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Superbowl of Wrestling: El Arco Iris vs. Dan Ryan vs. Psycho vs. Sean Edmunds


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
This match is a WFW North American Title defensein a double steel cage match with special referee Shawn Hart reffing the match, Lindsay Troy, Pat Gordon, Sherri, and the person of Psycho’s choice in the outer cage to maintain order... The RP/angle deadline is Monday, January 9, 2006 11:59 PM EST. Send all angles to pmiller21@gmail.com
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Jan 1, 2000

(A loud sadistic laugh can be heard as Psycho steps in front of a WFW backdrop. He smiles wide as he holds a steel folding chair towards the camera and displays it's painted bulls-eye. He then unfolds it, straddles the chair backwards and laughs loudly again)

Psycho: Well finally here we all are. What started seemingly so long ago has finally come to pass. Yet it seems I have either angered far too many people or I've become a victim of my own success. After all this moment...this moment of regaining MY North American Title has been so anticipated that I'm almost disappointed I can't shed my whole focus on just this match.

---<<<He mockingly frowns and shrugs his shoulders>>>---

Psycho: I mean who would have thought it would come down to this. On the night when I can walk out a WFW Triple Crown champion, I can finally get back hat was stolen from me

---<<<He points a crooked finger at the camera>>>---

Psycho: It was you Dan Ryan, it was you that started all this and even after this match it won't be over. You helped give El Arco Iris a belt he did NOTHING to earn. Nothing...and the worst part is he knows it. Ah, but I'm not worried about him. How many times Iris have you stepped in the ring with me and you've been left laying.

---<<<He laughs coldly and cracks a half hearted smile>>>---

Psycho: Yet Dan I think my biggest issue is with you. You never believed me when I told you that night a war had been started. You didn't believe me when I said this wasn't then end. Well it wasn't was it. Now here we are and still to date you biggest accomplishment here in the WFW is taking that belt from me.

---<<<He shakes his head>>>---

Psycho: Well I hope your proud, because you, that ***** in your corner, Iris and poor Sean Edmunds are going to be caught up and the worst night of your lives

---<<<He motions the camera to zoom in closer and his eyes stare coldly ahead>>>---

Psycho: I've waited along time for this. Waited along time to get my belt back. When that bell rings I'm going to turn tat cage into a war zone. I'm going to make each and everyone wish that you've never signed your name to the dotted line. Why, because unlike all of I'm going to enjoy every minute of this.

---<<<The camera zooms back and he chuckles again>>>---

Psycho: and as for my mystery corner man

---<<<He laughs loudly>>>---

Psycho: Well that's going to be a surprise and it will be a shocking one at that

---<<<Again he let's loose a loud sadistic laugh, picks up his steel chair and walks away>>>---



Jan 1, 2000

"It finally hit me."

"Just now."

Fade-in: Lindsay Troy, wearing jeans, a 'You Can't Have Football Without a Bruschi' shirt and expression that's cold as ice, staring through the camera.

"I can't believe it's taken me this long to figure it out. You give Scooby and the gang a half-hour and they've got the bad guy screaming, 'And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids!' In today's day and age, that's considered a record. Hell, it takes the CSI teams a whole hour to get to the bottom of things."

"But...Jesus, I've been so blind."

"Psycho...you...are WFW's Torment."

"How could I have been so stupid not to see the connection? The 'evil' laugh that sends bunny rabbits cowering in their holes. The overly generic insults. Hell, you even thumbed through a thesaurus and picked out a synonym for an everyday word just to make yourself seem more intimidating."

"If I get that mask off and I see that vanilla-haired mug staring back at me, I'm so making that steel chair a permanent attachment to your skull."

"I won't let you ruin this federation with your lametastic brand of retread gimmicky sh*t. No sir. Wink's already had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to round out the card as is. Hart's still on the payroll? Was there a glitch in the system that allowed him to still collect a paycheck? Did someone forget to take his red Swingline the last time he disappeared?"

"Pat Gordon? Jesus Christ, if WFW wanted to cater to the 55+ demographic they should have booked Cher to make a stop on her Cher-well tour. Was Tony Bennett unavailable? Guaranteed, either of those two would have drawn bigger ratings."

"Who would have thought it would come down to this? I don't know...Wink? The tooth fairy? Velma?"

"Jinkies, Psycho, have you found yourself a clue yet?"

"I know that...technically...I'm not supposed to be getting too involved in this match. But I believe that you owe some back Royalty tax that you need to pay up on."

"I know it's been so long that you, and the rest of the world, may have forgotten, but I haven't."

"You laid your hands on my sister."

"And since you like to carry around a chair with a bullseye on it, you'll get the analogy when I say that you, sir, are a marked man."

"You won't be getting out of Foxboro unscathed, Dangerman. I don't give a sh*t what war you think you started, but I'm making it part of my personal agenda to see that I have a hand in ending it...and you."



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Jan 1, 2000
Actions and consequences

((( A spotlight shines on a lone wooden chair as from the darkness a loud sadistic laugh can be heard to echo off cold cement walls. Psycho steps in from off camera and sits down giving a confused look too the camera. He tilts his head from side to side and the laughing smile slowly fades turning to a cold grimace. He leans forward with his hands clasped together and stares intently into the camera to utter one word .)))


---<<<He chuckles to himself in amusement>>>---

Psycho: Is that what I am Lindsay...the WFW's torment? You know at first I almost took that as an insult. Yet as I let it revolve through my twisted mind I began to like the idea. TORMENT, great physical pain. TORMENT, a source of harassment, annoyance. TORMENT, the punishment inflicted on prisoners

---<<<He smiles wide, almost with pride>>>---

Psycho: You know I almost want to thank you for the compliment Lindsay, it's just too bad you couldn't have stopped running your mouth at that one single and correct word. Ah, but that's not like you.

---<<<He shakes his masked head and holds it in his hands>>>---

Psycho: No Lindsay you can never just say what's right and leave it at that. No, much like seeing yourself in the mirror in the morning...there a whole lot more B***H to behold. Although on the bright side for once it's not all about you. It's about the fact that I grabbed your little sister. You’re angry...and I can imagine why.

---<<<The spotlight fades to darkness and the room lights up. On the wall is a WFW backdrop and sitting upon his bulls-eye folding chair sits a blow-up doll with a ball-gag. He laughs loudly at the sight and then sits back down>>>---

Psycho: TAKE A GOOD LOOK!!!!!!!! Because this is kind of how she looked, but Lindsay before you go running your mouth about either my sex life or what I did to your sister. I want to consider this...

---<<<He holds up a crooked index finger and slowly points it towards the camera>>>---

Psycho: This was all your fault. After all, It wasn't supposed to be your sister in this chair...

---<<<Again he point the crooked finger at the camera>>>---

Psycho: It was supposed to be YOU!!!!!!!!! Yes that's right Lindsay. I took off to kidnap YOU! Why???, because your the one who cost me a match with Dan Ryan. Because you’re the one who is always interfering and just like now...you’re the one running her mouth. I wanted you out of the way for the duration of that match, but alas my planned was foiled. Because I could never get you alone.

---<<<He throws his hands up in frustration>>>---

Psycho: We all know how you are backstage. Moaning and crying, wondering were you water is and having one poor WFW intern do one menial task after another. There you are always wanting to be the center of attention and for you; on that night...well you were lucky Lindsay. Your ego, your b***hing and your moaning for once paid off, but not for little sis did it?

