Add Your News Item

Add Your News Item

Use the form below to enter a news item for display on FWrestling.com. If you would like to have the option to edit the item later, make sure you're logged in on FW Central at http://fwrestling.com/fwc.php.

If logged in and you have previously created a league profile, you should find the League Acronym and Link to League Website fields already populated for you. You can modify these as needed.

Enter your league acronym here. This will not appear in your article, but will be used for tracking. If you have previously created a league profile, this field may be already filled in for you.
Enter your news headline here. The League Acronym above will be appended to the beginning, so the headline appears as in this example: CSWA: New Owner Announced.) Please keep your headline as BRIEF as possible. If your subject is too long, your item may be edited or removed.
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If you have a news or other logo you would like to include, place the URL here. The logo should be 125px (width) by 125px (height) or on that aspect ratio. If your image is not of this specified aspect ratio, the image will be cropped automatically. If you don't have one, leave this blank and a default will be used.


Editing Previous Entries


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