Boardwalk Xtra 097 Card

Posted on 11.22.2015

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Boardwalk Xtra 097 Card 

Thursday, November 26th 2015

Bally’s Hotel & Casino | Atlantic City, New Jersey 


-Singles Match-

AC Brawler -vs- Tim Stone 

AC Brawler returns to action in Boardwalk! His opponent? Newcomer Tim Stone. Stone looks to make an impact early on here against the old veteran. Can Brawler’s experience aid him in his quest for a big victory? Or will Stone and his youth be able to score a big victory right off the bat?

-Singles Match-

Cameron Sanders -vs- Mike Zybala 

One man coming off a big win, one coming off a big loss. Cameron Sanders looks to continue his winning ways against ‘The Comeback Kid.’ Mike Zybala hopes to turn his fortunes around heading into the big Double Down match. Can he stay true to his nickname? Or will Sanders get the best of him?

-Singles Match-

Claire Foxe -vs- Julliet Brooks

This match is sure to be a battle of the bombshells this week on Xtra. Julliet Brooks and Claire Foxe are two of Boardwalk’s most loved and most hated superstars and any confrontation between the two is sure to generate enough interest to break the bank and the betting tables. Don’t miss this confrontation unfold on Xtra!

-Singles Match-

Amy Jo Smyth -vs- Eric Lee 

Two of the most “hardcore” wrestlers in Boardwalk face each other in a confrontation that is sure to be a bloody affair. The self proclaimed “Ultraviolent God” Eric Lee is set to take on Amy Jo Smyth. If he gets a win it might help push him higher on the card, but it’s not gonna be easy as the multi-time Anarchy Champion is not an easy opponent for any man or woman to take out.

-Main Event | Singles Match-

CJ O’Donnell -vs- Tony Savage 

CJ O’Donnell has faced some tough opponents in his past, but can he get past a former AC Champion who is making his return? Tony Savage is a professional bounty hunter, a man who is paid to take down the “bad guys”. Can he take down Boardwalk’s number one bad guy or is he just another speed bump on “The Distinguished” CJ O’Donnell path to dominance.


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