---<<<He laughs softly and stares at the doll>>>---

Psycho: No little sis was so far away in your shadow that you made it easy for me to steal her away and that's the choice that I made>>>---

---<<<He wets his finger and wipes it down the face of the doll>>>---

Psycho: And what a sweet choice it was. I mean after all who wants a bulky broad constantly running her yap, when you can have a real fine and sexy woman. Not some muscle bound chick who thinks she's more man then the one she constantly stands behind.

---<<<He strokes the doll's hair and laughs loudly>>>---

Psycho: No I took your little sister and I don't regret a moment of it, she's such a sweet and sensitive woman...once the screaming stops and now seeing how much it got under your skin Lindsay...

---<<<His body almost shivers in excitement>>>---

Psycho: It makes the experience all the sweeter.

---<<<He stops, laughs and again points that crooked finger at the camera>>>---

Psycho: You are however right about one other thing Lindsay...this match doesn't concern you. YOU’RE NOT GETTING IN THAT CAGE!!!!!!!! YOUR NOT INTERERING IN MY MATCH!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE JUST GOING TO STAND AND WATCH!!!!!!!!!!

---<<<He pauses for a moment to calm his nerves>>>---

Psycho: NO!!!...you’re going to stand and watch as I bloody and batter three other poor bastards to get MY title back. To get back what was STOLEN from me and that EL ARCO IRIS isn't FIT to wear. All you’re going to do is sit back, shut your mouth and watch. Watch me...watch me Lindsay Troy...watch me destroy the man you walk behind and here's a message just for him

---<<<He leans forward and his voice grows cold>>>---

Psycho: Dan Ryan...this match is between us. So if your whore can take the grasp of your balls long enough for your voice to raise to a man's level, Then the next time I hear something for your side, it should be from you. Not the thing that does your dirty work.

---<<<He smiles and laughs loudly>>>---

Psycho: Or should I say the dirty thing that does your work. Now I must be going. I've got plans to make and Lindsay just remember this should you want to respond. What happened before was YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!! Keep in mind what your conscience can take IF you choose to TAKE me to task again. Keep in mind what I'm willing to do...and just how much responsibility you can live with

---<<<He strokes the doll's hair one last time, laughs and walks away>>>---

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

Boston, Massachusetts -

Dan Ryan sits in a hotel room at The Onyx Hotel in Boston, reclining in a chair with a city view in the background.

Ryan stares ahead, an elbow propped on the arm of the chair, a leg crossed over the other.

Ryan: "Psycho my good sir, you are both a scholar and a gentleman. Not only are you wise beyond your years and reeking of eloquence not seen on this continent since Martin Luther King, Jr., but you are not at all ravaged my memory loss and are the master of well-conceived plans."

"And that, my dear opponent is what the big kids call.....sarcasm."

"Your um...interview segments? Hmmm...how do I put this? Well, they're darn good my friend. I gotta call a spade a spade."

"Your arguments and points are pretty hard to find a retort to, but hell...I'm a good little soldier. Why not take a crack at it, eh?"

"You know Lindsay? The one insulting you before? That's my manager. Not a lover, not a girlfriend, not an S&M partner. A manager. Tell her to take her hands off my balls is kinda like me asking you to stop making sense."

"Neither has ever happened before, so it'd be pretty hard to stop doing something you've never done."

"Besides, the comment alone probably got an 'eww' out of her in that sort of brother-sister relationship thing we got goin' way."

"The 'real fine and sexy woman'? That's the girlfriend, Psycho. She's the one with the more likelihood of having the hands on the balls, and yes...the realization that only by tying her up could you even get your balls anywhere close to being out of your own hands and near hers...is not one that's lost on you, I'm sure."

"But let's talk about that master plan of yours. You know, since you brought it up."

"You know, the one that's....LINDSAY'S FAULT!!!!!"

"It was a rousing success wouldn't you think? Except...."

"Well, except she got away the same night...."

"And well, except you did absolutely nothing to her except upset her a little bit..."

"And...except kidnapping her for two hours did absolutely nothing to change the fact that I previously made sure you were no longer North American Champ did it?"

"And...except I already spiked your bloody head through a table and pinned you several weeks ago."

"You're right. I sure am in a hole."

"But things are looking up, Psycho. Because..." (Ryan reaches to a nearby table and pulls out a manila folder) "...right here in this file, I have the secret plans to defeat the man who was so f***ing idiotic and worthless that he couldn't be more simple to manipulate if he was four years old, dribbling from the mouth, retarded, blind and stricken with lupus."

"I mean honestly, Psycho. Give me a break."

"How do you get by in life expecting someone like me to react to your stupid stupid stuuuuu-pid insults as though I'd never heard a man call an athletically superior female manly. My God, how revolutionary."

"But the master stroke...oh yes, the master stroke is the baiting of Lindsay by saying it's her fault."

"What exactly is her fault again, Psycho? That I thumped you on your head a couple weeks ago and pinned you? That you held Alaina backstage by tying her up in ropes with a knot so weak that an unathletically trained attorney got out of it with ease? That you're not the champ anymore?"

"Which one of those is she supposed to have a guilty conscience over?"

"You know man, I give up with you. Obviously the name Psycho refers more to not having a real grasp of reality, of facts, or of logic...so there's truly no more hope."

"Add in that with Sean Edmunds in this match, it's essentially two against one on whoever we decide to ***** slap that moment. If Sean wins the title, that's fine with me. It goes both ways, because titles do not define my goal in this company. This is a prestigious title in the wrestling world, but you're the one who brought my focus squarely on it, and you."

"So as long as you don't win it, I'm cool. And if you do, well then hell...I guess I'll have to slap you around again."

"At least El Arco Iris took me to the limit. The man's got that on you. But then, he's not the one talking like a jackhole either....is he?"

"You might wanna spend less time crooking up your finger playing with your dollies, and more time planning a way to survive."

"Cuz bro...give me a chair and I can damn well spike your head right through it. But give me a cage....and hell man..."

"I can make magic happen."

Ryan gives a cocky half grin and leans back, then holds the remote forward and presses a button....



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Jan 1, 2000
Greensboro USA
Re: Actions and consequences

Psycho: We all know how you are backstage. Moaning and crying, wondering were you water is and having one poor WFW intern do one menial task after another.




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Jan 1, 2000
Miami, Florida
(FADEIN: El Arco Iris seated against a rainbow backdrop, cradling his NA title belt, and seeming to rock himself back and forth)

Iris: Nothing to earn it…Nothing to earn it…El Arco Iris did nothing…does nothing…means nothing…

THIS IS IT! THE EPIPHANY! That must be it…that must be why nobody’s happy, why nobody’s ever taken any kind of benefit from El Arco Iris doing the things he’s done…because El Arco Iris must not exist! El Arco Iris must be a figment of the imagination. A quark. A Snuffleupagus. The Holocaust.

It was that fluctuation of the psyche, that figment of the imagination that did a shooting star press off of Abe Lincoln’s knee. Nobody REALLY saw that, that was too absurd to be true. It was a flight of fancy that got tossed around by people twice his size with a dog collar around his neck and pulled out a victory. If not enough people care that it happened, who’s to say it even happened?

This belt, this piece of gold and leather, must be a complete work of fiction then as well! A fictional crown for a storybook king, how fitting! Within the pages of my own fairy tale I am happy because I am ruler of all that I survey within my illustrated realm.

But…somehow this all feels way too real. This belt has a very material feel to it, a very substantive mass to it. Something makes El Arco Iris convinced that this is NOT fantasy.

