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Interview with Tommy Hawk

Posted on 01.16.2017 by Stephanie Rose

[127]*This conversation took place in a small Miami studio on Sunday, January 15th*
[The scene opens with Tommy and Stephanie sitting across from each other; separated by a bouquet of roses.]
Stephanie: Hiya! Today I’m joined by my guest Mr. Tommy Hawk. [Turns to him] How are you doing, sir?
Tommy: . . .


Posted on 05.09.2015 by Rudy Seitzer

[127]Rudy Seitzer here, returning to FWrestling.com after a long, long time away with your GRAPEVINE, addressing what’s in the wind on the rumor mill.
The HOW/UTA feud continues with major shots fired in the love-hate dysfunctional relationship.  In Augusta, Georgia at UTA’s WRESTLESHOW #37, the “HOW . . .

The Ivy League: Twenty Years

Posted on 05.06.2015 by Poison Ivy

[127]Twenty years.
Twenty years.
I keep typing that as if it’ll change meanings. Twenty fucking years.
(Merritt has allowed me one F-bomb in this piece to prove that I’m me. Thanks, Uncle Chad.)
It’s been twenty years since I first stepped foot into an arena… on the other side of the guardrails. Twenty . . .

The Killing of the King

Posted on 03.21.2015 by FWrestling.com

[127]Editor’s Note: Originally posted on the old FWrestling.com site in six parts, this article put a spotlight on the years-long feud between Troy Windham and Eli Flair that ran across promotions like the CSWA and NFW. It is presented here in its entirety.

“Eli Flair? He’s the Epitome’s footnote. He’s . . .

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