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    Happy 24th birthday, home fry.
  2. JABolich

    The ScooteR Gripe for EPW Russian Roulette 2007

    The views in this feature do not necessarily represent the opinions of Bolich. Actually I thought most of the matches and angles were pretty good. - The ScooteR Gripe for EPW Russian Roulette 2007. - Posted on 10/2/2007. - So it's been awhile since I've sank my teeth into an EPW show and...
  3. JABolich

    YOWZA, guess who birfday it is

    NOT MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE Happy birthday, Karl. Have a heckuva good year, Brownie.
  4. JABolich

    The ScooteR Gripe for EPW Wrestleverse II

    (Originally posted at www.1fw.com on January 25, 2007) - The ScooteR Gripe for EPW Wrestleverse 2007. - Pre-show PROMO TIME: FOXX IN SOXX and Downtown Karl Brown have a heart-to-heart and look out for each other and all that good stuff. When did these promos get so long and Hollywood? - We go...
  5. JABolich

    So, uh.

    When's the matchwriting deadline again?
  6. JABolich

    The ScooteR Gripe for EPW Aggression 28

    (The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Bolich himself.) (Originally posted at www.1fw.com) - The ScooteR Gripe for EPW Aggression 28. - We are SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE and live from the big plate of pizza in my basement. Stuffed crust, baby. - Opening...
  7. JABolich

    Extremely Unexpected Wrestler Cameo

    (It's dark. For the moment, the only light is cast by a television screen that seems to hang in midair. Caught by a slightly crooked camera, the screen shows a slightly washed-out track of the tail end of a recent promotional segment. The words of EUWC's Jay Smash seem tinny and hollow in the...
  8. JABolich

    Your New Owner

    ...will be the ever-capable Josh Ray, assisted by the impeccable Karl Brown as the bookerman. I have every confidence in the two of them to run MCW better than I ever could.
  9. JABolich

    Real World d. FWrestling By Submission

    Yeah, I know, we've been down this road before. Long story short, my family has fallen on financial hard times recently. For the past three months we have been living without 80% of our former income. We've been selling off possession after possession just to make ends meet and to have enough...
  10. JABolich

    RP Period over

    The card may be slightly delayed given that I'm neck-deep in finals.
  11. JABolich

    RP Period Extended

    I'm extending the RP period to WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 2006 at 11:59 PM EST. We've got two out of four matches not RPed for. This IS a busy time of year, so hopefully the extra two days will help.
  12. JABolich

    McMillan vs. Storms vs. Doe

    It's a double elimination match. The last man standing wins 10 points; the runner-up wins 5.
  13. JABolich

    Marlay vs. Maxwell

    It's the Clash of the Englishman as Adam Benjamin's protege collides with Steve Marlay!
  14. JABolich

    Drunken Tiger vs. Blade

    Two newcomers to MCW meet in a double debut match with 10 points on the line!
  15. JABolich

    Benjamin vs. "The Dragon"

    Special challenge match called for by Christian Sands. Could "The Dragon" be Karl Brown? Or does the boss have something more devious in mind?

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