(Iris throws down the belt onto his lap angrily and looks directly into the camera)

Maybe it’s because EL ARCO IRIS WAS THERE FOR EVERY SECOND AND SAW THE FABLE UNFOLD! How DARE you, Psycho. How DARE you belittle the effort El Arco Iris has put into WFW EVERY…SINGLE…STEP of the way, and the unnecessary risks El Arco Iris put on both mind and body for the sake of this DOPE SHOW we call professional wrestling. You are just like those fans. That roaring, undulating multitude of somnambulates, whom El Arco Iris thought could maybe make smile for once…but no. It didn’t work. Because El Arco Iris is just a dancing little figment of their imaginations that ceases to exist as soon as the book is closed! Just because El Arco Iris didn’t go out there with black tights, and a huge sneer on, hoping to maim, slaughter, and/or mutilate his opponents! That was the ONLY CAUSE.

(Iris cradles his head in his hands)

…Just because Iris didn’t want to create a sickening bloodbath circus for the plebeians. That is all they feed on! They come supposedly to be entertained, but really all they want to do just indulge the hate, the fear, and the anger that they develop during their everyday lives and watch it vented by people who can do what they WANT to do legally! It will consume us all. Soon none of us will be left…the bones will be picked dry and our usefulness to the lulled herds will be exhausted…and we are thrown back into the pile of tired fairy tales and forgotten fables. But for the mean time, this illustration must be brought to gory life. The knight must slay the dragon and claim his rightful crown, and they will live happily ever after, unless the hollow masses don’t like it. Then it is done as quick as it began. But if El Arco Iris must continue the next chapter of this grim tale, then the pen has already been put to paper, Psycho, Ryan, and Edmunds. This fantasy will become an unpleasant jerk back into the waking world all four of us when that steel cage is sealed, but it will all be forgotten when the book is closed. The paper king will conserve his paper crown, and the book will rot in the shelf!

(Iris stands up and begins to twirl in place, almost singing these last few words to himself)

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang, but with a whimper.



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Jan 1, 2000
Mighty Kong

(((The camera opens outside a local Loews Theater in Boston, Massachusetts. It's around mid-night and the last daily showing has gotten done. As the crowd of people flood through the doors out into the night a masked face waves the camera forward. Inside the lobby a crooked smile meets a zoomed lens as Psycho looks ahead while he stands in front of the poster for King Kong and laughs loudly)))

Psycho: Ah Dan...I knew it wouldn't take much. I knew right after the last grating word from Lindsay Troy's mouth that it wouldn't take much to get your attention. Hell I knew all I really needed to do was merely throw few insults in her direction and tell her to go away that you Dan

---(((He mockingly beats his chest like the an ape)))---

Psycho: Kong himself would come running to defend her. That no matter what I had to say...no matter how outrageous it might be to respond to, well you’d stand up, try to look superior and explain it all away. It's fitting we're here in Mass. Because only in this state could you put your best Kennedy spin on something and think anyone...ANYONE outside this state would care.

---(((He shrugs his shoulders and frowns)))---

Psycho: Well they don't Dan...They don't and neither do I? Look, I spoke, you jumped like the big dumb ape you are and proved your allot like Kong the movie. You’re big alright, but you’re slightly over-hyped.

---(((He again shrugs his shoulders and frowns)))---

Psycho: It is a cruel world isn't? But not as cruel as when you finally step into that ring with me again. It's not going to be the same Dan. Look I know Lindsay is just your manager. Hell I think we all know she couldn't possibly be good for anything else. Yet the mere fact you felt you needed to defend the accusations I made about your relationship...

---(((He rolls his eyes and exhales)))---

Psycho: Well maybe there's something you feel you NEED to explain. Look I don't care. We’ve all had our share of the rats Dan. Who cares if she’s in the corner or not. As for the beautiful girlfriend who as you so eloquently pointed out can get her small hands in even small places. There's a reason she got away that night?

---(((He looks both ways over his shoulder to make sure the coast is clear)))---

Psycho: I let her go Dan, that's why she got away. If I had wanted her to stay...well she'd still be here. The fact you want to drag her all around the country to grope your nuts doesn't mean every guy does. I let her go Dan, but let's clear up the one question neither you or Lindsay seem to comprehend. It was her fault. See Dan you make a real big deal about thumping me on my head, yet, why don't you scratch yours for a moment and remember how you were able to do that?

---(((He folds his arms across his chest and whistles for a moment)))---

Psycho: It’s because of Lindsay's interference. She stopped me from putting you down for the count. She interfered and she does in all of your matches. In fact without the she-beast you might not be half the wrestler you are. But that doesn't matter this time Dan. This time she won't be able to get in that cage. She won't be able to help you out. She won't be able stop me from putting and end to you. No, she'll be stuck outside that cage, relegated to watching the carnage,

---(((He laughs loudly at the thought, but quickly pauses)))---

Psycho: Yet I see you Dan, doing your best Snidley Whiplash as you hold up that envelope with the entire contents of your master plan. What is it Dan? You got some kind of stipulation for the match? You got something on paper to put an end to my evil ways? Naked pictures maybe? Wait...I know...embarassing high school yearbook photo? Well go right ahead Dan, give me your best shot, because I've got a master plan too Dan. I got a shocking ace up my sleeve that nobody will see coming.

---(((He strokes the front of his mask as if he had a mustache)))---

Psycho: and no piece of paper, woman in your corner or anything else will put a stop to it

---(((He again laughs loudly and smiles wide)))---

Psycho: Ah, but Dan...I'd be remiss if I let all of my Holiday Cheer spotlight you. No matter how much you'd jump to stand in it. No...Our great...our wonderful...our

---(((He breaks out into a loud laugh)))---

Psycho: I'm sorry I tried to say it with a straight face. El Arco Iris...

---(((He points a crooked finger at the camera)))---

Psycho: You were given my title and now I'm coming to take it back. I don't consider you a champion; you didn't WORK hard enough to take from me the last match. You didn't EARN that title. You dare talk about sacrifice...don't make me laugh. You don't even come close to what my body has been put through and what it's about to be. No Iris just like every other time we've meet I'm going to leave you in a puddle of your own blood. Don't you remember the last time we meet in a cage?

---(((He scratches the side of his mask)))---

Psycho: That’s' right Iris...you were left for dead. And that's what's going to happen again, Go ahead stroke that belt. Sleep with it, make it feel as real as you can, but in the end, when the bell rings and only our blood is left in the ring to dry. Well I'll take back that title and nobody will hand you anything again. And as you lay there wondering why you put your body through the punishment...I'll give you an answer for why your world ends with a whimper and not a bang...

---(((He points towards his chest)))---

Psycho: Because you crossed me.

---(((He laughs loudly, turns his back and walks away)))---



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Jan 1, 2000
A taste of my Yule-log

(Cue-Up: "Silient Night" by: The Dickies quietly plays in the background)

Psycho-Claus: HO!!! HO!!! HO!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! HO!!! HO!!!! HO!!!

---(((The grating sound of steel can be heard as Psycho-Claus drags his folding chair in front of a WFW banner and sits down. He angrily slaps at the ball on the end of his cap and adjusts his crooked beard as he lugs a large sack hung over his shoulder)))---

Psycho-Claus: HO!!! HO!!! HO!!!

---(((He smiles wide, unfolds the chair sits down kicking the large sack in front of him)))---

Psycho-Claus: Merry Christmas to all....Psycho-Claus is here. HO!!! HO!!! HO!!!

---(((He pauses for a moment)))---

Psycho-Claus: well I've said it enough, but Lindsay hasn't come running yet. HO!!! HO!!! HO!!! You know after Psycho-Claus has gone around the world delivering pain and suffering to all the bad little boys and a few girls it's come to my attention that I still have three gifts to give. Three special gifts to be left under the tree and I know your all eager little boys so I won't keep you waiting.

