KK presents VIP 5

On 12.22.2015 at On the road from Detroit to Mexico
Main Event

Charlie Dubois vs Hecklewood. After their last fight went very strange with a Mime battle to a double knock out, management has decided to place them against each other again. This time it will be in an unknown location without the restrictions of the “competing ring” as Kharnival owner, Armand Von Krauss, likes to call the wrestling ring.

Other Event Info

The Krimson Kharnival is leaving Detroit in a hurry before law enforcement agencies can stop them. To that end, Gabriel Tuck has been tasked with creating a diversion (anyone wishing to help may contact him) so that the Kharnival can get on the road. Naturally, we will find different places (fields, parking lots, and so on) to set up for a few hours to a day to try to rake in some money and victims on the way to Mexico. We expect the last bit of the journey to be exceedingly dangerous so anyone wanting to be left behind, come forward to be executed now for cowardice. Warriors will be expected to assist security during the journey to keep law enforcement at bay if need be. Running gun battles the new order of the day. To the thrill of the hunt!

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