Boardwalk Live 103 Card

Posted on 12.30.2015

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Boardwalk Live 103 Card

Tuesday, January 5th 2015

Bally’s Hotel & Casino | Atlantic City, New Jersey 



Christiana Tiger vs. Keegan Ryan

Before Live goes on the air, the fans in attendance at Bally’s get treated to a dark match this week not shown on television. Last week, Christiana Tiger was defeated by Freddy Funk in a quick match that was a setback for her. On the flipside, Keegan Ryan had promised to bring the fight to Synnum De La Cruz in a No DQ match, but was taken by surprise early in the contest on his way to a loss. Now, both competitors look to bounce back and collect a victory here in front of the live crowd.


Cameron Sanders vs. Tim Stone

“The King of the Selfies” came up short last week against Eric Lee in an Anarchy match, as Tim Stone is was unable to one up his opponent who was more adapt to the hardcore way of wrestling This week though, he takes on the former band teacher Cameron Sanders who would like to work his way back up the title rankings here in Boardwalk. Can Tim Stone prevent that or will he once again fall victim to inexperience in the arena at Bally’s?


Jack Lockhart vs. Jay Lamau

Jay Lamau has been sitting back and waiting for his opportunity to jump back into the Anarchy mix in hopes of regaining that title. But in the meantime, he still looks to take on all challengers. This week, the Anarchy division phenomenon takes on Jack Lockhart, in Jack’s first singles match in a few weeks. Can Lamau continue to rise to the top, or will Jack Lockhart make a statement on behalf of he and his son?


N0va and Ed Houston vs. Jim Pathos and Osiris Lincoln

After last week’s Live, all the fans of Boardwalk have been waiting to see just who would be teaming with N0va this week. Calling in a favor to an old friend, N0va was able to recruit Ed Houston is his battle against the recently returned “Rolling Nightmare” Jim Pathos and his associate Osiris Lincoln. Can N0va and the “Rocket Man” keep the sadistic duo at bay, or will the new team of Pathos and Lincoln make a statement here on Live?


Freddy Funk vs. Dick Dickson

Freddy Funk pulled of an impressive win last week against Christiana Tiger and looks to not only keep winning, but to bring the funk to Boardwalk as well. But his opponent this week? Well, he has other intentions as not only does he want to represent the red, white and blue… But potentially educate the wrestling world as to the power of… Dick. Dick Dickson, that is. Can he also educate Freddy Funk as well, or will the Master of Funk knock Dickson’s dick in the dirt?

(OOC: This was the toughest match description to write EVER 🙂  – Pettis)


Claire Foxe vs. Synnum De La Cruz

Claire Foxe hopes to walk into Live with the Casino Title still around her waist after her defense against Marisol Fuller. And if that title is still in her possession, she won’t have to put it on the line this week as she takes on the “SynnStar Saint” Synnum De La Cruz. After a big victory last week against Keegan Ryan, De La Cruz has expressed that she wants gold and a win here can vault her in the rankings. Will she continue on the right path with a win here or will Claire Foxe show why she is one of the hottest things going in Boardwalk today?



Skyler Fall vs. Ramona Epps

Skyler Fall may be one half of the Tag Team Champions, but it seems like we are seeing Cero Miedo in singles action more often these days. His opponent this week just reformed a team of her own with “The Ganja Goddess” as Ramona Epps is now one half of the Black Dahlias as well. You would have to think that a win for Epps could possibly earn a consideration for a Tag Title shot, and Skyler Fall looks to prove that he is part of the better team with a win here. Just who will come out on top? You’ll have to tune in to find out!



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