Boardwalk Xtra 099 Card

Posted on 12.05.2015

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Boardwalk Xtra 099 Card

Thursday , December 10th 2015

Bally’s Hotel & Casino | Atlantic City, New Jersey 



Ed Houston vs. Eric Lee

The “Rocket Man” is coming off of a huge win at Life’s a Gamble last week as he was able to defeat not only one half of The Lockharts but also his tag team partner Cameron Sanders. Houston looks to continue his win streak but this week faces an opponent used to hurting his adversaries and having no care for his body in the process… Eric Lee! Can Houston win once again with the odds against him or will Eric Lee derail the former astronaut?


Dexter Anthony vs. Buddy Royal

Both of these competitors made their return last week on Xtra, and “The Nightmare King” Dexter Anthony put out an open challenge for Xtra this week to the roster of Boardwalk. Stepping up to the plate is the man who seems to have Anarchy gold on his mind 24/7, “The Nature Boy” Buddy Royal! With no titles on the line and this strictly being a one on one match, Buddy Royal will have to dig into his roots here but can he stand toe to toe with a man who wants nothing more than to mow over the roster like Anthony?


 Savage vs. Sean Fuller

“The Atlanta Falcon” Tony Savage picked up a big win at Life’s a Gamble against Bryan Williams and looks to keep at his winning ways again this week on Xtra. This week he faces a familiar foe in a man who came oh so close to walking out of the Double Down match with a briefcase to call his own, Sean Fuller! In this clash of Boardwalk namesakes, the fans will be guaranteed to see a hell of a match in person, and those at home will be glued to their screens!


Claire Foxe vs. Amber Ryan

Both of these women picked up cases in the Double Down match at Life’s a Gamble, and we already know that inside of Amber’s is a guaranteed shot at the Atlantic City Title whenever she chooses to cash it in over the next calendar year. But as of this writing, we still do not know what Claire’s case holds as of yet. Now in a rematch of sorts from the match, we get to see these two lovely women do battle in the squared circle for the first time. The real winners here? The fans!


Skyler Fall and Mike Zybala vs. Ramona Epps and Brennan Devlin

At the end of Life’s a Gamble, we saw that Ramona Epps and Brennan Devlin have arrived here in Boardwalk Wrestling. While they are not here for the fanfare, they are definitely after the glory. Their first opponents? One half of the Tag Team Champions Skyler Fall and his Power Ranger ally “The Comeback Kid” Mike Zybala. Can Epps and Devlin make an impact in their first match with the company or will the Power Ranger representatives show them just what Boardwalk is all about?



Bryan Williams vs. Dude Job

It has been a few weeks since we have seen Dude Job in action here at Boardwalk, and our sources have no leads as to his recent whereabouts. We do know that he is ready to return to in ring action though as he faces off against one half of the Tag Team Champs in our main event! At Life’s a Gamble we saw Bryan Williams attacked by someone in a red ranger outfit but still do not know his attacker’s identity. This match right here is worth the price of admission alone, but you have to wonder… Will we see that mystery attacker once more?


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