About FWrestling.com

FWrestling.com is a site about fantasy wrestling, also known as e-wrestling.


Since the first web page was created in 1994, FWrestling has gone through several iterations, but always focused on providing a way for wrestling fans to get involved and create their own action, action that is “even better than the real thing.”


Here are a few quick things you should know about the site:

  • FW Central is the heart of the site. The forums contain all the latest on your favorite FWrestling leagues and multiple ways for you to get involved, either as a character, handler or fan.
  • The Leagues listing gives a way for you to post some information about your federation, allowing fans and free agents to get immediate info on your fed and how to join.
  • News and Features allow you and members of your league to extend your story lines and inform the larger community by showing in-character news and columns.
  • The Events listing gives feds a chance to showcase and link to their cards and special events.
  • The Community page (still under construction!) brings you the best from around the fantasy wrestling circuit, as well as some additional blogs and columns from our friends.
  • You can sign up for free hosting that allows you to host your league site, wrestler blog or your own site about your favorite aspect of the hobby.


If you have questions, simply post a note on FW Central or send an email through the “Contact Us” form.