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Superbowl of Wrestling: El Arco Iris vs. Dan Ryan vs. Psycho vs. Sean Edmunds


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Jan 1, 2000
Can your dad really beat up mine?

[[[FADE-IN: A cold night in Gillette Stadium. Psycho stands mid-field letting the cold air rush of his body. In inhales deeply, exhales and watches his breath float in the air. there a wide smile upon his face as he turn and look into the camera]]]

Psycho: Well here we are. Time is up, tonight is the night. In a few hours this place will be full of screaming fans, they'll be a roaring crowd and they'll all be eagerly waiting for the moment that the cage door slams shut and the four of us tear each other apart.

---(((He chukles to himself)))---

Psycho: I got to admit I can't wait either. But I have been waiting. I knew you'd never keep your word Dan. I knew you'd have to get one last twist of the screw. One last tweak of the moustache. One last attempt to make yourself seem superior...and then I listened. Closely too...well I tried, but Dan forget about me being beneath your logic. I think this time, maybe even you are. Or maybe you kept your word, maybe you did listen to me for a mere five minutes and stick that pick in your head, because if you did...if you really did

---(((He shrugs his shoulders)))---

Psycho: It might explain why I'm not sure if you even had a point to make. I do understand now. I understand why you had Lindsay do the talking at first. She was angry and rightfully so and she conveyed that anger Dan. She got to the point and made it. But you...ah you Dan...Well with the finesse of a five year old you have struck me down again

---(((He extends one finger)))---

Psycho: You called me stupid.

---(((He mockingly shivers and extends another finger)))---

Psycho: Then to really ride your high horse you swore at me, Wow didn't see that coming.

---(((He sighs and extends a third finger)))---

Psycho: and to top it all off you used allot of analogies that would make even Dennis Miller proud. Problem is Dan no website is going to publish the meaning of your words the next day to show how funny or clever you think you are.

---(((He shakes his finger at the camera almost scolding it)))---

Psycho: Yet Dan, there was my favorite line. One that for a moment made me think and then smile. It was when you said and I quote ", Psycho there is no way anyone with real talent and skill in this profession can let someone like you represent a company with such rich tradition as a champion of any level." Then Dan, I thought really hard and I got a question for you. What would you know about holding a belt...any belt in the WFW? Because the last time I checked...you've never held one. Not one at all. See that's the real truth Dan. Your time here in the WFW really hasn't amounted to much.

---(((He scoffs waving his hand dramatically)))---

Psycho: Sure, you can tell everyone how you dropped me on my head again, but after that Dan...What have you got? Well the answer is nothing and the sadder fact when the bell rings on our match...well that won't change. Why, because I’m going to be the WFW North American Champion again....and you Dan...Well I really don't care. What ever else you rambled on about, my family, master plan…really doesn’t matter. I stopped caring by then…everyone had Dan

---(((He laughs loudly)))---

Psycho: So you and Sean Edmunds can scheme and plan all you want, but in the end it will be about who holds the belt. I don't expect this to be the last time we discuss this issue Dan, but I do hope next time you let Lindsay do more of the talking. After all besides being the muscle behind nearly all of your victories

---(((He grins and winks at the camera)))---

Psycho: it seems she's the brains as well.

---(((He chuckles to himself, turns his back and walks away)))---
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