Boardwalk Live 132 Card

Posted on 07.25.2016

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Boardwalk Live 132 Card

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Bally’s Hotel & Casino | Atlantic City, New Jersey



Charisma vs. Reno Destiny

Everything old is new again, they say – and this is evident as Reno Destiny returns to Boardwalk where he will be facing the lovely new signee Charisma! In what is sure to be an exciting match to get the Boardwalk fans hopping, who will walk away with that ‘first impression’ win?


Paul Rogers vs. Jonny Cedrone

Rogers managed a victory against Travis Dane last week on Live, this week he faces an even steeper challenge in the form of The King of Sexy – Jonny Cedrone! With Cedrone and Travis having each other in their sights seemingly, could this become a factor as Rogers seeks another win?


Sean Fuller vs. Terryl Fexxfield

Boardwalk veteran wrestler Sean Fuller has had his ups and downs since his return, and will surely be looking to make up for all of that with this week’s match against the current Atlantic City Champion and Manifest Destiny winner, Terryl Fexxfield. Will The Gumshoe continue his extraordinary winning ways or will the man that tells us “Trust Me” make the biggest impact statement of all in defeating the sharpest dressed champion in Boardwalk history?



Genevie Carmody & Zach Rizza vs. Claire Collins & Mike Zybala

This match has been brewing ever since Mike Zybala challenged Genevie Carmody to grab ANY partner and take a shot at their belts. She and Zach Rizza seem to be a quite natural pairing, so will they prove to be the team to do what the others could not and take the Boardwalk Wrestling Tag Team Championships from the team that has taken down every team to face them thus far?



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