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AGGRESSION 66: Stalker & Impulse (c) vs. Cameron Cruise & Jared Wells


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
Past your bedtime....

(CUTTO: Static, which clears up into..."The following message has been brought to you by the Dangle Brothers.", and cuts to black and white scene, Cruise in the same clothes.)

CRUISE: I mention your name all day, just so people can realize how retarded you sound after you claim "Chaos, Mayhem, Endangerment" all the time against people but do nothing but choke on your own bile when you're done with me.

Or "The Ballad of Jason Reeves", as I tell them, after all...they deserve to be warned from guys like you who huff-and-puff before running into a brick wall.

Ya know...NERDS.

Nerds, Sippers, the entire population of you suckers that don't realize the error of your ways.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to a NERD LIKE YOU.

You're throwing temper tantrums because Wells and I call you what you are and like it is, and in the meantime you throw up your own claim on...STALKERS' WORLD??

You've claimed time and time again, how I'm gonna rue the day I set foot in "Stalker's World", Jason, and the fact is I'll beat it into you until you're frothing from the mouth....


I mean...it's not even SCARY....especially if you're the only one that claims to be the inhabitant.

You must be thirsty....I'll wait for you to get another glass of your own Kool-Aid.

(CRUISE waits a minute and then waves it off)

I forgot...you're already gagging on your OWN foot. Still though...if you need something to wash it down, go right ahead and feel free.

You seem to forget as it is...Wells has already asked you if you know who he is....he ALREADY KNOWS about you.Besides....after he saw the tape of you throwing up after getting DEFEATED BY ME...a good laugh was had in that store about that match, by the way...he knows just about all there is and ever WILL BE about you.

After all...since when do the Dangle Brothers, much less anyone else want YOUR respect??

You're a Sipper, that's why you challenged us.

Impulse had a target on his head from Jared and First from me...and suddenly that title shot you got...well that doesn't seem so rare anymore, does it??

(Mocks Reeves, jumping up and down)


Not really, not when you misinterpret and not understand the simple-blatent-and-straight-forward things Jared and I tell you, you don't.

You haven't stopped me from getting what I want before Jason, and the drop-dead-point of it is that it ain't gonna start now.

"You were gonna do this...but not now. You were gonna do that...but not now."

Now Stalker is PISSED!!!

(Cruise Yawns)

Tell me something else I don't know.

In the mean time...back down to hell with you, where ever you came from, there's not a thing left you can give me, that I haven't already taken from you.

Thunder, Intimidation, a Golden-shiny-fiddle.....keep the kittens though....you'll need something else to play with all the other Sippers, back where you came from.

In the meantime...I'm heading out to go do business at the "Dangle Brothers' Bar & Grill"....you know...

Another place you're not invited to.




(The scene goes back to static as it cuts to "The Previous message was brought to you by The Dangle Brothers", before cutting out to more static.)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Goodbye Cruise

"The only reason you continue to mention my name is because you know my status in EPW is higher then yours."

(Fade in to Jason Reeves. You aren't getting the last word, sorry.)

Stalker: You mention my name all day, because it makes you feel like you are more important. At this point in your career in EPW, you realize that you need to harp on the wins over me to make yourself matter.

Without me, you would have nothing to say, without The First you would have nothing to say. You relish in your 'cherished' wins from years ago and do your best to make those wins feel important.

But they aren't important, you aren't important and the more you make a jackass of yourself on television the more it makes me smile.

(Jason Reeves grins.)

Stalker: See Cruise you made me smile! That's a hard task to accomplish these days. With frauds like Impulse running around, whiners like Anarky and of course complete retards like you two, i've got a full plate. It's hard for me to want to smile anymore.

You may have a few haters, Cruise. But it's a far cry from where I stand. Your portrayal of the 'bad guy' has been a mockery ever since you started. You suck.

Your words suck, your movie catch phrases suck, your comparisons to music artists, sports players, fan boys... all of it sucks. Your wrestling skill is terrible, your partner is worse then you. I just don't understand how you can sit there and continue to rant at me when you know i'm right.

Give it up.

No matter how many times you stomp your feet, scream my name, declare your victories... it simply doesn't matter anymore. You are an afterthought Cruise. A meaningless roadblock in The First's second reign. A meaningless bug that I will squash at 66.

I... I have a really hard time, understanding why, it is that you think you should matter so much. You simply don't. The Dangle Brothers are trash. They were when Anthology fell apart and they are now.

It doesn't matter how much you proclaim differently, I am just stating the truth here. Like I have stated fifty times over.

All you have left in your ammo is Nerds and Sippers. It's just sad.....

(Jason Reeves looks down, shaking his head.)

Stalker: I really wish things could've been different for you Cruise. I truly do. You think of yourself as someone who should be worthy of praise here in EPW, but we are all laughing at you. Impulse is so tired of hearing your same ****, he has turned you off. The only reason I am still here is because, no matter how many times you think you have gotten the last word in, I have to prove you otherwise.

This isn't your place anymore, bud. It's about time you realize that. No halfwit comeback attempt with a ****ty partner is going to save you.

Empire Pro Wrestling is my world now. And.. like i've said.... you don't belong here.

You'll realize that soon enough.




I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
Peace of mind.

"You couldn't be more WRONG."

(CUTTO: Cruise in front of an EPW-standard backdrop, dressed in black jeans and a dark blue T-Shirt, Anarchy-style black shades, and Chicago White Sox-ballcap on backwards. Get used to disappointment.)

CRUISE: If you're name gets thrown around at ALL, it's more likely the case that it's because of the constant YAMMERING ON that I can barely withstand to endure about the same thing over and over.

Another way to put it is when people really started to get behind the band "Limp Bizkit" in about 1997, and things got to be REALLY COOL...until a few years ago and people all of a sudden said "Fred Who?? **** FRED DURST!!"

Now...I know that's probably gone over your head, that's okay....I'm two inches taller than you ANYWAY.

But the interesting thing about the First is that if he'd actually competed in a match without having to somehow, in some shape or form...NOT CHEAT...I might be in the least bit obliged to actually BELIEVE the garbage he let's spew out of his mouth.

If The First actually had a "Y-Chromosome" in his body, and stopped running away after being made the fool or at the very least show up to an Empire Pro Wrestling Event without MASCARA AND MAKEUP...I might be inclined to take his goals seriously, though you'd probably have to stand in line behind Carrot Top and Pauly Shore.

However...this is STILL an entertainment business, and if things like that are what entails you to push yourself, more power to you; it's guys like YOU, that lead the way for the HANDICAPABLE.

At least you're a role model though, right?? It's a PEOPLE-BUSINESS, remember??

The fact is, you contend that the things I say, the things I do, what I DON'T do...all of it SUCKS....but the pliable part OF that fact...is that it's all in YOUR MIND....

(Cruise finger quotes)

"STALKER'S WORLD", if you will.

The things I say, do, and work at bettering myself at....it WORKS, hell, Dan Ryan even has video footage for SALE that proves just that in that the very least...

It's better than YOU AND YOURS.

And everyone knows...you don't fix what ain't broken.

The fact is that Impulse may still be undefeated and hold the Intercontinental Championship...but YOU'RE THE AFTERTHOUGHT.

Since the Dangle Brothers reunited, YOU'RE the one who cleans the ****ter after the show's over and risks hepatitis...at least I'm hoping in the metaphorical-sense.

The Dangle Brothers aren't TRASH...we're GOLD, and Dan Ryan KNOWS that without a shadow of doubt.

But hey...at least you still got the Kittens, and Caitlyn Daymon to play with, right??


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