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  1. Evan H.

    Super cheap plug ( slash "where I've been" / where I'm at )

    http://doggettclub.podbean.com/ So yeah, I've been battling some serious burnout with ewrestling... more specifically Bronson himself. Something about the current state of things, roleplaying a vile woman slapping piece of shit just isn't the escape I've needed lately. I feel like an utter...
  2. Evan H.

    BRAZEN CHARACTER USE LIST (please read if you're utilizing an active NPC)

    So... a lot of yall are using active NPC's heading into the next few arcs, which is awesome sauce. But... I'm already getting potential overlap / people calling character after others calling said character. So, that being said. In an attempt to keep things organized. If you're using one of the...
  3. Evan H.

    I just have to say... [the use of BRAZEN characters]

    I'm so pleased with how everyone is diving into the BRAZEN "toy box" lately. So many incredible utilization of even guys that were throwaway ideas like Johnny Tie Dye or the Thugs 4 Hire. The creativity of this group knows no bounds. I can't WAIT to see more characters make debuts in future arcs.
  4. Evan H.

    BIOS on the website... [everybody]

    Can everyone do me/the fed a solid and take a gander at your characters various bio pages in the backstage? It's still the number one resource for info when match writing and planning our arcs, and if it's super out of date or blank (as is the case with most of the tag team and faction entries)...
  5. Evan H.

    My "Royal Rumble experience" aka Fuck the Alamodome

    Here's the email my friend that went with me wrote to WWE's corporate customer care email... On top of that, I was so put out I forgot to text Brunk for a meet up and a howdy.
  6. Evan H.

    FYI, the next few days.

    So this Saturday I'm having to put my very old dog Bear to sleep due to his dementia getting way worse over the last month or so. So that being said, I'm more out of it than usual. I won't be able to really touch anything ewrestling related 'til Sunday at the latest. Sorry guys. Here's his big...
  7. Evan H.

    SHIFT+ENTER (and a couple other little details you REALLY need to remember)

    - When writing anything for DEF (meaning anything posted in the backstage) you can't just hit ENTER, you have to hit SHIFT + ENTER or the spacing is all wonky. You can imagine most of the staff / helper monkey's aren't giant fans of fixing this particular error as it's kind of a pain in the...
  8. Evan H.


    Click the image above for all the latest info going into DEFtv 68's giant first time ever main event.
  9. Evan H.

    To ALL our new writers! Welcome / info thread.

    Big warm welcomes and hellos to all our new writers! Just wanted to officially, beyond y'all's app threads, to welcome you guys to the group. I'm Skype sketchy, but pop on there now and again, but i'm always available via PM if you have any questions, concerns, angle ideas, whatevs. I love the...
  10. Evan H.


    Hi. Can we set a time to powwow in the main tag booking doc? We need to get this shiz movin'.
  11. Evan H.

    THE COMMENTATORS AREN'T AT RINGSIDE (tiny little fed wide note)

    Wandering through the endless sea of docs that now inhabit my "shared with me" tab, ONE thing I keep seeing over and over and over in a lions share of the segments and matches... mind you, totally done out of complete "growing up watching WWE and WCW" induced habit, but... "Cut back to ringside"...
  12. Evan H.

    BRAZEN (need input / eyes / help here)

    I'm going to make a valiant attempt to get BRAZEN actually... well, doing something. Like REALLY try this time y'all, I mean it. Which was always the plan, I'm just lazy and it's a huge undertaking for anyone. I need help with one or two things... A. The "booking doc"... the separate BRAZ doc...
  13. Evan H.

    I did something some of you might not want any part of...

    ... and I get that. But... https://www.facebook.com/DEFwrestling I CREATED A DEFIANCE FACEBOOK GROUP. I know this hobby is hella' nerdy and some of you might deem it a dirty little private secret, and that's cool. But seeing as I'm something of Skype averse, and seeing as I'm on FB constantly...
  14. Evan H.


    Hi. I'm Evan and I'm really goddamn excited about Uncut. Which makes complete sense of you've written with me for any length of time because maaaaaaaan do I love world building and weird off show segments. I try at every turn to champion use of the news and propaganda boards to further tell your...

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