Collision Course 2 Results

Posted on 08.01.2016

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Collision Course 2 Results
July 24th 2016

-Interpromotional Match-
Kiba Bunson defeated Jan Van Der Roost


-Boardwalk Fight One / Boardwalk Interpromotional Match-
Julliet Brooks defeated Sarayya Karim


-Interpromotional Challenge 4 Way Hardcore Match-
Aidan Carlisle defeated Baz, Elliot Siscoe, and Keegan Ryan


-Tag Team Interpromotional Match-
Tornado Alley defeated Mike Zybala and Claire Collins


-Boardwalk Hype Championship Match-
El Grande Malo defeated Azazel


-Interpromotional Match-
Terrorfex defeated Myke Adams


-Fight One Fury Championship Match-
Tate Troy defeated Ana Archia and Sean O’Reilly


-Fight One Vendetta Championship Match-
Bronx Valescence defeated Vin Wesley and Damon Darkside


-Fight One Championship Match-
James Edward defeated Corey Grant


-Main Event | Fight One vs. Boardwalk-
Brennan Devlin, Alexander Hayes and Aidan Morag defeated Amber Ryan and Amp


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