AUW #TheWardXX: Short Fuses

The twentieth episode of The Ward (codenamed: Short Fuses). In the main event match, reigning HKA Adrenaline X Champion Frostbite fights Shiv for a shot at the AUW Pride Championship. Avery McCullen and Jennifer face off in a showdown to get the right to challenge for the AUW UltraViolence Championship. And so much more.

Frenzy & Adrenaline

No less than three debut matches as Allen Anger, Aston Stark and Jacob Ritter appear on their first AWE shows. Ladies action as Alice Strongoff meets Maria Mendes!
Commentary from the owner of AWE Royal ambassador himself!

Frenzy & Adrenaline

First event as two fed merge with another. Roster currently around 20 strong wrestlers, card will be announced later this week, join now to be a part of it.

Frenzy & Adrenaline

Debut matches and lots of action throughout the night! Last show before Christmas, last show before a three week break!


The Krimson Kharnival is leaving Detroit in a hurry before law enforcement agencies can stop them. To that end, Gabriel Tuck has been tasked with creating a diversion (anyone wishing to help may contact him) so that the Kharnival can get on the road. Naturally, we will find different places (fields, parking lots, and so on) to set up for a few hours to a day to try to rake in some money and victims on the way to Mexico. We expect the last bit of the journey to be exceedingly dangerous so anyone wanting to be left behind, come forward to be executed now for cowardice. Warriors will be expected to assist security during the journey to keep law enforcement at bay if need be. Running gun battles the new order of the day. To the thrill of the hunt!

Thursday Night Titan

On the road to Heatwave XII the Globalstars make the traditional stop off at HKWF’s Slaughterhouse Arena, featuring tag team action and no less than three Lords/Ladies of the Coliseum, plus a guest appearance from an Icon…

The Hype 63

The situation between Un-Fayth, Sarkhaya, and Desiree takes an unexpected turn, Tristan gets passed over yet again for a match against Mike Patterson, The Widow’s Nest pull a power move, and so much more as jOlt presents The Hype 63!

Here is the card for tonight’s event

Sarkhaya vs Un-Fayth

Ryan Raysor vs Kareem

Broken Sanity vs The SOBs

The Ali Boys vs The Widow’s Nest

Plus appearances by: Desiree, Jameson Scott, Shayne Anderson, Black Widow, Zane Roebuck, Mike Patterson, Crucifix, and Prince Samir

iNtense 127

Spike Saunders’ first match back in jOlt is against World Champion Jeremy Ryan!! Also how did Hype Champion Mike Patterson fare against Seraph after his injury just two nights ago? Apollo takes on Shoji and Zane Roebuck makes his in-ring debut! This and so much more on iNtense 127!

Here is the card for iNtense 127

Callie Scott vs Monica

Mike Patterson vs Seraph

Apollo vs Shoji

Bally & Alyssa Corliss vs Raevynn & Tammy Lynn Foster

Mack Brody vs Azrael

Nate Quartermaine vs Zane Roebuck

Plus appearances by: Sonny Silver, Frank Silver, Draconian, Damien Lee, Cross the Hood, Vogue Gonsalvez, Sebastian Saje, and Khalil Straightgully

The Hype 62

Mike Patterson defends the Hype Championship against Regan Hearst in the rematch of the century! The Ali Boys engage in a friendly competition of one upsmanship, Crucifix made a statement after taking on Jayshin Lee, and The Widow’s Nest looked to become contenders to the tag team titles!

Here are the matches on tonight’s card!

Eldridge Ali vs Jameson Scott

The Ali Boys vs The SOBs

Crucifix vs Jayshin Lee

Non-Title Match – If The Nest wins, they earn a title shot
BADASS vs The Widow’s Nest

Plus appearances by: Sarkhaya, Desiree, Prince Samir, Ryan Raysor, Tristan, Shayne Anderson, and Zane Roebuck

AOW Uprising!

Opening Match: Damon (final NGW WHC) vs. Slim (final NWF IC & WHC)
Two men enter our opening contest as the final World champions of two companies whose histories are being combined in the re-opening of American Outlaw Wrestling. Which champion will prevail?

Meth vs. Hiryuu
We last saw “The New Age Icon” Meth in the NWF. “Hiryuu” Mike Mayhem was last seen in the United States in LWA, as their first and only WHC. Which man will return to this country after years away from the industry and win their first match in AOW?

Fanatical Four-Way: Haiden vs. Phoenix vs. Asura Bane vs. Lola
Four women who competed in NGW as Starlets now enter the fray of AOW as Dolls. Each woman had their fair share of glory during their time in NGW. Who will make the first move in AOW?

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