Get Hosted for FREE!

Get Hosted for FREE!

Posted on 05.09.2015

Yes, it’s back! For those of you who can remember before the advent of Iranian hackers who targets our fake wrestling freedoms… FWrestling.com used to offer hosting, both free and premium.

It’s back in beta test. Try it out and let me know what you think and what problems you have. You can go to FW Central and post your comments and questions as needed.

For added security, accounts may need to be approved before they’re activated. So please allow up to 24 hours, although it should take less time. If you receive any sort of error about failing a fraud check, post a quick note on the “New Site” forums or send a private message to username Chad.

Hosting is intended for your fantasy wrestling related sites — they can be for your fed, for your character, resources, etc. I do ask that you host a site, rather than just use the space for picture storage, etc. If you need additional features or space, a cheap ‘premium’ option is available.

I’ve got some ideas about how to provide some additional support for sites on FWrestling hosting, including some preinstalled fantasy wrestling scripts and templates. If you think that’s a good idea and would be willing to help out, let me know. It’s not an immediate project, but coming down the pipe at some point hopefully if I can get graphics and coding help.

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