Boardwalk Xtra 100th Card

Posted on 12.13.2015

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Boardwalk Xtra 100th Card 

Thursday, December 17th 2015

Bally’s Hotel & Casino | Atlantic City, New Jersey 



Chubbs Magoo vs. Tim Stone

As Week 100 continues here in Boardwalk Wrestling, we kick off Xtra with the man who loves himself so much that he has to take selfies wherever he goes, “Yours Truly” Tim Stone! But looming over his shoulder is a man that is so large that he may not fit on the phone screen of Stone for one of those selfies… Chubbs Magoo! After rising from his “slumber” last week at the end of Xtra, Magoo returns for one more match for his fans!


Jay Lamau vs. Eric Lee vs. ???

Jay Lamau continues to show that although still relatively new to Boardwalk, he is someone who can hold his own in the ring against some of the best of Atlantic City. This week he faces another challenge for his Anarchy Title, as he faces a man who is no stranger to hardcore matches… Eric Lee! Can Lamau survive once more or will Eric Lee use his experience to walk out with gold? Or, will someone else interject themselves in an attempt to win the Anarchy Title for themselves?


Brennan Devlin vs. Psyche Devyne

Last week on Xtra, we saw the team of Brennan Devlin and Ramona Epps defeat two members of the Power Rangers. This week though, Devlin takes on their ally Psyche Devyne in singles action! Will Devlin be able to once again taste victory, or will the lady that holds a shot at the Tag Titles anytime over the next year show her prowess as she did in the Double Down match?


Bryan Williams vs. Claire Foxe

After a tough loss to Amber Rose last week, the new Casino Champion Claire Foxe looks to bounce back against a man she knows all too well, the Tag Team Champion Bryan Williams! While this is once again non-title action, Foxe looks to put her tough loss last week behind her while Williams only wants to move ever so closer to title contention. All of the eyes in Bally’s are sure to be on this one next week!


Marisol Fuller vs. Ramona Epps

Marisol Fuller was seen talking to Michael Pettis last week and could be receiving an opportunity of a lifetime here soon. But standing in her way this week is none other than Ramona Epps, who is fresh off her tag team victory last week. Will Fuller use her newfound confidence to pull off a win here, or will Ramona show that is deserving of opportunities down the line as well?


Tony Savage vs. Buddy Royal

“The Atlanta Falcon” defeated Sean Fuller last week in quick and decisive fashion with a heart punch, and was then attacked after the match by an unknown individual. With one eye over his shoulder, Savage uses the other to look towards this week as he takes on none other than “The Nature Boy!” We know that Buddy Royal has been a force as of late, and even put Dexter Anthony on the shelf by injuring him during their match. Can he be stopped, or will Tony Savage suffer his first loss since his return?



The Suicidal Saints vs. The Unstable and Danny B

Ever since this match was announced last week, social media has been on fire and fans who have not even seen a Boardwalk show since last year are once again calling the box office in hopes of getting tickets to this show… For weeks, Amp had promised that he was bringing in some new friends to face The Unstable and he delivered by bringing back The Suicidal Saints! With no one from the Unstable’s 4CW faction willing to team with them, Amber Ryan then called on her old pal Danny B to join them on this night, at the behest of Meyhu and O’Donnell. Can “The Ripper” co-exist with those he would normally want to destroy, or will there be dissention between them allowing The Saints to stand tall? We close out our 100th week with a doozy and you don’t want to miss this match!


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