Boardwalk Xtra 131 Card

Posted on 07.25.2016

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Boardwalk Xtra 131 Card 

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Bally’s Hotel & Casino | Atlantic City, New Jersey



Sean Fuller vs. Johnny Paradise

Neither Fuller nor Paradise have had much luck lately, but one of them will get to turn that around at the end of this match. We all know that Sean wants to be the first Grand Slam Champion in Boardwalk history, but he’s got a long road ahead of him. Meanwhile Paradise is still looking to get some momentum going. With as much as they both want it, we’re looking for a hell of a fight!


Genevie Carmody vs. Jonny Cedrone

Genevie fell to Noah Hanson last week while Johnny Cedrone was victorious over Johnny Paradise. No doubt Genevie wants to get back on the winning side of things, but we’re sure that Cedrone wants to continue a hot streak as well. Only one of them can succeed, but which will it be? This ought to be a good one!



Zach Rizza vs. Noah Hanson

Rumor has it that these two were feeling a little snubbed after not ending up on the Collision Course card… Scratch that, they were both quite vocal about it on social media. We know that both of these men want to make an impact and we’re giving them the chance as they Main Event Xtra! The new Casino Champion takes on Noah Hanson who is no stranger to gold himself. Should Hanson come away victorious, what might that mean for his status as a contender?



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