---(((He reaches into the bag and pulls out a small wrapped box)))---

Psycho-Claus: Well look what we have here. This one says it's for Dan Ryan

---(((He opens the box and reaches in)))---

Psycho-Claus: HO!! HO!!! HO!!! Well look here. It's a pair of very small silver balls. You know Psycho-Santa has heard allot about yours Dan. Heard they are small much like these, but different come Christmas morning we can dust these for prints and finally found out which women's fingerprints have been on them. HO!!! HO!!! HO!!! Maybe you'll impress Psycho-Claus and there will be more then one HO!!! HO!!! HO!!!

---(((He reaches into the bag and pulls out another package)))---

Psycho-Claus: Well this one is for El Arco Iris.

---(((He opens the box and holds up a bumper sticker)))---

Psycho-Claus: HO!!! HO!!! HO!!! Well look at the rainbow on it boys and girls. I'm not sure where Iris will be going, but you can bet with this on his car he'll meet lots of people just as colorful as himself HO!!! HO!!! HO!!!

---(((Again he reaches into his bag and pulls forth another package)))---

Psycho-Claus: HO!!! HO!!! HO!!! Well look this one is for Sean Edmunds. Sean Edmunds??? SEAN EDMUNDS???? HO!!! HO!!! HO!!! Well it appears he's not here. You know Psycho-Claus can seeyou when your sleeping or your awake, but I haven't seen Sean Edmunds in quite awhile HO!!! HO!!! HO!!!

---(((He leans forward and winks at the camera)))---

Psycho-Claus: HO!!! HO!!! HO!!! But the greatest gift is for Psycho himself. For you see inside a steel cage, he’ll be working his magic just like I call reindeer. ON FORK, ON STEEL CHAIR, ON THUMBTACKS, ON KICK TO THE GROIN!!! ON BLEEDING, ON PAIN, ON SUFFERING!!! NOW SMASH AWAY, SMASH AWAY ALL!!! HO!!! HO!!! HO!!!

---(((He leans forward and winks at the camera again)))---

Psycho-Claus: Tis truly the greatest time of the year.

---(((He slings the sack back over his shoulder, laughs loudly, slowly drags his steel chair away as the music gets louder)))---

Psycho-Claus: HO!!! HO!!! HO!!!

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Blackness fills the entire screen.....then....

This segment brought to you by Excedrine Migraine .​

Fade in to Dan Ryan at his home in Houston, Texas for Christmas. Ryan has a bag that's been partially packed. A Christmas tree stands tall in the room, lights and decorations all over. Light from the day after Christmas sunrise streams in through the windows in the front room.

Ryan: "So I go to Boston, take a look around and get the lay of the land. I check out the arena, look at the itenerary for Superbowl of Wrestling and I catch a flight back home for Christmas weekend."

"It was a good one. Friends, what family I have left...all over for some relaxation, some food. Good times."

"And here I am, a few hours shy of my plane flight back up to Massachusetts to take care of business and I'm anxious. Nervous even. Mentally unstable a bit perhaps..."

"Psycho, you know what I'm speaking of. Hell, mentally unstable is your thing ain't it?"

"But I'm not mentally unstable for the same reasons you are."

"You're the geeky kid who turns to self-mutilation to feel alive. You're a comic book nerd and a video game nerd all rolled up in one. You're the guy who wasn't invited to a prom, wasn't given a thing for Christmas...ever."

"You woke up in a ditch, not sure why. Family left you, you couldn't afford pants. But on a plus note, you finally won master status at Everquest."

"You're like Eddie Mayfield without the wrestling skill or logic. You're like Einstein without the pesky intelligence holding you back."

"You're all these things and more...and yet none of them."

"For me, to make me anxious and unstable you need not dig into my psyche and analyze what happened to my relationship with my mother."

"To understand my current state of mind you need not dissect my childhood, my hopes and dreams, aspirations unfulfilled...."

"To..get it...you need only listen to you talk for five minutes. Just five. I'm not even asking people for a full quarter-hour. I'm not asking for even ten."

"It takes only five minutes of listening to your achingly painful monologues to give the most kind and tolerant of wrestlers or wrestling fans a migraine so mind numbingly painful that they would willingly choose repeated slams in the temple with a ice pick as an alternative."

"Psycho, who talks like you do? Really, and who thinks like that?"

"Am I some mental delinquent you picked up at some local wrestling school that you think you're gonna talk yourself in circles and come off as saying something meaningful?"

"You make accusations and I discuss them, and I'm the one grasping for straws? You claim victory in things where you failed miserably and smile while the world scratches it's head collectively and wonder what the f*** you're talking about?"

"You...let...Alaina go now?"

"I don't know why that's supposed to make you look any better, considering it ended up costing you later. Truly you are an evil genius."

"And you already mentioned how you failed to nab Lindsay, didn't you? Then later, you failed to keep her from jacking you up...and you failed to keep me from cracking your skull and pinning you."

"It seems to me the only thing you're very good at is failing. And in failing, you truly are a mastermind. For my friend, when it comes to failing you are without a doubt a notch above the rest. Of all of the failures, you are definitely the best of that group."

"And why shouldn't you be? With the brilliant sexual jokes that kill on the playground? It's absolutely freakin' genius of you to reach back to those glory days, the time way back when, the moment in time when after years of torment from the other kids, who just didn't appreciate your autographed copy of Wham!'s 'Make it Big' album you brought for show and tell, you finally saw a Richard Pryor show and busted out the sexual innuendo as a comeback at recess."

"It killed didn't it? Then you stabbed poor little Jimmy with a plastic fork and got sent to the short bus. But at least you finally fit in...at least you finally fit in."

"It truly cuts to the deepest recesses of my soul, Psycho when you say such things. Whoever said words could never hurt me...never had to feel the sting of the various women grabbing my tiny balls insult."

"Is there a way I can just give up now? Because your comebacks make me just wanna start tapping away at the arm of my chair right here in Houston."

"And this master plan, Psycho....seriously, good luck with that. It's been going smashingly so far."

"Your...." (Ryan holds up fingers in a quote manner) "..secret weapon? The person who's coming to ringside with you in the cage match we have here? I know exactly who it is. You couldn't be more transparent if you had the person's name tattooed on your forehead. Not to mention, some people aren't very good at keeping secrets."

"And it's funny how you seem to think that your little weapon is gonna have such an effect on this match, but Lindsay won't. Is that the vaunted Psycho logic again?"

"Tell you what, sport. Your name is Psycho. So from now on, why don't you try to stick with breaking things, hitting people, sitting naked Indian style while eating a Twix and whatever else nutsos do in their spare time, and leave the evil plans to those of us who know the difference between a dips**t like you who cheats then says another man only beat you because he cheated, and a man like me who doesn't give a damn whether he wins cheating or fairly....as long as he wins."

"I'll cheat you and rip your f**king arms off, and not apologize for it, buddy. And if you do the same, the more the merrier. The biggest difference between us? You're a f**king moron, and I'm intelligent. And I don't know how any sane or intelligent person could sit here and listen to your imbecilic ass. If I were locked in a room with you for ten minutes, I'd stab myself in the face. I'd have to before your personality oozed all over me and made me second in command of the idiot ship."

"Truth be told, this match is about making the WFW North American Title mean something. It's about making it special again. Do you think having you as the champion says anything positive about this company at all?? Can you seriously believe for one second that I won't do whatever it takes to make sure the belt goes to someone who can hold it with some dignity and dare I say it...the ability to walk and chew gum at the same time? Or...a guy who thinks 'The sound of one hand clapping' would be good zen masturbation slang?"

