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GZW2K1 was founded in 2001 by members of the recently defunct EWO e-federation, and has been in existence for almost the entirety of that period. To put that in perspective, we’re older than TNA (sorry, Impact Wrestling) and our Ring of Honor Hall of Fame predates the Ring of Honor wrestling company! Or to put it another way, we lasted longer than WCW.

The federation has lasted this long because of the input of our members, and their contribution to an ongoing story that has lasted for over a decade. We call this ” the Saga” and every show opens with “The Saga Continues” as we add yet another chapter.

We are an angle and story based federation; the emphasis is on competition between the characters, not the handlers. Specifically, the challenge we set our competitors is not necessarily to win the match of the week by churning out role-plays, but to co-operate with each-other and find ways to push the angle, build a story, and build a character.

We offer a relaxed atmosphere which has created dozens of real-life friendships, a role-play/promo schedule to fit your real life commitments, and the chance to be a part of an e-federation with a history that we believe rivals any real-world federation.

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