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Aggression 75 Battle Royal


Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
Re: The Surrogate

“Why is everyone else in the battle royal doomed to fail?”

(The camera OPENS SUDDENLY~ to a dark sight – Malcolm Joseph-Jones, a close-up of him seated, gloriously and intensely shirtless while gleaming with beads of sweat, operating a Bowflex in a black room that seems to only have one lightbulb illuminating it as best it can. An unblinking stare behind EPW-merchandised goggles. His advisor standing behind the machine over Malcolm’s right shoulder, arms crossed, full dark suit, silent. Malcolm’s voice resonating through the shot.)

MJ2 (voiceover): “I’m the strongest man in this fight. I’m the heaviest lifter. I’m the purest athlete.” (Pull. Pull. Pull.)

(FLASH CUT TO: Malcolm, standing in the middle of a boxing ring. Punches being thrown right and left into a speed bag moving so quickly it hardly obscures his face. The same cold stare, the only movement of his entire body coming from his fists and forearms. The advisor in the same suit over his same shoulder with his same pose. Camera slowly panning back. Right, left, right, left, right, left, whappitawhappitawhappitawhappitawhappitawhappita)

MJ2 (V/O): “I’ve trained harder. I’ve worked harder. I HIT harder. I PUSH harder. The focus is steel. The training is cold. All the rage, all the animosity, all the pent-up frustration of a year of slumming with nobodies who steal my thunder and undercut my life, laser-focused onto a moment.”

(FLASH CUT TO: Malcolm, cleaned up. Black button-down shirt with an electric purple tie and suspenders. Goggles replaced by the biggest fashion trend of 2013, his browline glasses. Sleeves rolled up, sitting behind a podium. Same ice cold stare. Advisor seated to his right, arms crossed, motionless. Microphone in front, mouth unmoving. Flashbulbs of cameras at an alarming rate. Camera continuing to pan back.)

MJ2 (V/O): “The fans, the media, the world – love the SHIT outta me. Can’t keep they eyes off me. Can’t get ENOUGH of me. Want to follow my every move. Want to cheer every move I make no matter what I do. Want to see what a real man does…TAKE.”

(FLASH CUT TO: Rapid-fire clips from the various 13 opponents in the Battle Royal. No voices heard. Faces spliced in ways to look particularly unflattering, snap-cuts at particularly lame portions of each segment.)

MJ2 (V/O): “Under the skin of at least half the field. Prepared to blindside the rest.”

(FLASH CUT TO: Malcolm sitting in a booth at a club. Same outfit from the press conference. Bottles everywhere. A particular bottle of Grey Goose being poured by arms outstretched from an off-screen man. Half-naked women dancing at nothing in particular, pulsating lights bouncing to the rhythm of an unheard groove. Advisor over his right shoulder, making it rain at no one in particular. Same steely stare.)

MJ2 (V/O): “Just the best goddamn videos money can buy.”

(FLASH CUT TO: Malcolm, in the orignal scene. Bowflex resting, dormant. Malcolm wiping his face with a bright purple towel. No more voiceover.)

MJ2: “The game’s changing, gentlemen. And I’m perfectly happy being the only one on this train.”



I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
Re: The Surrogate

"Bicker-bicker-bicker....I take off afew days to fixate afew personal matters, and that's just about all that's happened....so what do I say to that??"

(Fadein, Cameron Cruise in front of an EPW Aggression backdrop, dressed in black slacks and a black sports coat with a white undershirt and black Anarchy-style shades.)

CRUISE: We've heard from almost everyone so far.

We've heard from legends....

(The camera cuts to a promo pic of Eli Flair)

...And we've heard from monsters.

(Promo pics of Olvir Arsvinnar and Magnus Destructo.)

We've heard from Rookies...

(Promo pic of Aaron Jones)

...and we've heard from former EPW Champions.

(Promo pics for Rocko Daymon and Shawn Hart.)

We've even heard from "Newcomers"...

(Promo pics for James Haughton, Christian Light, Malcolm Joseph-Jones.)

and men making returns to the company.

(Promo pics of Jack Harmen, Tony Davis.)

Everyone seems to want to "spread the message", to make themselves known and to prove why they belong here, in EPW, home of the ELITE part of the Wrestling industry.

Even myself, I do.

Only, I don't care about the messages everyone else has in store, because quite honestly, they don't matter to me unless it's one brought forth by one....The First.

The Empire Pro Champion.

No, I'm not a sudden believer, but the fact is that by putting myself into this battle royal, I'm out to make sure that I get the opportunity I deserve, the rematch I deserve, with the one man that I have my sights set on to take back what was stolen from me.

So in words that sound weirdly familiar..."The Messenger is not important."

But trust me James, you're welcome to try.

Rocko is back, trying to claim something that as I hate to say it...might've timed out on him.

See Rocko, the thing is that you claim that people call you "Undying", but yet you're the only one that claims that moniker. Maybe it's because you've come and gone so many times, that you're mistaken for someone that ISN'T taken for granted.

I don't care that you're "undying" here, Rocko, because I'm not looking to kill you. I don't need to pin you in this match, I just need to put you over the top rope, if at least you don't get eliminated prior.

You should live by the standards and greatness of a former champion...as you say...and you don't. Not because you don't try, but you just don't succeed and to be honest...don't show up consecutively for anyone to really care about you for a standard length of time.

Yeah, I didn't last but afew minutes as EPW Champion before it was taken from me Eli, but the fact is that I MADE IT.

Nevermind what First says about letting this and that....that's garbage. The fact is that he knows that when it comes to facing off in the ring, he does what he has to do to win a title and I do what I have to do to win a title.

He cheats...while I'm simply BETTER.

I know...pictures are worth more, he has the title and I don't.

You seem to have the time on your hands, Eli, go look at the video tape.

Was I TRULY beaten?? Not a chance.

You think I'm irrelevant?

I've won every damn title this company has to offer, Eli, and I...rather DAN RYAN...declared me a Grand Champion.

The ONLY one in history.

Irrelevant?? Maybe not.

Maybe you're jealous of the fact that other people not named ELI FLAIR are making a name for themselves.

You think I don't work for anything??

Look who just SHOWED UP.

Besides Shawn Hart, you're the only one I can think of in this match that has to derive everything else off of who you are.

Hell, I'm a name in this company, a SOMEONE after almost ten years and I've been to places where they STILL don't know who I am.

Em-Jay-Jizzle...just like I told Eli, you seem to have time on your hands...especially since you're not the TV Champion anymore....go look at the tape.

If you think my win against you was bullshit, then I suggest you take it to Dan Ryan...take it to CASTOR, the director himself...and plead your case.

You'll end up doing the same thing you did the last time you faced me, and you'll lose.

Unless of course, you can prove me wrong in the ring.

I'll be glad to prove it to you at Aggression 76.

Somehow, I've got a feeling that I won't have to.

And that's a REALITY CHECK that you just...won't like.


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