"You won't win this match, Psycho. That's a guarantee. I won't guarantee that I will, but I can guarantee that you won't. Whether Sean takes it or whether Arco takes it...it won't be you."

"And if you surprise someone and get out with that belt...well hell, let's just use your logic....it'll be because I let you...." (Ryan smiles) "...it'll be because I wanted you to have it. It'll because it's part of my master plan."

(Ryan stops smiling)

"It'll be because I'm so f**king brilliant that my plan entails getting my ass kicked and losing."

"Hell..." (Ryan shrugs) "..it's a nice way of covering my ass if I'm not good enough...."

(Ryan winks)

"Eh, Psycho??"



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Jan 1, 2000
What would Freud say?

[(Fade-In: Office walls lined with oak surround a large leather couch as the wicked smile of Psycho stares back from behind his mask. He stretches out yawning once and then laughs loudly as he works his shoulders to get comfortable. The shadow of a figure off camera can be seen and soon his deep voice can be heard)

Voice: So Psycho...Dan Ryan really took your words to heart last time. I mean he gave you a good dressing down. Complete with mental assessment, how does that make you feel?

Psycho: Nervous

Voice: Nervous, why is that?

Psycho: Well, I really didn't think he was that deep of a thinker

Voice: So you underestimated him?

Psycho: Well hell no

Voice, why do you say that?

Psycho: Because he got it all wrong. I mean I wasn't even in school when Wham's "Make it big" album came out. Hell, Richard Pryor released his best stuff before I was even born. I don't even own a computer and damn't I went to private school, they didn't even have a short bus. And I did go to the prom...ironically here name was Lindsay

Voice: So Dan Ryan was....

---(((He sits up, smiles wide and snickers)))---

Psycho: Talking out his ass again.

---(((He shakes his head)))---

Psycho: You know Dan it amazes me. I can say...anything...ANYTHING and you'll just run and jump. NO matter what, you’re going to sit down, scratch that big chin of yours and ponder the mystery till you come up with anything...ANYTHING that will make yourself sound superior. Hey, that's all well in good big guy. You do what you have too, whatever makes yourself feel good. Hell, in the spirit of good fun and humor, after all when I'm not making people bleed, that's what I am about...so I'll pretend I'm you

---(((He puffs out his chest, pounds it and hunches his shoulders)))---

Psycho: Me Dan...me no like words, it make me thought, thought hurt, me rant, sounds smart to me, must be true

---(((He pats himself on the back)))---

Psycho: There me happy, now where girl, got heavy lifting to do

---(((He lifts his index finger and twirls it in the air)))---

Psycho: Look Dan, I know all this verbal sparing is a stretch and my constant making fun of you can't be very nice, but please...please...don't make it all so easy for me. Take some time, sit back, stroke that chin or whatever and think, because you not making any sense to me. I mean can you go...one...just one interview without saying how you spiked me on my head. Because Dan let me ask you this? What did that get you? What was on the line, clearly nothing more then your pride and bragging righst, but apparently for some of us, that's enough...well it's not for me Dan.

---(((He stands and walks over in front of a large oak desk. He places his hands behind him and leans back)))---

Psycho: Look Dan, call me a failure all you want, but let me ask you this. Who is the guy who can walk out of the Super bowl of Wrestling with TWO belts?

---(((He smiles wide and points to his chest)))---

Psycho: That's me Dan. Who can be the first REAL WFW Triple-Crown Champion?

---(((Again he smiles wide)))---

Psycho: That's me Dan...Pretty good for a failure Huh? Look Dan...You beat me, cheated, but you beat me. Hey, I'll give you that. Yet nothing was on the line. You spiked me on my head

---(((He claps his hands and mock applause)))---

Psycho: Good for you Dan, but I hate to disappoint. I've been dropped on my head before and by better men then you. I've also lost a match before and to MUCH, MUCH better men then you, yet, you seem too been overlooking one great point of failure on your part...I gave you this title...I handed it to you and you didn't take. Don’t preach to me about how you'll cheat and not care as log as you win. I came down to ringside and LEVELED...leveled El Arco Iris out cold with a pair of brass knuckles and you still didn't walk away with the title. Hell I wanted you to have it...

---(((He holds up his palm and waves)))---

Psycho: No wait, before you spout off there's a reason Dan. I wanted you to have it, because I wanted to take it away from you. I wanted something at stake for when I pinned your shoulders to the mat. So what you spiked me on my head, what did that get you Dan? A kiss from your girl? Little warm feeling of self-satisfaction? Pay bonus?

---(((He pauses and laughs to himself)))---

Psycho: Sorry, but this is wrestling after all. No Dan...It got you nothing. But things are different this time....aren't they. There is something at stake. It's the North American title, the title I once held and will hold again. You talk about giving the belt meaning....are you serious? It had meaning...it was a belt defended against anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Now, it's around the waist of a guy who is constantly getting knocked out and speaks not from third person, but first to third person.

---(((He mockingly applauds again)))---

Psycho: Way to go sport, but Dan what really puts a smile on my face is your true evil stroke. That you...you Dan Ryan know who and what my secret plan is

---(((He frowns and shrugs his shoulders)))---

Psycho: So go ahead...tell everyone. Go ahead big guy, tell the world. Blow me out of the water before the match even happens. Using your own words and what little logic you have this should cripple me. No way a dips*it like me can recover when my master plan is revealed. So go ahead Dan tell everyone one. Hell tell everyone who can't keep a secret too. Yet before you do that play along

---(((He starts counting on his fingers)))---

Psycho: It's not Hellion. I know you’re probably a big fan boy, but it's not him. Not Chaos, not any family member of mine. It's not L.O.V.E. Not a single member of them. So now that you know that...go ahead Dan...Tell the world

---(((He stares at the camera coldly)))---

Psycho: Because I don't care if you tell who will be in my corner Dan. Unlike you...I don't need anyone to help me win this match. Hell Dan...Just to humor you, I might not let anyone join me at ringside what-so-ever. What's you magic bean got in store for us Dan...You got a contract to have Lindsay join the match

---(((He laughs loudly, then stares at the camera again)))---

Psycho: Look Dan you want to analyze me...go ahead...I don't care. I say what I say, because most of the time it amuses me. You want to tell the world my secret, go ahead. I give you permission if you think you know what it is. Hell I don't care if you simply want to stand in front of a camera and say you spiked me on my head again, whatever gets you off. Or maybe you'll just lay down a few more swear words to try and seem intimidating, way to stay a level above, but none of it matters to me

---(((He points his crooked finger at the camera)))---

Psycho: What does matter is this time The North American title is on the line and I'm walking out with it again. You want pride added to it, well I'll pin your shoulders and then I'll have given plenty of credibility to the belt, at least in your eyes. To me, I'll just have beaten another guy who that thought being bigger was better. Now you go out Dan, you furrow your brow and do what ya gotta do. Show me the mastermind at work yet again or maybe for once you'll have actually done something you've promised

---(((He pulls out an ice pick and smiles)))---

Psycho: You'll have shoved this into your brain and I'll have one less opponent to beat when the bell rings. Please Dan, for once I hope you have said something and meant it

---(((He laughs loudly, turns his back and walks away)))---

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Jan 1, 2000
A new leaf?

