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Aggression 52!

Posted on July 5, 2010!

Aggression 52

With the sensational Black Dawn behind us, Empire Pro comes storming into Seattle with the King of the Cage tournament .. and a slew of high action, awe-inspiring bouts! Cameron Cruise and Fusenshoff fight tooth and nail in a first round match .. High Flyer and Stalker battle it out in the cage to determine who moves on .. Erik Black and Donovan Astros tangoed in between the steel .. Layne Winters, fresh off his Television championship loss attempts to rebound as he takes on Michael Bastard .. The NEW Television champion Karl Brown must not only wrestle Anarky in a cage .. but do so while defending his belt .. and in the main event .. Copycat .. the First .. two of Empire Pro's biggest stars .. fight for the chance to face Sean Stevens in the second round!

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Black Dawn 2010!

Posted on June 8, 2010!

Black Dawn 2010

An EXPLOSIVE pay per view feauturing a surefire match-of-the-year main event ... Black Dawn 2010 blew away all expectations! Coming from Portland, Oregon, the event saw Michael Bastard and Stalker in a Stalker's Rules match .. the EPW World Tag Team Championship change hands as Anthology continues to crumble .. a Television Championship triple threat .. and a four corners match for the World Heavyweight championship. Would the First finally rise to the occasion or would Shawn Hart or Cameron Cruise play spoiler.. or .. could, against all odds, Sean Stevens walk out with the belt still strapped around his waist? A shocking conclusion to the night will ensure Black Dawn 2010 will be talked about for years to come!

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Aggression 51!

Posted on April 27, 2010!

Aggression 51

The first Aggression post Sin City Showdown .. and the last Aggression before Black Dawn 2010 comes to you from Albequerque, New Mexico with a stacked lineup. Copycat and Anarky continue their feud as representatives of Anthology and HOPE .. The Heirs of Wrestling, quickly becoming a premiere tag team in Empire Pro, take on Michael Bastard & Fusenshoff .. Television champion Layne Winters will have to run the gauntlet to defend his belt as he takes on OMEGA, Erik Black and Karl Brown .. and in the main event .. HOPE and Anthology .. head to head .. as Shawn Hart, the First, and Cameron Cruise take on Sean Edmunds, Jared Wells, and the World Heavyweight champion "Triple X" Sean Stevens.. all this, including a huge announcement that shakes up the main event at Black Dawn .. as Aggression comes live from New Mexico!

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EPW / New ERA Sin City Showdown!

Posted on February 10, 2010!

Sin City Showdown

Sin City Showdown, the final of three pay per view events put on by New ERA and Empire Pro! The event, which featured matches pitting superstars against members of other federations, was a resounding success. Eight incredible match ups featured wrestlers from Empire Pro, New ERA, SWIFT, NGEN and LVW; New ERA superstars Steve Burke and Mr. Entertainment were successful in their matches against EPW superstars. However, Stalker shocked former New ERA World Heavyweight champion Rocko Daymon in a CAREER v CAREER match. And in the main event - ten men enclosed in a cage spanning two rings .. It was Team EPW vs Team New ERA in a War Games match!

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Aggression 50!

Posted on February 10, 2010!

Aggression 50!

Aggression celebrates its FIFTIETH show with a huge, HUGE show from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The opening show for the all-day wrestling extravaganza between EPW and New ERA, known as Sin City Showdown, was jam-packed with action and surprises! The show featured a thrilling #1 contender's match for the Television championship between Erik Black and Aran Dishon. The World Tag Team championships were on the line as The Fallen tried to do the impossible; rip the belts from the cold, dead hands of Anthology. The Intercontinental championship was up for grabs in a see-saw, eyepopping battle between HOPE's Shawn Hart and his challenger, Anthology's Sean Edmunds. In the main event, however, the HOPE and Anthology conflict came to a head as the EPW World Heavyweight championship was on the line. Did The First bring the gold to HOPE? Or did Sean Stevens keep the World Heavyweight belt within Anthology's ranks? This .. and a HELL of a lot more ... as the Showdown begins in Las Vegas with Aggression 50!!

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