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  1. Aaron

    Hey Look.

    Handler Information Name: Aaron Stewart Email Address: aaron.stewart@hotmail.com Best Way to Contact You: Forums and Email. eWrestling Experience: Defiance, Wrestle Coast Cascadia, NWC, CAL, WfWA, NeWA, Ultratitle(Sweet Sixteen), Something else I’m sure I’m forgetting. How did you find...
  2. Aaron

    Hello Valued Internet Friends!

    Howdy guys, Been a while hasn't it? I suspect there are some of the old recognizable names around still. How have you been?!
  3. Aaron

    (VIDEOS)Aaron posts confusing things,which he likely finds interesting.

  4. Aaron

    Morning(West Coast Losers) Afternoon (East Coast Losers)

    How y'all doing?
  5. Aaron

    Ultramega Double ****.

    Or the thread where you post ridiculously heavy ****ing jams. Extra points awarded to the first person to post Sleep playing any portion of Dopesmoker live.
  6. Aaron

    Diablo 3

  7. Aaron

    Leaving this here.

  8. Aaron


    Re: EPW PRESENTS: KING OF THE CAGE: TAG TEAM EDITION Handler Name: Aaron Character name: "Suite Dolphin" Pete Whealdon. Handler Name: Justin Character Name: "Mr. Morning After" Rich Mahogany Tag Team Name: WLTT (Worlds Longest Tag Team for long) Combined Length: 32 inches Entrance Music...
  9. Aaron

    This is relevant to my interests

  10. Aaron

    Go read Cancer Jiles first rp.

    Seriously, ****'s like Marlo from the wire ****ing the terminator while your wrist watch does back flips from robo-tripping. I. MARKED. The. F_u_c_k. Out. This is why I read other roleplays. Oozing and dripping cool man. <3
  11. Aaron

    On the Corner

    [Midnight. Streetlights. One Is red, the other is green.] [Looking dead on the corner of Wilshire and S Gale.] [Los Angeles. California. The coolest place on earth.] [Wearing a Pink Mesh hoodie, with a bright yellow dolphin on the left breast, in blue jeans. One Boot to the earth. One Boot on...
  12. Aaron

    Whealdon runs down the Voodoo, or the greatest thing since *****es Brew.

    [Cue it up.] [The overly chlorinated aquamarine of a pool sends shimmering fractals of sunlight streaming about. Sitting in a bleach white Adirondack chair, under a light diffusing pink sun sail, sits the man.] [“Suite” Pete Whealdon.] [ Resting on the arm of his chair is a glass with two...
  13. Aaron

    ULTRATITLE just got a whole lot cooler.

    Seattle, WA 04/05/2012 For Immediate release Hailing from DEFIANCE wrestling, When Pete Whealdon heard there was going to be an ULTRATITLE Tournament. he immediately threw his hat in the ring. The former tag team specialist is especially keen on show casing what he calls "the Finest technical...

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