCUO & Injustice - PS3

    Anyone play? Dan wants me to get back in the swing of DCUO so if someone on in the mornings wants to play sweet. Also it'd be nice to fight others on Injustice.
  8. J The Ripper

    Ben Halkum proves at one time I tried to be helpful?

    So I get a random IM from Halkum saying he found an old guide/tutorial I wrote which automatically made me go "Huh?" anyway, turns out, after I had been in the game for four years I wrote a little tutorial to try to help people. I have no idea why I wrote it or exactly when or for who but...
  9. J The Ripper

    I win

    At Jerichoing forever.
  10. J The Ripper

    Hot Springs: Sylo v. Leyenda de Ocho

    OOC Note: Sorry, I've been so busy with work I haven't had a chance to really write. This is my last IGC match possibly so, Ben, buddy I'm glad it's against you. Voss man, thank you for letting us do this. Everything would start off with blaring static. Slowly film would roll up until an...
  11. J The Ripper


    http://jolt.ewarena.com/joltv/aon/ AoN is live.
  12. J The Ripper

    Hot Springs: Sylo v. Leyenda de Ocho

    Just like that, in the blink of an eye, glory had shifted from one man’s hands to the others. It would be Leyenda de Ocho, The Legend of Eight, that would reach the heavens and pluck down God’s favor to face the Intergalactic champion. Meanwhile it would be The SuperBeast, a legend in many ways...
  13. J The Ripper


    Soooo I decided "Hey fuck it I'm bored but I don't wanna do that stupid ass planking or Tebowing so let's try something new!" So I sent it to a bunch of people I know in eW or who like wrestling in general on FB and figured I'd spread it here...it's called Jerichoing. Feel free to post yours, I...
  14. J The Ripper


    So our super awesome big rp post is now suddenly gone. With that said, we did a special EFG, and it looks like it'll be a 2 win deal for a shot at the IGC champ. This is how it looks so far so you know Voss. Magnus vs. Sylo - Monsters Ball Match High Flyer vs. Pat Gordon Jr. - Match to be...
  15. J The Ripper

    Eli Xero needs a home.

    So I'm looking for a fed for my character "Project 13" Eli Xero. I'd like to do an rp fed with a relaxed rp schedule limit since I don't have a LOT of time. Below I'll post his stats and all that good stuff. --- Nicknames "Project 13" Real Name Eli Xero Height 6'6" Weight 280...

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