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Television Championship: BattleBRAWL Rumble


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
(Fadein, an NEW backdrop.)

CRUISE: Congratulations Marx, you've finally done it. It took you.....a supposed GENIUS....more than two-to-three times out of four to do it, but you've finally beaten me and even managed to do it in my hometown.

But I hope you don't think that it get's easier, now that I'm eliminated from the tournament do you??

Because if you could barely handle me, in all your faux-strategic promos to get into my head.....

Boy, you gotta another thing comin'.

You get a handful in Manson, but that's on top of the sixteen other punks lookin' to throw you over the top and add the NEW TV title and the Battle Brawl Cup to your "Wall o' Certificates" in your mansion.

Oh, and if you survive 'em....you get Payne and me to deal with to boot.

I'm sure you remember what happened a few weeks ago in Boston with Payne right? If Jason would do that to me....and not even be a competitor in the Tournament, then you can have your fun with the Playmates and the 'Trotters all you want. Hell, get your sister and her lil' brother drunk, I'm sure the two of 'em will even spark a lil' extra interest in Jacobs while you're at it, you never know.

He never did take to the girls in South East Asia.

But while you're doing that allow me to leave you with one last thought while your doing so.

Just what do you think Payne and I are gonna bring to Seattle to tha' table for the NEW TV Title??

(Cruise taps the right side of his forehead on his temple a few times.)

I've beaten and pinned you at least three times in the middle of the ring to your once, so I've got a pretty good feel for how you work.

So if I can do that....just think of how easy it'll be to get you to take a quick hop, skip and a jump over the top rope to the floor?

I don't think there's any REAL record of anyone outsmarting a Genius Jon, let alone one from NEW JERSEY.

God, how fun it'll be making myself the first one.


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