AOW Uprising!

AOW presents AOW Uprising!

On 06.16.2015 at Key Arena: Seattle, Washington
Main Event

2 out of 3 Falls Baltimore Street Fight
Rob Smith vs. “The Franchise” John Bane

Our inaugural Main Event will show the world the caliber of excellence the AOW possesses, and the level of violence that it can reach. During the signing process and formation of the AOW, both John Bane and Rob Smith signed on. The NWF Originals were both present in NGW, but on opposite sides of the fight, and it has apparently burned a bridge in the process. An aggressive Social Media war of words between the two began almost the day the NGW closed, and it continues today. The bad blood between them is going to be in the spotlight as our show comes to close, but does so with a bang. The powers that be within AOW wanted a definitive finish between the two and decided on a two out of three falls match format, but when the aggression between the two got to the level it’s reached, something….. more was required. John Bane has always claimed his signature match was the Baltimore Street Fight, but anytime he was booked in one, the opponent scheduled ran for the hills. Not tonight. In a uniquely brutal decision, the AOW presents a 2 out of 3 Fall Baltimore Street Fight. There are no rules, there are no safeguards, and there is no hiding. These two will fight it out, tooth and nail, and when the dust settles, and the blood cools, there will be a victor. With a unique match type, there are unique rules. Usually, in a Baltimore Street Fight, the winner not only has to gain a pin fall, but also a ten count begins right after. If the opponent can’t make it to his feet, the other wins. In this variant of the match however, the first fall for each man only requires a pin or submission. The final fall however will be followed by the ten count. There will be no excuses here… the winner WILL be able to claim dominance over his opponent, clear cut as it gets.

Other Event Info

Opening Match: Damon (final NGW WHC) vs. Slim (final NWF IC & WHC)
Two men enter our opening contest as the final World champions of two companies whose histories are being combined in the re-opening of American Outlaw Wrestling. Which champion will prevail?

Meth vs. Hiryuu
We last saw “The New Age Icon” Meth in the NWF. “Hiryuu” Mike Mayhem was last seen in the United States in LWA, as their first and only WHC. Which man will return to this country after years away from the industry and win their first match in AOW?

Fanatical Four-Way: Haiden vs. Phoenix vs. Asura Bane vs. Lola
Four women who competed in NGW as Starlets now enter the fray of AOW as Dolls. Each woman had their fair share of glory during their time in NGW. Who will make the first move in AOW?

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