Boardwalk Presents Life’s A Gamble II iPPV C

Posted on 11.26.2015

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Boardwalk Presents Life’s A Gamble II iPPV Card 

Thursday,  December 3rd 2013

Bally’s Hotel & Casino | Atlantic City, New Jersey



Jay Lamau -vs- Tim Stone -vs- ???

Kicking off this supershow, we have a title on the line! Jay Lamau, the new hotshot of Boardwalk’s Anarchy division looks to defend his title. Tim Stone will get a crack at bringing home the gold, but anybody and everybody is invited to take a stab at it! Can Lamau survive this one as guy everybody is hunting? Or will a new challenger manage to walk away with the strap around their waist?


Keegan Ryan -vs- Christiana Tiger

Christiana Tiger looks to continue on her brief Boardwalk career in style by already taking center stage at a supershow! She’ll take on somebody in a similar position as her in Keegan Ryan. This is Keegan’s Boardwalk Wrestling debut. He has a chance to make a lasting impression on the fans and the roster by scoring a victory in his first ever match. These two newcomers will certainly deliver a top notch match.


Ed Houston -vs- Cameron Sanders -vs- Nathaniel Lockhart

Ed Houston, Cameron Sanders, and Nathaniel Lockhart. Three men who have tasted some success in Boardwalk, but nowhere near what they would like to have or are capable of. On a night all about making the most of an opportunity, these three all have a shot to pull ahead of the other two and stand out. With title shots on the line all night, can one of these men put themselves in position to be close behind?


Bryan Williams -vs- Tony Savage

We’ve got a match of the night candidate here. Bryan Williams, one half of our tag team champions, has been impressive in singles action to say the least. He made the final four of the lethal lottery, and scored a huge victory over the Internet champion, CJ O’Donnell. And here comes another challenge for him. Tony Savage made a surprise return to Atlantic City recently, and took to the ring against O’Donnell as well. The former Atlantic City Champion will look to take care of the impressive Williams here and put his name back into title contention, but it will not be an easy feat.


Amber Ryan -vs- Julliet Brooks -vs- Amy Jo Smyth -vs- Claire Foxe -vs- Skyler Fall -vs- Psyche Devyne -vs- Baxter -vs- Sean Fuller -vs- Mike Zybala -vs- CJ O’Donnell

This is the match everybody in the audience will be on their feet for from bell to bell. Last year’s event was mind-blowing, and this year’s should manage to top it. An all-star cast makes up this field, and it has it all. Impressive young talent, former champions, current champions, Unstable members, and even Power Rangers! Every single one of these competitors has proven themselves inside a Boardwalk ring, but this match is a whole new beast to them. With five mystery briefcases on the line, the surprises won’t end with the match itself. They won’t even know what they’ve won, if they won, until the following week!


Matt Meyhu -vs- Danny B

Another big event, another Atlantic City Title match. ‘The Ripper’ Danny B shocked the world at Ring Royalty when he dethroned Cyrus Riddle and became Boardwalk’s newest champion. Not to be outdone, ‘The Marvel’ Matt Meyhu turned heads as well at the event, winning the Lethal Lottery and being named ‘King of Boardwalk.’ Now, for the first time ever, these two square off one on one. Things got personal this last week when Danny planted a kiss on Amber Ryan, sending Meyhu into a frenzy. With the added drama, this one is for a whole lot more than just a title. Emotions will be running wild at Life’s a Gamble, and at the end of the night, only one man will be able to call himself Atlantic City Champion… The Marvel or The Ripper.


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