UPW Survival PPV

Posted on 04.01.2017

UPW completed it’s recent cycle with the PPV entitled UPW Survival!

The PPV has three parts, the preshow, the main card with 6 matches (including 3 title tilts), and then the massive 40-man Ultimate Rumble!

On the main show, you will see the cage match between Dylan Cardinal and Glenn Chambers, the I Quit Match between Liam Donegal and Malcom Shabazz, the match between longtime veterans Rick Styles and Jeff Keenan, plus Felix Sandoval defends the TV Title against Brandon Franklin, The World Tag Titles are defended by The Warriors in a fatal four-way match, and the UPW WOrld Title is on the line as Aaron Lewis defends against the 7-foot giant, Derek Rage! In the Ultimate rumble, opportunities are given to legends and even rookies from the developmental territory IXWA.


UPW is a hybrid league where the emphasis is on telling solid stories and selling them well, and the blowoffs of feuds are decided based on the quality of work done for the cycle. UPW is the rebranded/restart of TTW and has a 5 year history pre-dating the September 2016 UPW launch. We are looking to expand the roster and grow into an even stronger Global brand. To that end, I have also attached the link to the league website for anyone interested in checking us out.

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