Boardwalk Live 097 Card

Posted on 11.18.2015

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Boardwalk Live 097 Card 

Tuesday, November 24th 2015

Bally’s Hotel & Casino | Atlantic City, New Jersey 



Ed Houston vs Christiana Tiger

Ed Houston has a shot to begin a new climb here tonight, but he must do so against an unfamiliar foe. Christiana Tiger debuts in Boardwalk Wrestling against the Rocket Man. Keep your eyes on this match!


Marisol Fuller vs Jay Lamau

Jay Lamau has already made a bit of a name for himself here in Boardwalk Wrestling by tangling with some big names on social media. Marisol Fuller is also looking to make a name for herself while climbing out of her brother’s shadow. Who will do a better job of it this week?


Cero Miedo (c) vs The Lockharts

Everybody likes it when some gold is on the line on Live! This time around, Bryan Williams and Skyler Fall defend their tag team titles! Can Cero Miedo continue on their hot streak as a team? Or will the father-son duo of Jack and Nathaniel Lockhart score a huge victory and walk out of Live with gold around their waist? 


Dude JoB vs Psyche Devyne

Psyche Devyne continues to make a name for herself in Boardwalk. Now, another crack at a former Tag Team Champion is in order. Dude JoB has a chance to get back into his winning ways here, but a huge obstacle stands in his way. Who will win this battle of Lethal Lottery finalists?


-SINGLES MATCH w/ Danny B as Ref-

Matt Meyhu vs Baxter

Last week, Danny B was challenged to a match by the returning Baxter. The Atlantic City Champion countered with a challenge of his own. Long story short, Baxter returns to action against the #1 contender for the AC title, Matt Meyhu, with Danny B as the special guest ref. If you think this one will go smoothly, you couldn’t be more wrong. Tune in to see this!


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