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The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: A man covered in darkness except for the light shining from the three computer monitors around him. The camera moves in closer to show the different screens all showing various symbols. The Bohemian Club Owl on a book in an episode of “My Little Pony” on another screen the video for “Telephone” featuring Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Finally on the last TV is a still shot of The First walking to the ring, wearing face paint in the pattern of the “Eye Of Horus.”)

MAN: It’s all around us, everywhere, the mocking actions of the Illuminati…They hide in plain sight. They show us their power, the fact that they control everyone…The eye, it’s so important, look at her hair…How it covers her eye, the sign of the Illuminati.

(The screen changes to the song “Price Tag” by Jessie J. A still shot of Jessie J making the OK sign with the circle of her hand around her eye.)

MAN: Another sign, this time focused on the eye, and the three fingers, if you do that to both eyes, you get 6 fingers, 6-6-6…The mark of the beast…

(Man turns to the screen showing The First.)

MAN: Look at him, f*cking Illuminati dupe…The Eye of Horus…One of their great symbols…How else could he rise? Fighting men named Anarky, wearing skulls on their faces, symbols of death and famine, names talking of disorder and the fall of man…

Stevens tried to rebel against them, they shot his wife to show him what happens to those who disobey he now follows orders better…

(Clicks a button taking him to a forums section of TheTruthFinders.com, clicks on the “Wrestling subsection. The screen goes to show a long listing of various wrestlers. The top section reads “Castor Strife subsection, showing over 500 threads and over 60,000 views.)

MAN: And do not talk to me about the Frontier, the Windhams, Mayfield, Strife, all of them are in on these things…They all play this same demonic game...Why do I bring this all up?

They will come for you Seti…You claim they have rejected you, denied you for so long…it never lasts, they must have all of us…Nobody ever escapes their net, the only options are submission or death…

I will die on my feet rather than live on my knees…I hope you do the same Seti.

I’m Benjamin Franklin, and I’m here to show you the truth…


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