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    (OOC: This should have went in the OT in Charleston thread, but it was time-sensitive to PT in whereever when the GXW guys took care of Troy backstage.) You've seen Troy Windham in the ring... CUT TO:A still shot of Wicked Sight pinning Troy Windham at PrimeTime in Paducah oh-so-long-ago...
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    I Know The Muffin Man...

    [font color= black]A 'wicked' smile across the face, a devious look in the eyes... they compliment the Vino's Pizza Pub and Brewery shirt and the leather jacket that adorn Mike Plett's body. And they pale in comparison to the ever-resonating voice coming from his almost-cruiserweight body...
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    Of course, I've been notorious to steal Evan Aho's OOC posts and move them to a different board, then get twice as many hits... it must all be in presentation. The question is - What's the best finisher in the CSWA? Some of the ones mentioned in Evan's post at the General Discussion (and why...
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    GXW Roundtable

    (CUT TO: The new GXW logo, followed by "Salvation" by Escape. Highlights of GXW action on CSWA tv - Dan Ryan, Mike Plett, and the group attack of the Intruders - finally, Garrett McFarland from GXW television is shown on screen.) GM: Welcome fans to a special infomercial here on U-62, The...
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    Codine's right, you're an ACT

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-28-02 AT 11:06 PM (EDT)](CUT TO: A sly looking Mike Plett sits within a bus stop, in front of a poster of a collection of Disney movies… clad in leather jacket, but with no t-shirt representing a band. Rather, a GXW Onslaught t-shirt adorns his body and his shredded...
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    This Place...

    [font color= black] No, the FCC doesn't have to worry about fines, or even keeping their finger on the button. No, there are no lame bells and whistles going off. And no, this promo is free of unheard of hyucks, tobacco products and any other redneck trademark. But it's going to be...
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    I'm pretty sure I'm following schedule here... tonight I'm going to write a bulk of ON TIME, and match outcomes will be finished up tomorrow either during my lunch break or when I get off work, so - wrap it up guys :-) Mikey
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    Surprise Visit

    [font color= black] The pre-Fish Fund XIII press conference nears a close, as the heavyweight champion, owner, and many superstars of the CSWA have already spoken. With not much time left, and many news sources having left, an unscheduled Mike Plett steps out onto the stage, humbly stepping up...
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    No, Rudy... Of Course Not

    [font color= black] Michael Plett is regrouping from a loss at On Time in Kansas City. Not a loss against Lance Liezure - a guy he would go on the record as saying has the potential to go far - No, Plett's loss at On Time is one he MUST regain before he gets off this Road to Fish Fund... he...
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    A Showcase

    [font color= red]MP:[/font][font color= black] Somebody up top got their head out of their ass and realized it's time to showcase the hottest talent on the card... we're not the largest arms in the world, and we don't go EXTREME unless it's necessary... But we do our damndest to give the fans...
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    [font color=red]WS:[font color= black] I'm chomping at the bit to get in the ring, have a war of words, stand up against something that isn't right... The fire of competition has always been in my blood and it's running as strong today as it was the day I started this career, the day I wrestled...
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    If You've Got A Match...

    If you've got a match for ON TIME... start roleplaying! There's a lot going on and there's much more to be done before Fish Fund, so let's get it going. Mikey
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    Moon Baby

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Apr-28-02 AT 07:07 PM (EDT)][font color= red]WS:[/font][font color= black] Sometimes I ask for more than I can handle... and looking at my body right now, looking at the state of the CSWA right now, some might think I've asked for more than I can handle. But the ones...
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    (Lacking) Rage Against The Machine

    [font color= black]A world title shot forthcoming and a war looming on the horizon... Mike Plett has a lot on his mind. But no grappler should be overlooked - especially, the new guys coming in that showed their worth on the debut of On Time. [font color=red]WS:[/font][/font][font color=...
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    When The Bell Sounds Again

    [font color= black] Somewhere in California, Mike Plett went out to be by himself, to address everything he needs to address, straight to a CSWA camera. As always, his black hair is flipped over the top, hanging now almost to his shoulders, with a shaved underside that’s almost completely...

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