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"The Ego Buster" Dan Ryan
Owner of Empire Pro Wrestling

In EPW, Dan Ryan wears the pants. A multi-time World Champion in GXW and the CSWA, Dan Ryan has reached the top of the mountain many times before, but has now taken the next step - promoting. Ryan is EPW's supreme authority, and though he doesn't officially wrestle, he's not averse to laying down the law the hard way when he has to.

Paul Freeman
General Manager

Dan Ryan's second-in-command, Paul Freeman is probably the most easy going boss a man could work for. He is currently in charge of daily operations for Empire Pro, running the fed with a laid back approach, yet still stepping up to handle things when it is needed.


Dave Thomas
Play-By-Play Commentator

Dave Thomas (no relation to the Wendy's owner) is Empire Pro's play-by-play man. He's technically unbiased, but his sympathies tend to lie with the babyfaces of EPW. Lacks a sense of humor, but makes up for it with his extensive knowledge of wrestling.

Mike Neely
Color Commentator

Mike Neely is a character, to say the least. Neely is Empire Pro's color commentator. In keeping with his tremendous pro-heel bias, he often resorts to name calling and trash talking. He enjoys his job, and uses every opportunity to let the fans know what he thinks of certain competitors.

"The Show Stealer" Dean Matthews
Match Analyst

The third man in the EPW booth, Dean Matthews once worked as a professional wrestler for NAW in Virginia and GXW before a knee injury sustained against Adlai King put him on the shelf. Matthews is exhuberant but encyclopaedic in his knowledge of wrestling psychology and is always quick to explain the mechanics of a particular move. He favors neither faces nor heels, throwing his support to fast-paced mat technicians.


The Sexy Empire Girls - Candy, Tiffany, Ruby, and Miyoko


* Pat Jones (Senior Referee)
* David Rosenkrantz
* Bryan Weatherby
* Andrew Gardell
* Emilio Gomez

Kenny Lombardo - Backstage interviewer. Dorky Italian guy, about 25 years old.


*Jonathan D. Brunk - Owner of EPW


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