Boardwalk Xtra 132 Card

Posted on 07.25.2016

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Boardwalk Xtra 132 Card 

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Bally’s Hotel & Casino | Atlantic City, New Jersey



Ed Houston vs. Fernando Nuñez

It’s the return of Boardwalk Wrestling’s very own Rocket Man as ed Houston returns to open up our latest edition of Xtra, facing the intense Fernando Nuñez! The Boardwalk faithful are sure to be watching this match closely as an old favorite will surely seek to remind them of why they adored him so much!


Keegan Ryan vs. Jan van der Roost

These two were in the ring together not long ago and put on one hell of a match. A momentary distraction for Keegan let Roost capitalize for the win. It’s time to see what Keegan is made of and what will happen without that distraction! Both of these two are solid competitors, will we get a repeat, or see a new outcome?



Travis Dane vs. Aidan Carlisle

Our Xtra Main Event features the man they call The Homebreaker, Travis Dane facing off against our outstanding Internet Champion Aidan Carlisle! Dane is being given a true test of his mettle as a wrestler as he faces one of the fiercest competitors that Boardwalk wrestling has to offer, and if he manages to defeat her, could an Internet title shot be far in the distance for him? Watch Xtra and find out!



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