Add Your Event

Add Your Event

Use the form below to enter an event for display on FWrestling.com. If you would like to have the option to edit the item later, make sure you're logged in on FW Central at http://fwrestling.com/fwc.php.

Enter your league acronym (e.g. CSWA) here. This will appear before your event name.
Enter your event name here (e.g. PRIMETIME 502). Do not include the league acronym again and keep the name within the confines of the entry field.
Enter the location info here. May include any combination of arena, city, state, country.
Select the date the event took place. It will show up in the listing as MM.DD.YYYY (e.g. 12.01.2014)

Event Card and Other Info

Enter the main event and any short description about the match here. Think of this and the "Other Event Info" field as answering the question "Why should I read this?"
Enter any additional info about the event here (other matches on the card, special features, etc.)
Enter the URL to your event here.
Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 8.39MB
Upload a logo as close as possible to the dimensions 600 wide x 300 high. The large image will be shown on the detail page for your event. It will be sized down for the event listing page. If you do not have a logo, the default FW logo will be shown in the listing. Uploaded image files should be in a standard form (jpg/jpeg, gif, png, tif/tiff).


Editing Previous Entries


Select the form you would like to edit from your previous entries below. Make changes above and then hit “Update.”

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