{{{Fade-In: Dec, 31 2005: 11:59}}}











HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

---(((The loud noise of party toys can be heard as the camera comes into focus on a masked Psycho. His broad smile shines brightly while his eyes are hidden behind a pair of cheap plastic sun-glasses the frame spelling out 2006. He blows loudly on a party kazoo as the fixes the simple blue boa around his neck

Psycho: Happy New Year....you know in the sprit of the holiday I myself have even tried to sit back and make a few resolutions

---(((He tries to look innocent )))---

Psycho: I mean can you believe I've actually done a few bad things in the past? I severely hurt Doc Silver. I spent nearly a year toying not just with Richard Gideon’s mind, but his fragile body. I've spilled more of El Arco Iris's blood then maybe even my own and I kidnapped a defenseless woman. I've really been a bad guy in the past. Yet I'm willing to give being nice a try.

---(((He shrugs his shoulders )))---

Psycho: No...Really I do, I want to be good, and it’s just my job. I have a violent occupation. I don't get along with allot of my co-workers. Quite a few really hate me, but I'm willing to give it a try. Take for example the Superbowl of Wrestling. Now I can't do anything about the steel cage. I'll just consider that a mere oversight. However

---(((He pulls the infamous fork from his boot )))---

Psycho: I could leave this behind. Sure Dan Ryan, in the past I would have loved to have stuck this in your face. Hell I'm willing to bet if you’re a man of your word I could keep talking and you'd do it for me. Yet it's a new year...a fresh start...I can leave it behind

---(((He unties the bag 0f thumbtacks from around his waist )))---

Psycho: and these

---(((He slowly drops the contents on the floor )))---

Psycho: I don't need these...this is wrestling after all. A competition between men. A test of skill...a war of wills, mind and body. Why turn it into some form of savagery were we all go home scarred. I'm will to turn over a new leaf

---(((He removes his shirt to see a highway of scars upon his upper torso )))---

Psycho: I mean would you look at this. In the end is it all really worth it? All for just a shiny gold belt, ego and pride. Shouldn’t we try and get back to what the sport is really about? Being the best wrestler.

---(((He blows on the kazoo loudly )))---

Psycho: I'm willing to give it a try, it's in the sprit of the New Year that I reach out to my fellow wrestlers and ask that they give me the benefit of the doubt and do the same. After all, it’s a time for peace on earth and good will towards men. Yes Lindsay Troy, I even forgive you. It's really wasn't your fault...it was mine. But would saying I'm sorry really help anything?

---(((He shakes his head )))---

Psycho: No, actions speak louder then mere words, which is why I leave behind my toys and look forward to our match. Dan Ryan, El Arco Iris, Sean Edmunds...I wish you all luck and nothing but the best in this New Year. I'm hoping we have a

---(((He winks at the camera )))---

Psycho: A spirited match and that the best man comes out the winner. Good Luck gentlemen, I'll see you at bell time

---(((With that he smiles towards the camera, turns his back and walks away. The camera zooms in to see he has his fingers crossed on both of his hands )))---



Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
It's About Time..

(FADEIN: A large sprawling estate. The camera slowly begins to descend and weave through trees as it comes to the front of the mansion/ A black car sits in front of the stairs, parked right in the middle of the arched driveway that goes up and around. The large front doors open inwards and a butler, wearing the usual attire, begins to walk down the stairs to the car. CUTTO: A shot of the car door opening. Two legs drop down and stand up before walking out of the view.)

VOICE: "Why its good to have you back, sir. Edmunds Estates hasn't been the same since you left."

(The camera now cuts to the butler who is standing face to face with 'Simply Sensational' Sean Edmunds. Edmunds looks a little different from what we usually see. His bleached blonde hair is now a dark brown, but still cropped short. He smiles at the butler.)

EDMUNDS: "Yes, James, it has been entirely too long."

JAMES: "How has things been on the road?"

EDMUNDS: "They're fine .. as you know we have a show right here in Boston .. so I decided to come back here to stay."

(James looks around..)

EDMUNDS: "Sherri will be coming in tonight. She wanted to spend New Years in California."

(James nods.)

JAMES: "Can't blame her really, the weather has been terrible!"

EDMUNDS: "You're telling me. I think I'm already coming down with something."

(James grabs Edmunds' bags and brings it into the house.)

(CUTTO: An undeterminable time later. Sean Edmunds is walking around the old mansion, flicking lights on and off, walking through rooms.)

EDMUNDS: "Being on the road as much as I am, it is weird to come back here. After months of being booked in places such as San Diego, DC .. wrestling time after time ... I savor every minute I have of peace and quiet. I know that there have been inqueries to where I have been the past few weeks... murmurings about why I have stepped back and let Psycho and Dan Ryan bicker about our upcoming match. (he stops as he looks into a dark room.) The truth is I didn't want to be THAT guy... you know, THAT guy who does the cheesy Christmas shoots. Who dresses up like some sort of retarded Santa Claus, giving out presents to my opponents..."

(Edmunds stops and cracks a small smile.)

EDMUNDS: "So I let Psycho do that."

(Edmunds continues walking through rooms.)

EDMUNDS: "I also didn't want to be THAT guy .. the one who has a camera taping him as the final countdown of the year happens... THAT guy who rings in the brand new year with some WFW camera crew tagging along waiting for him to spout off some nonsense about how he's going to change .. all the while knowing that he's bull****ting..."

(Edmunds stops again and places his hand to his head.)

EDMUNDS: "Why ... I guess I let Psycho do that again...."

(He shakes his head and continues walking..)

EDMUNDS: "No. I wanted to spend, for the first time in YEARS I might add, a holiday that was wrestling-free. So Sherri and I flew to Paris for Christmas... we went to California for New Years ... and we had a hell of a good time. But now that the holidays are over ... now that Superbowl of Wrestling is upon us ... it's time. At Road to Glory ... Dan Ryan .. Michael Manson .. and I .. we came out fighting. And yes ... yes .. I was under a mask... but Dan Ryan and I accomplished what we needed to do. We took Copycat and WE MADE HIM OUR *****! And Alex Wylde ... well, it couldn't have turned out any sweeter."

(Edmunds flips on a light and the camera stretches the view to see that we're in the master bedroom. Edmunds opens up the curtains and lets in some of the moonlight.)

EDMUNDS: "And what a way to end a long year.. Say what you want about me, but I am one of the hardest working men in this business. Psycho can claim that I'm missing in action .. El Arco Iris can claim that he's a figment in our imagination .. but when everything is stripped away, Sean Edmunds is still there. Wink thinks that he can stimy me by throwing the North American title as bait. (smiles) Well, I'll bite. Psycho ... El Arco Iris ... what the hell has been happening down here? Next thing you know we'll be seeing Jared Wells walking around with a titl... (he trails off..) Nevermind.... what I'm trying to say .. is that whether its Dan Ryan .. or Sean Edmunds .. the North American title is about to get a face lift. It's a New Year ... and its the Superbowl of Wrestling ... the biggest wrestling event in the business. OUT with the old .. IN with the new. The North American Title has been hung out to dry for too long."

(Edmunds walks over to the bed and props himself down on it. Almost immediately he sneezes. He looks at the particles of dust flying into the air and then inquisitively looks out the door.)

EDMUNDS: "I guess James has been a bit too busy to keep up with the linens.."

(Edmunds gets off the bed and rips all of the sheets from it. He throws them in a pile on the floor.)

EDMUNDS: "But having four men in a match for the North American title isn't good enough, is it? The Brainiacs in Wink's camp have decided to make this a Double Cage match .. with four people on the outside to restore order... not only that .. but to have that insignificant little prick Shawn Hart act as special referee. (he shrugs) They want to throw piles of **** unto Dan and I, we'll just shovel it right back into their mouths. It won't be enough. Psycho and El Arco ... Shawn Hart ... a mystery man ... Pat Gordon ... two cages .... no .. it won't matter. Sean Edmunds ... Dan Ryan ... one of us is going to take that North American title home after the Superbowl of Wrestling."

