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ULTRATITLE Rd. 1 Br. 2 Unofficial Post-RP Predictions Thread!


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Jun 18, 2004
Now that the results are posted, I can give my thoughts on this bracket.

-Hopper/King: I was underwhelmed by both guys, but I thought that Hopper was a smidge better in the end.

-Tact/Martin: Tact showing why he's one of FW's mainstays here. Martin showing that his nickname is more a reflection of his RP quality than anything else.

-Whealdon/Gideon: One of the two best matches in this bracket. A lot of people gave Gideon flak for his first RP, but I thought it was ballsy, funny and brilliant, actually. It was his second one that I thought was weaker, and even that one was still pretty good. Whealdon brought it with both of his. Biting wit and sarcasm can take you a long way if it's done well. Voted Suite Pete.

-XXX/Murray: This was the second of the two best matches. My decision was razor thin here, but I ultimately went Murray. The choice was very difficult. Both were excellent at their RPing, and it's a shame to have to send one home when there were so many other underwhelming matchups in this bracket alone. that being said, them's be the breaks. I went Murray because I thought he wrote a more intriguing story and had slightly more developed characterization. Maybe that's not fair given that he HAD to have better characterization because Murray and Lakes were both brand new characters, but still, I go by what's in the thread.

- Mike C/Niles: I think if you're going to go as short as Niles, you need to say something and say something strongly. I didn't feel that with him. He posted something that might've been better off being posted in the hype folder, while Mike C did a good job of providing a background for the unfamiliar while still attacking Niles. Easy decision.

-Ocho/LeBlanc: I loved the theme in Ocho's first RP. Then again, I'm a huge nerd for old school NES, so maybe that's the reason. Still, he spun well and had head and shoulders the best RP in the thread with that. The other three notes were a bit uninspiring.

- Brown/Harvey: Here's a case of two guys who didn't really get out the gates strongly with their first RPs and then didn't post second ones. I wanted to see more from both, but I had to go with Harvey here just because he at least he was a bit more descriptive with his promo.

- Sarge/Gemini: Normally, I bristle at guys who run a variation on the "chronic analgesia" gimmick where nothing hurts them and whatever, but at least Gemini did it somewhat entertainingly. That being said, I really dug Sarge's first RP and thought it was the best of the bunch by a longshot. Close match, but had to nudge it in Sarge's direction here.

-Allen/Eagles: I really didn't know you had to spell out "don't use someone else's characters in your RP without consent", but apparently, there are feds called TWOStars out there that don't have that rule. Sorry, but I'm not sure I'd want to compete in a fed where my character could be humiliated and it could be used against me. That **** is bush-league from where I sit. It's a shame, because this was an otherwise close match.

-Silver/Mateo: I can't vote for what I can't read. Sorry, but I don't think that I should have to spend three hours reading a RP to try and decipher what a character is saying.

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