The Hype 63

The situation between Un-Fayth, Sarkhaya, and Desiree takes an unexpected turn, Tristan gets passed over yet again for a match against Mike Patterson, The Widow’s Nest pull a power move, and so much more as jOlt presents The Hype 63!

Here is the card for tonight’s event

Sarkhaya vs Un-Fayth

Ryan Raysor vs Kareem

Broken Sanity vs The SOBs

The Ali Boys vs The Widow’s Nest

Plus appearances by: Desiree, Jameson Scott, Shayne Anderson, Black Widow, Zane Roebuck, Mike Patterson, Crucifix, and Prince Samir

iNtense 127

Spike Saunders’ first match back in jOlt is against World Champion Jeremy Ryan!! Also how did Hype Champion Mike Patterson fare against Seraph after his injury just two nights ago? Apollo takes on Shoji and Zane Roebuck makes his in-ring debut! This and so much more on iNtense 127!

Here is the card for iNtense 127

Callie Scott vs Monica

Mike Patterson vs Seraph

Apollo vs Shoji

Bally & Alyssa Corliss vs Raevynn & Tammy Lynn Foster

Mack Brody vs Azrael

Nate Quartermaine vs Zane Roebuck

Plus appearances by: Sonny Silver, Frank Silver, Draconian, Damien Lee, Cross the Hood, Vogue Gonsalvez, Sebastian Saje, and Khalil Straightgully

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