(Edmunds walks over to the window and looks down. An over the shoulder shot catches a car pulling up to the front.)

EDMUNDS: "Psycho has run his mouth ... El Arco Iris has been playing Prince and Pauper ... and the world has been leaving me for dead. This business is cruel ... it can break the weak. It can kill the defenseless. But it only makes people like me yearn for it even more."

(The front door slams... Sherri's voice can be heard yelling.)


(Edmunds chuckles a bit as he turns.)

EDMUNDS: "Don't adjust your television sets ... I *AM* this sensational."

(FADETOBLACK: As Edmunds walks out of the room, flicking the lightswitch as he leaves.)


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Jan 1, 2000
Batman's gilded cage

(A familiar sadistic laugh can be heard as a masked Psycho once more walks before a WFW backdrop. He unfolds his friend the steel chair and calmly sits down. He pauses for a moment in thought, urges the camera to zoom forward and stares deeply into the lens

Psycho: This what you want Sean? Cut out the games, cut out the fun, cut out the sarcasm. You want me to be serious? Well I can do that, but can you?

---(((He shrugs his shoulders and smiles)))---

Psycho: I mean Sean, We've all been waiting. Waiting intently to hear from you, but what do we got. What vision of Sean Edmunds do I see? Do I see the guy who I should be respecting for your time in the business? The guy who wrestles all over the world? The guy who was more then just sensational, he was Simply Sensational.

---(((He shakes his head in disgust)))---

Psycho: Yet that's not what I see Sean. What I saw was a man who arrived home to his ego. A building with his own name on it. A man servant at his command. I see not a veteran of wrestling I should respect. I see a man who looks like he might be getting a little soft. I mean come on Sean, complaining about the sheets. That sounds allot more Bruce Wayne

---(((He snuffs hard and spits on the ground)))---

Psycho: then Batman. So what are we going to get when the bell rings Sean. Because when the cage door closes this rime it's not the gilded one you live in with Sherri. No this is nearly twenty feet of pain and destruction. Are you ready for that? because I am

---(((He holds his palm up to the camera)))---

Psycho: and don't even bother to give me some speech about what have I done in this business compared to you. Or question if I'm jealous, because I'm not. If I wanted there to be a Psycho Estate, well there would be. If much like you and Dan ryan I need someone to act as HELP, well there would be

---(((He breathes deeply in exhales)))---

Psycho: It's just not my style Sean. It's not what I'm about, not the reason I want to be the North American Champion...again. You know I hear allot of talk...mostly about making this title mean something. Adding a new face to it. Well do your research Sean. Before that belt was around my waist it had none, and its right back to being where it was before I held it. It meant nothing.

---(((He points a crooked finger at the camera)))---

Psycho: Well when the door closes and the bell rings I'm going to change all that AGAIN!!! I'm going to bring MY belt back were it belongs. I'll do what I did before, I'll defend it against ANYONE, ANYPLACE and ANYTIME!!! That's a motto you should very familiar with Sean.

---(((He motions the camera to come even close and he stares coldly into it)))---

Psycho: You go ahead Sean; you mark your check list. You want me to be serious, I can do just that. You better then anyone, anyone in this match knows what will happen. You’re familiar with other members of my family. You know the pride, and the heart and the determination we'll bring to this match. You also know better then anyone that we'll also put our bodies on the line to get the job done and think nothing about the pain we'll inflict on an opponent

---(((He winks at the camera and smiles)))---

Psycho: So I'll ask you this Sean...if you want me to be real serious. When that bell rings and the fight it taken to you...who will show up? Is it going to be Bruce Wayne or is it going to be Batman?

---(((He shrugs his shoulders and grins)))---

Psycho: I really don't care. I'll fight either man, because no matter what. I'm STILL "The American Dangerman", "The Crimson Idol" and like some others those aren't names I gave myself Sean...and I guess that's about as simple as it is between us.

---(((He chuckles quietly, picks up his chair and slowly walks away)))---



Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Different Man

(FADEIN: A viewing room. A projector sits on a mahogany stand in the back of the room, turned on, illuminating the front wall with a white screen. 'Simply Sensational' Sean Edmunds sits on the couch in front of it, dressed in slacks and a warm turtleneck. To the right of him a fire burns in the fireplace, logs cackling.)

EDMUNDS: "Sometimes I wonder why I even care."

(He reaches over and grabs the remote to the projector. Pressing the red button, it powers off.)

EDMUNDS: "The North American Title. At face value, its worthless. It was worthless before Psycho had it, WHEN he had it, and its still worthless now. Yet, I still want it. I know I'm not the only person out there whose feeling this confused... Dan Ryan wants it as well. So why would two world class athletes wrestle on WFW's biggest event of the year ... for a title that's meaningless to them?"

(He stands, walks over to the table, and places the remote next to the projector.)

EDMUNDS: "I guess we both have this belief that we can make the title mean something. After all, a title is only worth as much as its holder, right?"

(He pauses. After a few seconds he lets out a soft chuckle.)

EDMUNDS: "Iris obviously realizes this. He knows what a joke champion he's been. And you, Psycho? You come out and accuse Dan Ryan of helping Iris take a title that belonged to you. As far as I can see, HELL, as far as ANYONE could see, all Ryan did was move the title from one worthless chump to another. Delaying for a few months the moment when it might warrant some TLC. Sometimes I wonder why I care.. and then I know."

(Edmunds walks over to the screen and tugs on the bottom, holding on to it enough so the thing doesn't go flying up to the ceiling. After he guides it back up, he sits back down on the couch.)

EDMUNDS: "The big boys have finally come down to play."

(He smirks.)

EDMUNDS: "You've had your title reign, Psycho. Iris has had his. Now here I come. Here comes Dan Ryan. After toiling away for two years at the top rung of this promotion, I've realized that there are people I haven't faced. Faces I've never seen. As you said so eloquently, Psycho ... I got caught up in my ego. Spending my entire time facing the top tier of talent in the WFW .. the Copycats, the Shawn Harts, the Scotty Michaels, the Alex Wyldes ... I forgot about the little people. People like Iris. (He pauses.) People like you. That's why I care so much about the North American title. It'll give me a chance to share the wealth of experience I have. To shine light on the dark corners of this promotion. To give exposure to the Irises, the Psychos, the Does of this league. Dan Ryan and I aren't coming for the North American title to save its face ..... we're coming to save you!"

(Edmunds looks around.)

EDMUNDS: "You don't have to tell me about the dangers of a double cage match. I know full well. These types of matches aren't exactly my ... strong point. You know that full well. If it were just me versus you in that cage, then hell, you have the advantage. Having the advantage doesn't mean you walk away the winner, nor the champion. The fact that Dan Ryan is also in the match, that El Arco Iris is also in the match, does not mean you walk away the winner ... nor ... the champion. Psycho, your advantage in this match whittles away each and every moment we get closer to Superbowl of Wrestling. When we get into that cage, who knows if it'll still be a factor. But let's get one thing straight, Psycho. I know your family. I fought MANY a battle with Hellion. But those battles were YEARS ago. I'm a different man today. I've had many years of success. The level of competition that I've faced since then has FAR exceeded anything that I met before. Yet here I am... still one of the biggest draws this league has. Where's Hellion? I haven't seen him around. I'm a different man, Psycho. I've grown in this business. I've worked with some of the GREATEST talent that it has to offer."

(He sits up straight, resting his forearms on his knees.)

EDMUNDS: "And you, my friend, are no Hellion."

(Edmunds gets to his feet.)

EDMUNDS: "Don't adjust your television sets, I *AM* this sensational!"

(FADEOUT: As Edmunds turns and walks over to the fireplace, the flames starting to die out.)


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Jan 1, 2000
The Old Man in Question

[[[Fade-In: Somewhere in the cold depths of Gillette Stadium a loud sadistic laugh echoes off cement walls. The camera zooms to Psycho's masked face as he flashes a crooked smile and stares coldly into the camera. Behind him a pile of steel fence, poles and scaffolding that contain the two cages for his match a little over twenty-four hours away. He stares over his shoulder at the massive pile of steel and laughs loudly again.]]]

Psycho: I wonder where you are right now Sean Edmunds. See I could care less about Dan Ryan and deep down it doesn't really matter if El Arco Iris even shows up. See Dan...Well give the guy credit he tried. He twisted his moustache, stroked his beard and tried his very best to put me in a corner. Was even going to tell everybody my little secret, but I asked, no I practically begged him to do so and he's been silent ever since. I wonder where he is now. Still scratching his head working the details of his master plan? Ah, who cares?

---(((He looks back at the camera and points his finger)))---

Psycho: You Sean...now you’re a smart man. I bet right now your sitting back in your manor. Jeeves is bringing you your nightly coffee with ample brandy and the lady of the house has taken her last tranquilizer before bed. There you sit, strumming your fingers on that big leather chair and enjoying everything you've gotten out of your wrestling career. Yet I wonder does a fire still burn other places then in the living room of that big house you own

---(((He stands and slowly walks behind a section of the cage. He looks up at the near twenty feel of steel fencing and smiles back)))---

Psycho: See this isn't you Sean. You admitted it...a cage match is not what you’re used to. You said it yourself; you’re used to being top of the tier is how I believed you put. You went out of your way naming names, telling me about your vast expierence and you know what? That's just what I thought you would say. Because that's all you have. Guys like you have been around for far too long. Haven't quite found everything they wanted out of this business and then I mentioned my family. You know there allot of us in this sport. You've wrestled quite a few Sean, but at the mere mention of my family, Hell I could have vaguely been refering of L.O.V.E. Yet only one name popped in your head.

---(((He points a crooked finger at the camera)))---

Psycho: Hellion. Now I don't know if it was out of respect or just an instinct of fear in your mind. I never mentioned the man's name, but you remember. You want to know where he is Sean. Simple...he's happy. It's not some guy is his mid-thirties trying for one more title run. He's not some guy being questioned by the little people if he still has it? He got what he wanted out of wrestling Sean. Have you? He's rich, he's got a big house like you and that phone rings every other day with offers of pay-days. Main events, matches around the world, but he doesn't take them all, not like you Sean and do you know why? Because he doesn't need to.

---(((He shakes that same finger at the camera)))---

Psycho: Ah, but Sean you still do. I don't know the reason why and I really don't care. But I can see his legacy still gets your respect and that's a whole lot more then most men EVER get out of wrestling. Now I never claimed to be him and never will. But I got something to inform you as well Sean Edmunds

---(((He smiles and winks at the camera)))---

Psycho: You’re no Hellion either and when the bell rings for our match? Well you’re going to be allot closer to simple then sensational.

---(((He slides his fingers inside the steel fence and slowly climbs up)))---

Psycho: Because Sean I don't need you to shine a spotlight on me. I'm perfectly able to gain it myself. Yet in ten years when it's my time to retire and your still out there searching for who knows what.

---(((He looks down at the camera and laughs)))---

Psycho: well I'll have your name, Dan Ryan's name and if he ever amounts to anything I'll toss in El Arco Iris to make my legacy sound impressive. Or maybe...maybe by then you’ll be nothing more then just another name. Either way when the bell rings all of us are going to be a level playing field. It's going to be the man who wants it a little more. Is willing to risk just a little more, can shut out the pain just a little more, is used to the blood in his eyes and makes his opponents suffer...just a little more.

---(((He smiles and laughs coldly)))---

Psycho: Go ahead Sean, lean back and feel that soft leather chair and I'll ask you one last question. Are you really STILL that Sensational?

---(((He chuckles to himself, climbs down the fence and walks off)))---

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

Dan Ryan stands before a simple backdrop with the logo for SuperBowl of Wrestling on it, arms folded. Sunglasses are over his eyes, and otherwise he is dressed for a workout - long workout pants, no shirt, tennis shoes.

Ryan: "You know what I like about you, Psycho?"

"I've been spending the last few days thinking about it, because after the last time you replied to me I swore off ever saying another word to you again that didn't have a foreign object impact attached to it."

"But in listening to you fumble over yourself constantly to say any and every little nonsensical thing you can think of to say no matter if someone has spoken to you or not, I've had a thought here and there that I decided I'd just as soon get out in the open."

"And you know, Edmunds touched on an important point."

"Why does he bother? Why do I bother?"

"He's right. You offend my sensibilities. Not because you're too violent, or crazy or whatever you want to be known as. It's because you're so mind-numbingly dumb, and because you think the rest of us are as stupid as you are."

"Do you think anyone buys your special ed grandstanding and grand plan maneuverings? Do you think anyone here is watching you say something, have your opponent reply and then see you say how you knew he'd say or do that all along, and thinking 'rats! foiled again!'?? Can you honestly believe that?"

"Polly want a cracker!"

"You knew I was gonna say that didn't you?"

"Welcome to Pooh Corner!!"

"Didn't fool you."

"How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if Psycho wasn't such a complete ****tard??"

"See that one in your crystal ball?"

"See, Psycho there is no way anyone with real talent and skill in this profession can let someone like you represent a company with such rich tradition as a champion of any level."

"You couldn't win a war of wits with me if you dropped me in a hyperbaric chamber for two weeks, pulled me out and shot me with pepper spray and sedated me with laughing gas."

"Tell you who your secret buddy is? What the f**k? Are you joking? And because I don't tell you, you don't think I don't know, is that your logic? Oh okay."

"Well hell man, I sure do want you to believe me. I'll send off a certified letter to you in retardo-land and attach a special insurance receipt to make sure you get it in time to change your plans. After all, wouldn't want you to break your streak of being so far ahead of us all."

"My favorite part of your genius, in the end...is how right after I last spoke to you, you got all sweaty and screamed 'who do you think it is, Hellion? If so, well....well...it's not! I swear it's not!'."

"Then Edmunds calls you out on your 'family' and you're all 'I never even mentioned Hellion. Why did you say Hellion? You must be scared.' "

"I swear man, you're like a freakin' Will Ferrell sketch. Except Will Ferrell is funny, and you're just sad."

"It's time's like these that make me wonder why I need to be so freakin' charitable and make something of titles that people like you destroy the image of, but in the end it's just how I am."

"I guess I'm just one of those old 'respect the business' kinda guys who likes champions to be....you know....actual champions."

"Maybe you can just get the hell off of my TV set and start thinking ahead of yourself......"

Ryan talks in a mock Psycho voice...

"Ohh, I need to go potty. I KNEW I WAS GONNA SAY THAT!"

"Oh, but it's a number two! I KNEW THAT TOO!! I ROCK!"


Back to normal...

"So buddy, I've got one last premonition for you and it involves you....as something other than North American Champion."

"It involves you fumbling along outside looking for your car keys in the gutter where you belong after we boot your ass right out of the wrestling business."

"Apologize to the whinos for me, for forcing them to listen to your rambling unintelligible ass...."


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